What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming? For 2020

What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming? For 2019

As an internet user, we all desire to get an internet connection with high speed and that works like a flash.

And if you happen to be a gamer, whether a part-time enthusiast or an avid gamer, getting a good internet speed for gaming is essential to prevent delay and be able to enjoy online video gaming.

So what is a good internet speed for gaming?

People have asked me this question several times, and the first thing I always say is that it depends on individual needs.

You simply cannot define what internet package is better for a particular game. But having an idea of what internet speed you need for your gaming can make the whole dreaded process much less stressful.

First, you need to know that it all depends on your ISP routes and which game server you are connecting to. Gaming requires a high-performance router that can deliver high-speed for smooth, jitter-free gaming response.

So, How Is Internet Speed Measured?

The internet connection speed is usually measured in Mbps1. The faster packets are transmitted from the web to your computer or mobile devices, the bigger the Mbps.

Having a smooth, lag-free gaming session requires more than raw internet speeds. If you really want to enjoy your connectivity and gaming, you need to consider the:

Upload and download speed, and ping rate (latency)

Upload And Download Speed

Virtually all video game manufacturers suggest a minimum of 3 Mbps of download speed2 and about 1 Mbps of upload speeds3. Note that these numbers are for a single player only.

Download speeds matter a lot with regards to moving data. It is typically much faster, since most of what you do online consist of downloads.

Although requirements differ between each game and consoles, most gaming sessions will require a download speed of 3 Mbps. The faster your internet speeds, the better your gaming will be. But if your Internet speed is lesser compared to the recommended minimum requirements, your game might load slowly and therefore may not perform as it should.

  • The ping rate (latency) – Measured in milliseconds, a ping rate is the reaction time of your connection and how fast you get a response after you send out a request. A good ping rate means how fast you receive a response from your internet connection while playing your game, particularly when the time is essential.

    Ping rates are more essential when handling latency issues. The lower the ping rate (say 20 m/s) the better the connection. But games can function well up to about 100 m/s ping rate.

    It is advisable you use a fiber optics internet which is supposed to give you a better ping rate compared to cable and DSL connections.

    Since online gaming requires a faster response time with respect to other players, it is affected more by latency than any other online activities.

The higher the latency, the longer the signal takes to reach the game server. Imagine you are playing a combat game and you and an opponent push the attack button simultaneously.

The signal coming from the player with lesser latency will get to the game server first and therefore gain the advantage in the attack.

A Good Internet Speed For Multiplayer System Gaming

As you would expect, the more the players that you have on a single internet connection, the higher the speed you will need to keep each person playing.

As a general rule of thumb to make sure you get the best internet speed for gaming with your buddies, you will need to multiply the number of players using the internet connection by the internet speed requirement.

If, for instance, your game requires 3 Mbps and you have four (5) people playing it, you are going to need a minimum of 15 Mbps to play the game.

You can check the exact speed requirements for your gaming system below:

  • A good Internet Speed for Gaming by System – Different systems and games have different internet requirements.

    That said, here are the absolute minimum requirements for each popular console.

    However, I will recommend that you stay above these guidelines to be safe. Also, remember to increase your estimated bandwidth for the number of players you will have.

  • Internet speed testing – Internet speed test is essential if you want to know how thriving you will be in accomplishing your desired gaming task.

    Most internet users are not familiar with how to perk up the speed of their internet.

    Whether you are making use of broadband services or a dial-up user, testing your internet speed is the first step to take if you want to improve your net speed.

In the past, one could only conduct internet speed testing in some aspects such as downloads. But presently, there are several useful online services that allow you to perform thorough internet speed testing.

You can test uploads and downloads which means you will be able to know your real internet speed. The next thing is to proceed and explore those options that will enable you to improve your gaming internet speed.

How You Can Improve Internet Speed For Your Gaming

The following points will help to give you a competitive advantage and also boost your Internet speed:

Wired Internet connection is better than wireless: Wi-Fi is great and convenient, but it is susceptible to interference and almost runs at lower speeds compared to a wired connection. For online gaming, wired internet connections usually work better. 

Avoid using multiple services (Internet, TV, and phone) on a single line: Introducing multiple devices to your router can use up bandwidth and also adding extra latency to your gaming sessions. Be sure to connect your computer or console directly to the Internet and you will begin to see lower ping and faster connections.

Close any programs that use up bandwidth: Some programs eat up more bandwidth than others. If a particular application requires more of your Internet than it is required, make sure you close it during your gaming sessions. For instance, close all programs that connect regularly to the Internet, like email programs, messaging apps, etc.

If your modem or router is over 5 years, you can consider updating it. 

If you must use a wireless network for connecting your game console to the internet, make sure you are relatively close to the router. The router should support clear network with no obstruction separating you from it, and should also be able to provide prioritization for gaming traffic. If the wireless signal is your home network, you can improve it keep your games running efficiently.


The 3 relevant factors that guarantee a smooth gaming experience include the connection type, latency, and speed.

Other factors such as an overloaded network, a distant host, bad weather conditions, etc. could also affect your gaming experience.

But as long as your internet connection meets the minimum speed requirements and is adequately stable, then you should have nothing to be anxious about.


Your Internet connection speed can make a great difference when it comes to online gaming.

If your internet speed is not fast enough to cover your gaming requirements, we can also help you get faster internet service.

Even if you have a good internet connection but you are still getting a high latency or unstable gaming connection, we’d be glad to help you reduce it. We will enhance your overall gaming experience by optimizing your game connection.

Contact us to get started. If you think there is something we are missing and you would like it to be included or you want to share your experience about the good internet speed for gaming, we’d be glad to hear from you through the comment box below.



1Mbps or “megabits per second” is the measurement of how much data can be moved in a second

2 The download speed is how fast data is pulled from the server

3Upload speed is how fast information is uploaded from your device to the server.

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  1. Nice article! Although I am personally not a gamer, I know it is rather annoying when watching a stream and the game is glitching out. I would think this is especially prevalent with smaller streamers who don’t have the budget, which is part of the reason why the big streamers have more enjoyable streams in my opinion. My family has the fastest residential wifi speeds you can get, which makes surfing the internet run super smoothly!

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