What Is The Best Drone To Buy For Beginners of 2021

What Is The Best Drone To Buy For Beginners of 2021 - Drone View

You’re looking for top quality drones that you can buy.

But with a lot of drones that you can choose from, it may seem overwhelming when trying to purchase a suitable drone that fits your needs.

Do you like taking ariel photography? Do you like a drone that can automatically follow you around and record videos for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you currently on a budget and would like to purchase mid-range drone? Or you may want the top quality drone that you can get.

With an increasing amount of drones that you can choose from, there are a lot of excellent choices of drones to pick from. Down below, we’ll go over some of the top quality drones that may fit your budget.


The Holy Stone GPS FPV is one of the best drones that you can invest in. The drone is equipped with GPS, and this also assists with flight.

You can also make the drone follow you while it’s flying thanks to its unique navigation system. The drone identifies you, and it’ll begin to follow you wherever you go. You can set the drone to support you when you’re out for a run, hands and control free and can set it to program to record.

Speaking of recording, the drone’s camera is optimized at 1080 p with 120 degrees of field of view, with a camera that you can control and adjust of 90 degrees. The camera views are amazing, and you can catch your favorite scene or take a photograph from an ariel view. With the camera, this has one of the best drone kits in the market that can let you customize the way your drone responds to your commands.

Another cool thing about this drone is that you can set it to return home whenever the battery gets too low automatically.

If you’re afraid that you’re flying the drone out of range, the drone can also automatically return home. This means that you won’t lose the drone.

The Holy Stone FPV drone is easy to control. You can quickly press a button, and the drone will fly, or it will land. I believe this is one of the best investments if you’re looking for a drone.

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This Holy Stone FPV drone is just one step up from its predecessor the HS500. With just a few more dollars up from the HS500, the HS700 shouldn’t have a significant difference regarding features.

The drone’s also compatible for all Go Pro 2, 3 and. Which is fantastic if you do have a Go Pro, you can easily attach this within your drone.

The camera runs at 1080 p with 5 G which means it can go up around 1300 feet from your control. If you go past 1300 feet or if you’re batteries get too low, the drone’s also set to return automatically. With 110 degrees field of view, the camera can give you a panoramic ariel view of the landscape.

Like with the HS500 series, you can also set the drone to follow you automatically, thanks to its built-in GPS.

And you can set the drone to fly to specific points in your area, and after it has done following the set points, the drone automatically will return to you. The S700 also has an altitude lock which is very convenient if you focus on capturing videos or taking photographs without having to worry about altitude control.

The HS700 is also a brushless motor which means that you can fly in quietly, however, it’s powerful when running. The great thing about the S700 is that it requires little maintenance and doesn’t easily break, which will make your flight worry-free and enjoyable.

The S700 launches with just a press of a button. The setup and installation for the propellers are effortless, no additional tools or screws required.

The S700 is easily one of the top quality drones currently in the market. Invest in one if you can.

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The DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter is one of the best drones out there in the current market. If you’re always on the go, the Mavic Air is very convenient because it is very portable and you can easily fold the drone for your convenience.

If you want to stabilize shots or videos, the DJI is perfect for these. Thanks to its 3-axis gimbal camera, which reduces the vibration and movement, you’ll be able to capture steadier shots.

The drone can also capture 180 degrees of panoramas. It works by stitching 25 shots altogether, combines it, and you’ll get a clear 32 MP sphere panorama.

When shooting videos, the DJI Mavic can shoot 4K with 30 fps recording around 100Mpbs and captures everything in ultra HD.

The DJI Mavic also has a lot of features within it such as slow-motion video, HDR photos, an 8 GB of storage, auto tracking (the drone can follow you),

With incredible 21-minute battery life, you’ll be able to enjoy taking photos and videos while flying your drone.

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The DJI Spark is highly reliable and easily one of the best drones on the list. Just as the DJ Mavic, with only one push of a button, the Spark will lift off easily.

The drone can be controlled from up to 1.2 miles away, and you’ll be able to receive 720 p of real-time video around that range.

The Spark can also recognize you by scanning your facials and body composition so that it’ll be programmed to follow you automatically. Thanks to its Active track features, it locks onto its target, making tracking very reliable and secure.

With the powerful drones lense of 1080p at 12MP, you can start taking clear, precise and accurate shots.

With those incredible features, the drone can recognize obstacles and avoid them altogether,

Like the DJI Mavic, this drone is also equipped with the Gimbal stabilization which stabilizes your shots and video shots. The stabilizer prevents the drone from taking shaky shots.

You can also use hand gestures for the drone and taking pictures or videos, or you can always use the remote.

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Compared to its predecessors, the Phantom 4 is a fantastic drone, especially if you’re a beginner. The installation and set up is straightforward. With just one push of a button, the drone will lift off.

The drone comes equipped with a 4K camera and ready to be used. The camera is excellent for quality shots and videos, paired with the drones stabilizers, and the shots come out high quality and very clear. The drone can also recognize obstacles and can maneuver around them with ease.

The Phantom 4 can also use its facial recognition and can follow you around, whether if you’re going for a run or a stroll in the beach, it can support you and record videos and take photos on your command.

The Phantom has a 16 GB micro SD card as well to store all your multimedia files in there.

If you do have the budget, by all means, the Phantom 4 is a significant investment that you can make.

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The Bebop 2 is one of the high mid drones on the list. The drone can capture quality photos using its fisheye lens. You can shoot with a full 1080p HD video and can capture pictures in 14MPx. The Bebop 2 does come with an FPV pack.

Thanks to its three-axis stabilizer, you can capture high-quality photos and record videos without having that shakey effect.

The drone also has tracking capabilities.

You can fly the drone up to 1.2 miles and thankfully for its automated return to home feature, the drone can fly back to you if you go outside the 1.2-mile range or if the battery is low.

The battery can drain out fast, so be sure to take extra battery cells with you.

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In Conclusion

Choosing the best drones may be overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, this list has made you aware of the different quality drones that you can choose in the market.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Drone To Buy For Beginners of 2021

  1. First and foremost, I used  to think that some pictures are taken from the air. I used to think that a photographer enters an air plane or copter to capture certain images of a big city or similar things but I never knew that there is anything like drones which can do much more better. You did well to have brought this here and I have learnt the different types of drones, their features and quality.

    1. I’m glad this article has helped you Kenechi, in informing you the different types of drones the market has.

  2. wow I’m in love with the Parrot Bebop, Jose!

    Very striking colour and slick design, would definitely be a worthy birthday present! Curious about the FPV though, it stands for first-person view right? Does that work like the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset where we just put in on and see everything through the lens as if we’re flying the drone? That would be so cool!

    1. Hi Riaz, the Parrot Bebop is pretty awesome. Yes FPV stands for first person view. Yep, you can use goggles and you’ll be able to have FPV of your drones lense.

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