What Is The Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X 2022

What Is The Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X 2022

Playing on computers has come a long way. Gone are the days when computers only supported mediocre graphics and the performance required to get an immersive gaming experience. Video games these days are designed to take ideal users to unimaginable places. Innovation in this particular segment has gained more power, enough to allow users to do things they never thought were possible. This is exactly why you should consider choosing a quality-rich 4K monitor for Xbox One X for an even better experience.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing what is the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X in 2022? It does not necessarily depend on the number of features the monitor provides, but also on the user’s personal preferences. The market is full of a large number of options, each of them serving the individual requirements of the user. What you need will simply depend on the type of game you enjoy playing. For example, if you’re the type of gamer who likes to enjoy single-player games like Devil May Cry V, then you might want a 4K UHD monitor for Xbox One X. At the same time, however, if you enjoy playing multiplayer games Like overwatch, then you may need a monitor that offers a higher refresh rate and low response time.

If you’re fed up with the low resolution of your TV and want a console gaming monitor to get a clear view of every inch, we bring you a complete guide and choosing of XBOX One Gaming Monitor for you.

1. LG 27UK650-W – Best 4k Monitor for Xbox One X


The LG 27UK650-W has a lot to offer and is one of the best gaming monitor Xbox Series X. This 4K HDR display has many gaming features that will please both hardcore gamers and casual gamers. I put in a decent amount of hours of play and it blew my mind. This 27-inch monitor has an ArcLine mount and great versatility.

The curve at the base not only keeps things stable but also adds a touch of luxury. It is very easy to adjust the height of the stand, tilt it back and forth, rotate and rotate it as you like. This LG monitor has a 4K resolution of 3840 × 2160, HDR10 support, nice maximum SDR brightness, a 16: 9 aspect ratio, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time.

But that is not all. It also features AMD FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Sync so you can expect non-choppy gaming with no broken frames.

The low input delay mode combined with all these other features makes the LG 27UK650-W a very capable gaming monitor. In terms of connectivity, LG gives you what you need with two HDMI 2.0 ports that support HDR and HDCP 2.2, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Other key features include

  • Super Resolution + – Scaling that gets more data so you can get a clearer, clearer video.
  • Black Stabilizer: Use this to change the range of dark shadows so that it does not affect light shadows.
  • Automatic standby mode: This will turn off the monitor after periods when there is no movement on the screen.

More USB inputs would have made the LG 27UK650-W more versatile, and it has a low response time of 5ms, but everything else this model offers is simply excellent. This 4K monitor captivated me with its excellent color reproduction and gaming functions.


  • Incredible color output
  • Excellent gaming features
  • Supports AMD FreeSync


  • Need more USB inputs
  • The response time is low.
  • No speakers

2. BenQ PD3200U – Best Xbox One X Monitor For Your Money


You may be wondering what is the best gaming monitor for Xbox, BenQ is known for manufacturing highly-rated quality monitors by online users like you and me. 

The BenQ PD3200U is the monitor you need if you want to pay a fair price and get a ton for your money. This is a 32-inch gaming monitor that also has a ton of extras included when it comes to doing its job. They have both your work and your game covered.

Delivers vivid colors that look great thanks to an Ultra High Definition (UHD) In-Plane Switching Panel (IPS).

Slim bezels are a bonus, as is the Eyecare technology feature, which helps prevent eye strain, fatigue, and irritation with Low Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence, and ZeroFlicker technology that filters out harmful blue light, automatically adjusting the Screen brightness based on your environment and eliminates flickering.

Dual View is like a split screen, allowing you to view files side by side to compare photos and videos in specialized CAD / CAM, Darkroom, or Animation viewing modes.

As for connectivity, it has two HDMI ports, a display port, MiniDisplayPort, 4 USB slots and an SD card reader.

Another great draw here is the ability to quickly adjust the panel to portrait or landscape mode. That is not a feature that you see on most monitors. You’ll also get a 178-degree angle of view so you can see the action no matter where you’re watching it in the room. That is great if I have some friends and they are all watching. On another note, if you are using two monitors, this one is great for your main sidebar.

Each IPS panel comes with a unique calibration report as well. You can see why this monitor is attractive for its price. The BenQ PD3200U is another good example of the company’s commitment to quality. I love that they gave me a lot of connectivity options here, as most monitors don’t do these days. Other key features include:

  • AQColor technology is also on board here.
  • The Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) switch allows you to display files, photos, or videos from two different computers on a single screen.
  • Eye care technology to reduce eye strain.

This monitor is great for gaming and offers many additional features and superior performance. Not only is it a smooth 4K monitor with vibrant colors and sharp details, it is also the best value for money. Also a great monitor for PS4 if you’re not rocking an Xbox.


  • Great gaming performance
  • AQColor technology
  • DualView for multitasking


  • Speakers could be better

3. ASUS MG28UQ – Best Xbox One X Monitor


The Asus MG series has always been a popular budget alternative to other premium ASUS products and the MG28UQ is a 28-inch Ultra HD monitor that continues this tradition. And is one of the best gaming monitor for the Xbox One X.

