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What Is The Best Mini ITX Case For 2020

You’re probably looking to upgrade your PC case. But you want to change up your style, and go with a unique looking case.

So you may be thinking, what is the best mini ITX case for 2019 that you can invest in? Well you’re in the right place.

If you’re big on minimalism, don’t want a heavy PC, and want to free up space in your room, then to invest in a mini-ITX may be for you.

The mini tower lets you be able to put in extra components, whenever you need to. You’ll still have enough space for you to install the necessary hardware in a mini-ITX.

A great mini-ITX should have enough room, be lightweight, and should have good ventilation for proper airflow.

In this following guide, we’ll dive into what the best mini-ITX’s are in the market. You’ll see some mini towers ranging from $50 to under $200. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best decision when purchasing a mini tower.

So, let’s dive into some of the best mini cases that you can get this 2019.

The Top Mini-ITX Cases For 2019

NZXT Manta​

NZXT Manta

The NZXT Manta is one of the best mini-ITX cases out there currently in the market. With its elegant and aesthetic design, you’ll have an excellent case by your side.

The Manta has a curvature design for its panels and has an excellent steel finish to it. The window panel lets you be able to see how your components are running. The panels are the largest in the mini-ITX cases, which is great for viewing your components running in action.

You’ll have an easy time installing the components in and installing the power supply as well, due to its easy access.

Thanks to its cable managing system, you’ll have less wire clutter and more room to work with.

Thermaltake Core P1​

Thermaltake Core P1

With an elegant design, the Thermaltake Core P1 is an aesthetically looking PC case. With its impressive design and structure, you’ll be able to see your components working in the case.

Thanks to its 5mm tempered glass chassis, you’ll view your hardware in motion and your LED lights working.

The Core P1 is fantastic if you’re into liquid cooling. Thanks to its support for liquid cooling, you’ll be able to modify your PC rig every step of the way. The case can support two 120mm fans and a single 240mm radiator as well.

The design lets you place the PC case either horizontally or vertically. You can even mount the Core P1 onto your wall. However, it doesn’t come with wall mount hardware.

The case may be large and a bit heavy, but you’ll still have a spacious room to put all your components in.

If you’re willing to invest in a great looking case, then take a look at the Core P1.

BitFenix Mini-ITX Tower Case

BitFenix Prodigy

If you’re looking for an awesome looking mini case, then the BitFenix Prodigy is it. The Prodigy is an excellent looking case if you’re looking for aesthetics and also great features.

For micro and mini-ITX, the case supports a full-sized power supply which is very good. And also comes with a variety of screws and tools that you can use.

If you’re looking for room and portability, then the BitFenix Prodigy is it. Thanks to its size, you’ll be able to be mobile as possible in case if you need to need to move or travel around.

The only downside to the case is the hard drive installation. Some users are reporting that they’re having trouble installing the hard drive in the bottom of the case.

But overall the Prodigy mini-ITX is an exceptional mini case and should be one on your list.

Thermaltake Core V1

The Thermaltake Core V1 is incredible for cooling and airflow. Thanks to its design the case itself, the chamber and the advance ventilations are what make the Core V1 very sufficient In cooling.

You can either choose the traditional black case or the Snow version, which is an all-white casing. Both are pretty aesthetic and have an elegant design to it.

You’ll be able to use both air and liquid cooling for the case. You’ll also be able to fit in 2 hard drives, and you’ll still have the space to install more components in.

You’ll be able to interchange the side panels for your viewing convenience. This is great because the case gives you a chance to change views.

And you’ll also get a pre-installed 200mm fan in the front of the case, which is excellent. And you’ll even get two 80mm turbo fans located in the back as well.

If you’re looking for portability, a beautiful design, and if you’re on a budget as well, the Core V1 is an excellent case to have.

SilverStone FT03B-MINI

If you’re looking for a spacious interior, then the SilverStone FT03B-MINI is it. However a bit overpriced, you’ll get plenty of features and the design is pretty good.

The design has a nice aluminum and steel finish to it, and the chassis is pretty sturdy. The design is made for cooling, so you’ll be able to cool your components further efficiently.

If you’re worried about dust collecting in, don’t be. Thanks to its natural removable dust filters, it’s easy to maintain and remove.

The case may be a bit of a hassle to move around when it’s fully loaded with components. However, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Top Mini-ITX Cases Under $50

Thermaltake Core V1

The Thermaltake Core V1 is priced under $50. The case is designed aesthetically lovely and should be on the list. You can scroll up for the review.

Silverstone SG05-LITE

With its simple design yet great features, you’ll be able to get the SG05 for under $50 as well. The cube shape is well designed.

The case allows for a full 12v ATX power supply which is great if you want to build a powerhouse PC rig. The case is spacious enough that you’ll be able to install extra components in there.

It has one 120mm fan located behind the back of the case and attached is a mesh panel, which allows more air flow to flow into the case.

You’ll be able to install a 10-inch graphics card as well quickly. If you’re looking for aesthetic design and want to be able to have room at the same time, then the Silverstone SG05-LITE would be ideal for you.

Cooler Master Elite 110

With a Cooler Master, the Elite 110 mini-ITX is an impressive tower to invest in. For under $50, you’ll be able to build a gaming RIG.

If you’re big on water cooling, then the Elite 110 supports this. You’ll also be able to install a 13.5-inch graphics card into the case with ease.

You won’t be able to install a full sized ATX power supply due to its interior size. You’ll have the options to fit a standard ATX PS2 power supply.

The case comes with a 120mm fan in the front and an 80mm fan in the side for efficient airflow.

If you’re on a budget and yet looking for an aesthetically pleasing case, with simplicity, then the Elite 110 is it.

Buyers Guide

If you’re out in the market looking for a brand new mini-ITX case, then you’ll need to find compatible motherboards and the right video card that you can get, that fits well in each case.

The dimensions should give you the right fit. So let’s say, you want to fit in a 16-inch GPU, then you’ll need to find a mini-ITX case that will be suitable for that fit.

However, if you’re going for traditional PC cases such as the standard full ATX/ITX case, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the components size because you’ll have enough room to install your components in entirely.

The mini-ITX cases, on the other hand, will give you limited options and limited room. And this is all due to its simple build which can give you a limited choice of power supplies, motherboard, and video card components to choose from.

In the following list, you’ll find that the best mini-ITX in the market and the best ones will give you the elegant design, with an aesthetically pleasing looking case and with impressive features to have.

So let’s dive right into what are some of the best mini-ITX that you can get in the market, this 2019.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for some of the best mini-ITX that you can start building on, the list certainly has this. Building all of your components should be relaxed and hassle-free.

Hopefully, the following mini-ITX has helped you better in deciding which one is right for you.

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