What Is VulkanRT?

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What Is This File?

So what is VulkanRT? You may have seen a folder containing a name while browsing through your hardware folder and may have been alarmed.

VulkanRT (Run Time Libraries). You may be wondering what it is. A lot of users have been reporting what this mysterious file is.

You’ll find this in the Program (x86) folder.

If you do find this VulkanRT folder, don’t be alarmed because it’s not a virus or malware or anything terrible.

VulkanRT is used for graphics cards using features such as Open GL and Direct 3D. And other games can benefit from this as well.

What’s The Use For?

The graphics card utilizes this feature by balancing the usage of the GPU and the CPU by limiting the CPU power during gaming.

And divides the workload from the GPU into multiple cores of the CPU. You are thus providing better performance during gaming, and any 3D programs that you’ve may be running.

The Khronos Group founded VulkanRT; their purpose was to focus on building open APIs, also known as Application Performing Interfaces with the program. The program is utilized to test out heavy 3D applications such as video games and other graphics intensive programs.

The Vulkan run time uses the following operating systems, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and utilizes programs such as the Direct 3D’s, Metal and Open GL. VulkanRT may improve your GPU’s performances on some applications

If you may accidentally delete the VulkanRT folder, no worries, certain websites may be able to detect your GPU’s drivers and can install the right ones and may include the VulkanRT files needed.

If You May Accidentally Deleted The File

Another option may go straight to your GPU’s manufacturing site and download the latest driver, which may restore the VulkanRT files.

It’s advisable that you don’t delete this file because it may cause instability and may malfunction other minor applications and programs.

The Features Of VulkanRT

On the list below are some of the features that the VulkanRT programs do.

  • The Vulkan RT is used for Direct 3D 11, Open GL and Metal. It can be used in multiple OS’s, and including Mac OS.
  • The program is used to divide the workload in half and equally amongst the GPU and CPU, therefore creating better performance in 3D applications while saving sufficient energy at the same time.
  • It’s used to maintain AMD drivers better as well. It is, therefore, increasing system performance.
  • The program provides better quality graphics when operating in either Windows or Linux.

How Did You Get It In Your System?

You may have gotten the VulkanRT file from installing a game, a new graphics card or you may have obtained it from an automatic driver update from one of your new graphics card.

Some games may require that you have VulkanRT to be able to play it. However, this file improves your gaming experience and enhance any 3D applications that you may be using.

Should You Delete The File?

No, you don’t have to delete it because it’s not harmful and it won’t cause any harm to your computer at all.

The VulkanRT program will serve you instead and will improve your 3D apps and gaming by better supplementing your CPU and GPU.

The program will be necessary for you to operate certain games and applications.


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8 thoughts on “What Is VulkanRT?

  1. Interesting. Basically VRT helps computer performance when play games that are high in graphics by balancing cpu and gpa correct? Im a pc gamer so this information seems relevant for me. My question is, Would I have to concider a good vrt when installing a game? Could I use a better vrt than the vrt provided?

  2. Wow! for a moment, I was alarmed thinking  it is a virus file. I haven’t noticed the VulkanRT file yet on my system, probably because according to you, it is usually located in Program folders, which I don’t open often. I will check it out at least to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks for letting me know the consequences of deleting such files. It has so many advantages, it can even be used for direct 3D. This is awesome. Thanks for this review, Jose.

  3. Omg good thing you wrote this post Jose,

    I seem to have deleted my VulkanRT file while cleaning my drives, didn’t know that it’s that important! And that’s not the only file I deleted, there’s also a bunch of other files too and god knows how many important files I’ve accidentally deleted already. Just a thought though, maybe you should write a post on important files that we should not be deleted because I think there are many more like me who have no idea what half of those computer terms mean 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative post, alot of times I have come across this on my computer and I always wonder what it is because I can’t remember putting it in my computer, I searched online for answer, some computer users said it was virus and must be deleted, which I did deleted. But knowing it benefits I have to ask, what website do I visit  to get it reinstalled in my computer?

  5. I was about to delete the vulkanRT file but I’m really glad i found this post.  Lately i have been extremely cautious on what stays on my machine.  With alot of malicious programs out there it’s really hard to tell what’s good and what’s not so good.

    I will definitely be checking out your other posts!

  6. Thanks for this information. 

    I, too, noticed that in my folders, and like someone who’s super concerned whether my machine has been invaded or not by intruders, I got too concerned. I was supposed to delete the file, good thing that I searched first online about what it is and landed here in your article. There are other folders that are suspicious looking too, but this Vulkan, is the one that really got my attention because of the name. The word itself sounds like a malware, lol.

    Had I deleted that folder, what do you think will happen to my playing of games? Will they not function properly? I asked because, there were files that were associated with the game “Games of the Generals” that I accidentally deleted, and end result was, I was never able to play the game again with my PC. 

  7. I have seen the VulkanRT file before and didn’t think about it too much. I have limited experience but have become accustomed enough to know what to look for. My question is: if it does get accidentally deleted will it potentially mess with how other programs perform or is it only going to affect game performance?

    It’s great that the process has become so much smoother than it was before! I also like that it works on different OS’s.

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