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If you’re a video editor like myself, however, you’re looking for a free video editing software, well, you’re in the right place.

The best free video editors are around the net, and you may be are wanting to test the water out first.

However, if you’re also interested in free video editing software as trials, you can do so as well. I’m sure Adobe and Sony have a few free trials that you can use and test your video editing skills with.

With the free trials, you’ll also be able to test out the waters and see if you like the video editor or not. This is also the best way to test out any types of editors and make that choice if it suits your needs or not.

In today’s technological age, there is a lot of excellent video editing software for free of use and also a lot of priced video editors that are powerful as well.

This guide will help you make an educated decision whether or not the video editing software is the right one for you or if it isn’t you can always try the next one on the list.

So let’s dive right into what are the best free video editing software that is currently out in the market that you can use.

Top Free Video Editing Softwares

So what are some of the top free video editing software that you can use immediately?

Well, let’s jump right in.


The iMovie is one of the best video editing software there is out there in the current video editing market.

You’ll be able to make stunning titles and create interesting effects as well. The iMovie is excellent for creating beautiful yet straightforward interfaces. The editor also supports videos in 4K, however, won’t support any 360-degree videos.

So if you’re big on 4K and its feature, then the iMovie can deliver that to you as well.

You’ll also be able to choose the look of your theme and the color theme for your video in general.

Having an audio tool is excellent as well because you’ll be able to edit and mix the audio of your choosing.

If you’re new and if you’re looking to build your video editing foundation skills, then the iMovie is worth the check.

This editor is an excellent entry-level for video editing, and you’ll be able to edit and create professional-like photos from Apple’s iMovie.

Active Presenter

ActivePreseter is another great free video editor with a lot of other features such as screencast creation, documentation, manual and handout creations. However, you’ll be able to unlock more great features once you’ve paid for the free trial.

So take the video editing program for a test, and see if ActivePresenter is right for you.

The editor lets you do timeline editing, with different panning options, and different angle and zooming features as well.

You’ll be able to change and edit audios in your videos, and create and fix your content so that it can best better be suited for your audience.

You’ll be able to use ActivePresenter on any devices and is compatible for both Windows OS and Apple’s OS.

The video editor has a bit of a learning curve to it; however, you’ll be able to learn as you go quickly.

Thanks to its in-depth and detailed manual and the company even have a support desk so that you won’t be alone, and they’ll be able to assist you further if you do run into any problems.

You’ll also have an interactive guide for any scenarios you face. Once you’re using the video editing program, the guide activates and will be able to assist you and give you the correct guidance on which tools to use, and gives you explanations on what the functions are.

If you’re thinking about creating professional videos, then ActivePresenter would be one of the best choices.

OBS Studio

If you’re a video editor savvy and are pretty advance when it goes to video editing, then OBS Studio would suit you best.

OBS Studio also has a bit of a learning curve as ActivePresenter does. However, ActivePresenter does have guidance and even a support desk, in case if you ever run into any problems with your video editor.

However OBS Studio doesn’t have an in-depth guide, so you’ll have to tinker with the features and figure things out as you go along and create.

If you’re a heavy gamer and love to record and stream your gameplay footages, OSB Studio can do that for you.

OBS Studio is excellent for recording within your computer and is excellent for live streaming. And that’s great if you’re big on YouTube. It’s also great if you’re a user for DailyMotion, Twitch, hitbox, Facebook Live Stream and much more. The video editor is also very well optimized for games.

If you’re already an advanced user for video editing and want to try out something different, then the OBS Studio would be an excellent option for you. However, the program doesn’t have an in-depth guide or manual on what you’re supposed to do. So that’s why I highly recommend using OBS Studio if you’re already an expert on video editing.

DaVinci Resolve

The DaVinci Resolve editor is one of the powerful video editing software out there.

DaVinci Resolve is excellent if you’re a novice or even an amateur in the video editing world.

This editor has a lot of excellent features such as the option of using 15 high-end video production modules; you’ll be able to tinker with the videos color, motion effects, graphical effects, it’s audio and much more.

However, you’ll need a powerful computer to be able to run DaVinci Resolve. That may be the only downside.

And it also has a learning curve involved, that is why I highly recommend this product if you’re already an expert in editing videos.

The DaVinci Resolve has an excellent interface similar to Adobe Premiere’s interface. You’ll have the timeline in the bottom.

If you do decide to get the full version, you’ll get some of the powerful features as well. The editor is highly recommended for advanced users because it doesn’t have an in-depth manual.

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