With a 1ms response time, flexible tilt and swivel mount, and maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz, this is a great Asus value. It’s tough and stylish with quality construction. The stand itself allows you to fully adjust the screen to whatever position you choose. You’ll also love MG28UQ’s color accuracy.

I was amazed at the sharpness and vivid display. This, coupled with the 1ms response time and Adaptive-Sync technology make this a great buy. Images are smooth and Adaptive Synch means you won’t see any images rip.

As for connectivity options, it has 3 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.0 and 2 HDMI 1.4), along with a single DisplayPort 1.2 connector, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Another cool feature is ASUS Eye Care technology with a flicker-free filter and TUV certified blue light. This feature is intended to prevent eye fatigue and other eye problems associated with prolonged computer use.

  • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free filter and TUV certified blue light helps reduce eye fatigue.
  • 5-way OSD joystick for intuitive control.
  • Crosshair allows you to choose 4 different reticle overlays and adjust them to your playing style.
  • On-screen timer.
  • FPS counter to display your frames per second.

This is a fantastic monitor that is priced just right. It’s not cheap, but it’s not too expensive either. It gets great performance, some very cool player-oriented features, and surprisingly beautiful images. Speaking of great images.


  • Great image quality
  • The power supply is built-in
  • High pixel density


  • The contrast could be better
  • Need more USB ports

4. ViewSonic XG3220 - Best FreeSynch Monitor For Xbox One X


Viewsonic manufactures many quality monitors like the popular ViewSonic xg2402, and the company also has a tradition of offering value. The ViewSonic XG3220 presses almost all the right buttons for console gamers and it does so at a great price.

This 32-inch monitor has great, accurate color, a VA panel, low response time, adaptive update technology, and some decent customization options. This monitor is a solid choice for those who want FreeSync since it has a DisplayPort connection.

So here you will find 2 x HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 x 4, HDCP 2.2. I loved FreeSync on this model and found the panel very responsive. It also includes a low input delay and a 5 ms response time. That’s not the fastest, but it’s decent for any 4K monitor.

I played many hours of Fortnite on this thing and it was a lot of fun. The image quality was excellent, although not as bright as many other models we tested.

The IPS panel offers you decent viewing angles of 178 degrees. So no matter where you are in the room, no action will be missed. It has excellent color accuracy and blacks are very deep.

I liked the design of this one. It looks classy and a bit like a race car.

Key Features

  • FreeSync monitors technology for smooth frame rates and no choppy images.
  • Low entry delay.
  • HDR10 content support

The bottom line on the ViewSonic XG3220 is that gamers will love it. It has a great contrast ratio that will allow you to see the things that are important in the game. I also like that it has a lot of connectivity options. The image quality looks great. During our testing, FreeSynch was very responsive and we had no problems with the ghost or tear effect. It is a solid choice for console games or PC games.


  • Excellent image quality
  • Lots of connectivity options


  • Speakers are not good
  • Without height adjustment

5. Dell UP2718Q – A Great True HDR Monitor For Xbox One X


Dell is no stranger to gaming monitors. They are a trusted name in the industry and are known for quality computers, laptops, and monitors.

The company’s u2718q has been a popular model recently, and it shows that when you buy Dell you know you’re getting the value for your money. I can safely say that while the Dell UP2718Q is not perfect, it is a professional monitor worthy of the brand.

This 27-inch 4K IPS LCD monitor with HDR support has great ergonomics and a wide viewing angle. The design is neither sleek nor elegant, allowing this display to speak for itself when it comes to what’s in it. It has a resolution of 3840 × 2160, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a maximum brightness of 1000cd / m2.

I enjoyed the vivid colors produced by the Dell u2718q. It has a large low input lag for gaming, however, the performance of the darkroom leaves something to be desired as blacks appear grayer than true black.

This model offers decent connectivity options like 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 Mini DisplayPort 1.4 and 2 HDMI 2.0a ports. There are also 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 on the back and 2 on the left side. I like the additional USB options and wish that more of these models follow suit. I also like the factory-calibrated modes it comes with, but they’re not perfect.

I love the slim design and the games look great on this monitor even though blacks aren’t completely black. This is a solid monitor for Xbox One X players. Your favorite games will look amazing. Dell has delivered a solid gaming monitor here that users can trust.


  • Slim design
  • Adjustable stand
  • Ultra HD resolution


  • Factory calibrated modes need work
  • Mediocre blacks

6. Acer G246HL – Best 24 Inch Gaming Monitor


Many gamers have a very small budget, but a great desire to have the best experience when playing on the PC or using a console. The Acer G246HL is for those people.

This 24-inch LED monitor is super slim with an X-shaped stand that ensures stability. It looks charming, but the performance doesn’t disappoint either. The 1920 x 1080p resolution offers sharp images for Xbox games without any lag or glitches in a 16: 9 aspect ratio. A great monitor for PS4 Pro too.

