What Is The Difference Between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – New Apple M1 Chip

What Is The Difference Between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air is a lot lighter with a 13 to 11-inch display; however, it will contain powerful components required for the necessary performance in speed.

MacBook Pro’s will be larger, measuring from 13 to 16 inches, and will contain more memory, horsepower, and the processor will be a lot larger. The MacBook Pros will also include more connectivity and will have an SD card reader as well.

You’ll also be able to choose different types of variants in terms of power, memory, and storage size. However, it’ll be tough making future upgrades because all the components are soldered in.

So if you’re out in the market to buy a new MacBook and can’t make a decision on which one you should buy, then let’s dive deep into each MacBook series, how each model will suit your needs, and how it’ll help you in everyday tasks.

Apple M1 Chip Diagram

Apple’s New M1 Chip

Apple came out with their new M1 chip in late 2020 as a replacement for the Intel chips. The M1 surprisingly has a lot of horsepower within the M1 giving you the speed and performance needed.

The latest MacBooks will contain the M1 chip for both the Air’s and the Pro series; however, the price will be a lot expensive compared to the previous models.

In addition, Apple’s M1 chip will contain the CPU, GPU, and RAM into one and provide you 8-cores of processing power.

All CPU, GPU, and RAM perform very well compared to previous traditional counterparts.

It also uses Neural Engine, which makes everything super quick in responsiveness in programs and applications.

The new MacBooks will have 2TB of storage, thanks to the M1 chip allowing everything to be easily streamlined.

Also, battery life will be a lot better, giving you 14 to 17 hours worth of battery life which is outstanding when you’re traveling.

Overall, there are numerous improvements you’ll experience and features, which have been significantly improved when using the M1 chip.

MacBook Air and Cityscape

MacBook Air

Recently Apple has integrated its new M1 chip into the MacBook Air’s, which will provide you smooth and speedy performance, which almost seems fluid-like with the new M1 chip.

The M1 chips run to 3.2 GHz, which contains 8-cores of processors, which are most definitely faster than the 2019 MacBook models.

In addition, the new MacBook Air’s can last uptimes o 14-hours thanks to its superb battery life; you won’t have to worry about constantly charging or having to worry about finding a nearby outlet.

The 2560×1600 resolution will give you a lot of screen real estate, and being a Retina Display, the screen will provide you wide ranges of colors and contrasts, which is very useful for creative projects.

Also, the MacBook Air comes with lots of features, such as the Magic Keyboard, which is a step up from the Butterfly keyboard. Another feature is the Touch ID which identifies your fingerprint and unlocks the screen for you. You’ll also be able to use the Touch ID feature instead of using your password or other secured items, such as payments as well.

The Air will also have 16GB of RAM, which is blazingly fast, and you won’t experience any hiccups during demanding programs.

Storages can be up to 2TB as well, which is super convenient if you’re storing videos or a large file size worth of creative works.

If you’re always on the go or traveling, then you’ll have to stick with the MacBook Air since it’s light in size, and you’ll have an easier time packing and unpacking your laptop.

2020 MacBook Air

  • 13-Inch Display
  • Intel Core i3 – 2.6Ghz
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

If you have a high budget and can afford to spend at least $2,000, then you’ll need to get the MacBook Pro.

The latest MacBook Pro measures at 16-inches, uses the Intel Core i7 chip that runs at 2.6Ghz, 16GB of RAM, and operates 512GB of storage.

Also, you’ll be able to choose the Core i9 variant, which runs at 2.4GHz with 8-cores.

In addition, the MacBook Pro has a lot of connectivity, consisting of four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, one Display Port, and two USB 3.1 ports.

You’ll be able to work with the MacBook Pro with 3072×1920 resolution, giving you a lot of screen real estate space and will provide you crisp and clear images.

It is a bit bulkier than the MacBook Air; however, traveling with the Pro will be sufficient and is easily portable if you’re consistently traveling.

2019 MacBook Pro

  • 16-inch Display
  • Intel Core i7 – 2.6Ghz
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 512 GB SSD

Thoughts and Conclusion

If you’re seeking out power and portability as well, then you’ll need to go with the MacBook Pro series; however, they’ll cost a lot more than a MacBook Air.

If you’re looking for something light that still has power, however, don’t mind the less connectivity, go with the MacBook Air. They’re light in weight, easily portable, and can be as versatile as the MacBook Pro.

Being a MacOS platform, you’ll have a better experience in terms of quality, battery life, security, and overall a great friendly user experience.

Apple will also provide you excellent customer service if you have any issues with your laptop.

Overall, MacBook Air’s and Pro’s are both excellent state-of-the-art products. And they’re one of the top, best laptops if you’re thinking about getting a new laptop off the shelves.

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