What Is An IPS Monitor for Gaming – IPS vs TN vs VA

What Is An IPS Monitor for Gaming - IPS vs TN vs VA

So you may be wondering, what is an IPS monitor? When you’re going into the market for a new gaming monitor, you’ll see different types of displays from VA to a TN panel, and you may be wondering what to choose from.

IPS Panel Strengths

IPS displays have faster response times, with outstanding contrasts and colors, along with a wider range of angles and remarkably accurate color accuracy.

The IPS panels are great if you’re working on the professional side, such as photography, color grading programs, and if you’re a gamer that values picture quality over speed.

  • Fast response time
  • Outstanding contrasts and colors
  • Wide range of viewing angle
  • Superb color accuracy

These are the traits to look for if you’re ever on the market when viewing high-quality IPS monitors.

What are Monitor Panel Types?

When choosing a display, each display will have specific features, and different types will provide what each monitor can perform.

The panel type will affect how the viewing angles will be, what the response times are, the input lag, and how the contrast ratios and colors will be like.

IPS Panel Facts

To begin with, IPS stands for “In-Plane Switching,” which uses liquid crystal technology to give you greater and richer color accuracy.

In addition, the IPS panels have different variants as well, such as e-IPS, H-IPS, P-IPS, S-IPS, and the PLS, which are all different forms of IPS; however, they all will provide you with a wide range of views and superb colors.

Faster IPS Panels

In the last few years, the IPS panels are advancing in higher and faster refresh rates and can outrun a TN panel in refresh rates.

Which gives newer IPS monitors the best of both worlds and well-roundedness in performance and speed.

And this is great for competitive and professional gamers as well.

Other Features of an IPS

An IPS panel will provide you great colors thanks to its Adobe RGB feature, which will give the IPS greater color accuracy, making an IPS ideal for professional uses.

IPS Panel vs. TN Panel

The IPS will have a significant advantage over a TN panel, better colors, and a wider viewing angle.

TN Panel Advantages

  • Faster refresh rate. 
  • Speedy response time
  • Ideal for for competitive gaming

TN panels are great if you’re a competitive gamer, everyday uses, and if you’re seeking a beginner-friendly monitor for a budget.

The TN panels will provide you a higher refresh rate, speedy response times, and decent color accuracy and contrasts.

However, the only downfall of a monitor is that TN’s will give you a limited range of viewing angles, and it’s not suitable for creative and professional work.

But when it boils down to colors and performance, the IPS panel displays are ideal for professionals due to their superb color accuracy and a wider range of viewing angles.

Another advantage of an IPS over a TN panel is that the colors won’t disappear nor fade when you’re viewing an IPS screen from different angles.

Overall, TN panels have the better speed and gaming performance when it boils down to competitive gaming due to higher refresh rates. However, TN’s won’t produce those colorful features and rich contrasts such as an IPS panel would.

IPS Panel vs VA Panel

VA panels (Vertical Alignment) will provide you with better contrasts, greater color accuracy, and better viewing angles than a TN panel.

VA Panel Advantages

  • Quality picture and speed
  • Great viewing angles

VA panels are great for everyday uses such as video production, photography, office work, multi-media, and gaming.

Also, VA monitors don’t produce as much backlight bleeding and are excellent at stopping light from showing onto the screen.

Additionally, VA panels have different types, such as the AMVA, P-MVA, and S-MVA.

The VA panels are a mixture of a TN and an IPS altogether, which gives the VA panels a competitive advantage against an IPS.

Thanks to its LCD technology, VA monitors will produce richer blacks and rich-looking colors along with more excellent contrast ratios.

These traits are excellent, making VA panels well-rounded for multi-media uses, fantastic for gaming, and great when watching videos.

Thoughts and Conclusion

If you’re on the market for a new monitor which provides you excellent picture quality and color accuracy, then you’ll need to invest in an IPS panel.

If you’re more of a gamer that needs the slight edge, then you’ll need to get a TN panel display.

If you’re in between and want quality with speed, then a VA panel would be your ideal.

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