It has a fast response time of 5ms and Acer eColor management allows you to use a custom mode, while Acer Adaptive Contrast Management gives you better color quality and perfect visuals. It is not compatible with Vesa Mount.

It has DVI-D, VGA and HDCP ports. Like many models, it lacks USB ports. The only other downside is that the speakers don’t sound good at all. This monitor has a wide viewing angle of 170º so you can see all the action from any position.

EcoDisplay technology reduces energy consumption and is better for the environment, making it an excellent purchase for those who are environmentally conscious.

Key Features

  • Acer eColor Management
  • Acer Adaptive Contrast Management
  • EcoDisplay technology

This monitor for PS4 Pro and other consoles has a great score, it is cheap, beautiful and it has excellent performance. If you are a gamer, I think you will love it. EcoDisplay technology is a good advantage. Honestly, playing on a budget never used to be this good.


  • 5 ms response time
  • EcoDisplay technology
  • Great image quality


  • Speakers are not good
  • Lack of UDB ports

Complete Buying Guide For Gaming Monitors for Xbox One X

Below are the main features to look for in-game monitors for PS4 or Xbox.

What Games Did I Play To Test These Monitors?

I played various video games on the Xbox One X Console to make sure these screens worked regardless of the game. It is a powerful console. I spent hours playing games like Red Dead, Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport and more. I also used the 4K Blu Ray player to watch some movies to make sure the hit titles look good, run smoothly, and load quickly. I even went the extra mile and played a few Xbox 360 and PS4 Pro games just to be thorough for this buying guide.

What Size Should You Buy?

When it comes to gaming monitors and screen sizes, your screen size is largely a personal choice, but be aware of resolution and viewing distance. How far will you be sitting? Are you sitting at a desk or sofa? For players using a desk, the distance is 3 feet or less. Simply put, the further away you are, the bigger your monitor should be.

A screen that is too large and too close will damage your eyes and cause eyestrain. But if you are sitting on a sofa far away, you need a bigger size. The most common screen size for console gamers is 24 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This is perfect for almost any gaming situation. We suggest a 24-inch screen for Full HD and 24-28 inch for UHD and QHD for the best higher resolution experience. If you want to go bigger, consider a smart TV.

Another professional tip is that you don’t need a curved gaming monitor. These are great if you want an extra dive, but in my opinion curved games are currently overrated.

Response Time

You want to select a model that has a low response time. The lower the number (in milliseconds), the better. A monitor with a response time of 5 ms is good. 1 ms is even better. This low response time means continuous performance with little or no image delay. Look at the monitors with fast response times.

Update Frequency

The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in Hz. If a display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this means that it will refresh the display 60 times in one second. The higher the Hz number, the better the performance will be without interruption as it eliminates issues like ghosting and screen tearing while gaming. Contrary to what you may hear, you don’t need something with a 144Hz refresh rate to make things look amazing. Most consoles cannot currently handle this anyway.

Get The Connectivity Ports You Need

Many gamers don’t pay attention to ports if they just want to connect their PS4 Pro and Xbox and play, but if you want to connect another device to and from your monitor, you should make sure it has the proper connection ports. Ideally, the more types of ports it has, best. You want at least HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA. Think about how many consoles you want to connect to your monitor and what other devices too, and select the monitor that will allow you to connect the most.

What Type Of Panel Is The Best?

There are 3 types of main panels in gaming monitors. TN (Twisted Nematic), VA (Vertical Alignment) and IPS (In-Plane-Switching) monitor. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so I will tell you about each one.

IPS and VA panels have a border over TN panels. They offer much better viewing angles to your TV screen so you can see what’s going on clearly when you’re not in front of it with little or no color degradation. They both have better color reproduction as well. VA is great for blacks, with black levels that are the lowest of any LCD. However, they are by no means the clear winner here.

TN panels are cheaper to produce, so cheaper monitors can be made available. They are also the fastest in response and can be as low as 1ms.

So it comes down to what factors are important to you. Since you’re a gamer, you need to focus on three things: low response time, high resolution, and low refresh rate.

Why Not Choose A Television Instead Of A Monitor?

So why not just buy a TV to play your PS4 and Xbox One X games on the TV screen? You can always do that. However, it will sacrifice many game-specific features as these monitors are specifically designed for gaming. Televisions are technologically very simple compared to gaming monitors. These gaming monitors are packed with all the latest features and technology to make your gaming the best it can be.

Features like improved color saturation, continuous motion, low lag, low response rate, and more. Some game settings even for specific games. Also, be aware that you don’t need features like a 4K console gaming touchscreen. Lastly, check the price with all these tips in mind. Always check the price on Amazon and use what you’ve learned in this buying guide to get the best for PS4 Pro and Xbox.


There you have it, our options for the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X. The Xbox monitor market isn’t big enough for dozens of great options yet, but we’re getting there. Until then, we are confident that you can choose from the various Xbox monitors on our list that will satisfy you.

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