What Are The Best Coffee Makers for 2020

For most people, coffee is an essential part of life. Recent statistics show that over 50% of the American populace drinks coffee. This would probably hold true in several other countries, which explains the increasing number of coffee makers or coffee machines in the market today.

Of course, there are many essential kitchen appliances with useful functions. But your day is not just getting starting without the morning aroma of coffee from the best coffee maker. If you are feeling confused about what type or brand of coffee machine you can invest in the year 2020, this guide will provide you with some of the best coffee makers to consider in 2020 before you end up buying some junk coffee makers. 


1. Bonavita Connoisseur

If you want to brew superb pots of drip and spend less cash, the Connoisseur is the best coffee machine to buy. Made by Bonavita, it is an elegant machine that creates fabulously good pots of coffee and delivers the tasteful experience needed to enjoy that coffee cup every morning. It has everything needed to make quality coffee, thanks to its combination of features that work together. Using a BPA-free plastic, it is compact, cinch to use, and works fast, taking only about 6 minutes to brew an 8-cup carafe. It is also easy to clean with a removable, dishwasher safe thermal Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead. 

Features & Functionality

  • The powerful 1500-watt heating element that maintains the best coffee brewing temperature between 195°-205°F
  • Wide showerhead design that aids the uniform distribution of water over the coffee grounds
  • Hanging flat-bottomed filter basket that works together with the showerhead to offer uniform flavor extraction
  • 3L removable stainless steel thermal carafe lid that provides enhanced heat retention.
  • Has a 1.3-liter water reservoir
  • Audible signal when brewing cycle ends
  • Simple one-touch brewing and automatic shut-off operation for ease usage


  • Simple Quality: A one-touch brewing operation for easy access to a fresh cup of coffee every morning.
  • Steel Case – The black case and brushed steel complements most kitchens, and is easy to clean.
  • Pre-bloom, brewing temperature adjustments, etc.


  • No Drip Stop – The inclusion of a drip-stop would have been a nice one.
  • Not as attractive as coffee machines built by others, such as the Technivorm.

2. Cuisinart DCC-3200

Nothing is more pleasing than a cup of coffee on a cold winter morning. If you need a budget-friendly coffee machine, something that is simple to operate has some of the essential features required to produce amazing coffee and generally makes great coffee easily, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 is an excellent choice for a home coffee maker. It is designed for coffee drinkers who enjoy a full-flavored, better than average tasting cup of coffee with minimal fuss. With the ability to brew up to 14 cups at ones, this coffee machine helps you to enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee anytime and is large enough to cater for both personal and entertainment use. 

Features & Functionality

  • Carafe temperature button that allows adjustment of the warming hotplate to high, medium, or low based on your preference. 
  • A clean indicator light that lets you know the machine needs to be descaled. This requires less attention, thanks to the charcoal filtration system.
  • The hotplate has a default auto shut-off setting that automatically switches off the machine in two hours. It is adjustable for up to 4 hours.
  • A charcoal filtration system that eliminates impurities and chlorine, and helps to keep the scale at a minimum.
  • Includes a metal, cone- style permanent filter that matches the basket. The cone style paper filters are also effective if you want to eliminate all bits of sediment from your cup.
  • It has a brew pause feature that stops the extraction process when the carafe is removed. The feature also works perfectly with little dripping.
  • Controlled by a series of reader-friendly push buttons with a blue Led indicator when they are pressed or selected.
  • They are coated in gleaming stainless, giving it an air of refinement and a mid-range price.


  • Meet the recommended brewing temperature range of 195-2000F for about 6 minutes
  • Self-clean feature with user-friendly controls
  • Extensive extraction time with showerhead style spigot
  • Brew-strength control
  • 14-Cup Glass Carafe with attractive real stainless steel knob
  • Compatible for small-batch coffee brewing by simply pressing the 1-4 button
  • Affordable and easy to maintain


  • No thermal carafe model available, but a glass carafe
  • No pre-bloom or micro-controls to adjust the brewing temperature
  • Not SCAA certified 
  • Wash the coffee machine thoroughly before use.

3. Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew

Mr. Coffee Optimal brew is designed for coffee enthusiasts who desire to extract the fullest flavor possible for an optimal coffee experience. It combines a faster brew speed and a high brewing temperature to deliver full-flavored drinkable pots of coffee in 10 to 12-cup batches. This exceptional coffee machine features some efficient and professional smart home skills, including programmable services like “Grab-A-Cup” Auto Pause for a cup of aromatic, freshly-brewed coffee before the brew cycle is completed. It is also integrated with Belkin’s WeMo, which means you can control the machine to brew from anywhere, provided there are internet connections and you have access to the WeMo mobile App. This smart coffee maker is easy to clean, and don’t forget to use the added water filtration disk to sift out impurities and chlorine from the water while you brew.

Features & Functionality

  • Double-wall, stainless steel thermal carafe: Helps to keep the coffee’s true taste and character, and keep it hot for hours.
  • Special cleaning cycle: Alerts you when the coffee machine needs cleaning, so you don’t have to memorize when it is due. This helps to maintain the coffee taste and machine’s performance.
  • Water filtration system: Add a filter to reduce chlorine up to 97% from your water for improved coffee taste.
  • Brew Timer: Set the timer to ensure your coffee is readily available when you want it. With this feature, you can wake up to a fresh and hot coffee every day.
  • Default auto shut-off setting: Automatically put off the coffee maker after 2 hours, saving you power and money.
  • Belkin WeMo smart technology: it is integrated with Belkin’s WeMo to command the machine from anywhere via WeMo mobile app.
  • Lift and Clean Filter basket: Simply lift out the filter basket and clean. It has a removable water reservoir for fast cleaning and filling.
  • Pause ‘N Serve feature: Allows you to pause the coffee maker to pour a cup of coffee while brewing.


  • Supports a fully customizable weekly programmable schedule
  • User-friendly and easy to clean
  • Preset fast brewing
  • The water filter helps to save time filtering water before usage.  
  • Achieve the optimal brewing temperature of 2050F and brews a full coffee pot in less than 7 minutes


  • Brews drinkable coffee with weak tastes, since the bold setting isn’t available
  • It does not integrate with the true WeMo gizmo, but it is only a WeMo mobile app-enabled product. It cannot communicate with smart light bulbs, light switches, and WeMo motion sensors. 
  • The coffee maker may be quite loud
  • If you want a strong brew, you might need to use more coffee grounds.
  • Setting up the machine properly on the WeMo mobile app is not easy.

4. Keurig K-Elite

If you need a user-friendly, simple coffee machine that will get you a perfectly extracted cup of coffee, this automatic single-cup Keurig K-Elite coffee machine is your best choice. It delivers the most beverage personalization and features in any Keurig single-serve coffee machine model.

Available in five different cup sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces), the K-Elite coffee maker is elegant, stylish, and compatible with several K-Cups. You only need to insert your K-Cup, select a preferred cup size, and then get a coffee in less than one minute. This machine also comes in three different best colors (brushed gold, brushed silver, or brushed slate) that will effortlessly blend with your kitchen. Although the price of this coffee machine ranges between $125 and $130, you will still need to buy all of those K-cups, which may put the price on a high side. We suggest that you buy a “My K-Cup” reusable coffee filter so you can make your coffee grounds instead of the K-cups.

Features & Functionality

  • Special maintenance reminder: Alerts you when the coffee machine needs descaling to ensure the best tasting brew possible.
  • Strong Brew button: Enhances the strength and bold taste of your coffee’s flavor
  • A detachable water reservoir makes it easy to clean and fill up with water.
  • Handy hot water button: Gives you immediate hot water for a cup of tea or oats.
  • Elevation settings in case you want to brew coffee at a higher altitude.
  • A removable drip tray that simplifies the cleaning process and makes it easier to fit bigger travel mugs.
  • Quiet brew technology: Produces minimal noise when the machine is in use.
  • Ice setting: allows you to brew coffee over ice to make blessedly cold yet fully-flavored Joe during the summer months or even winter based on your preferences. It may not be as cold as the cold brew you buy from your local coffee shop, but it is worth it. Above all, the ice setting only requires a single touch of a button.


  • Adjustable brewing temperature between 187 and 1920F
  • An incredible large water reservoir
  • Programmable brew sizes
  • You can decide when the machine turns on or how long it shuts off after each use.
  • Saves time and energy
  • Compatible with Keurig’s charcoal water filter


  • Kind of expensive, since you will need to buy all of those K-cups
  • No thermal carafe model.

5. DeLonghi BC0430

De’Longhi BCO430 is an amazing, user-friendly, and all-in-one coffee maker that allows you to enjoy the fabulous taste of a finely brewed coffee (up to 10 cups) and a cup of espresso. If you cannot wait, the brew-pause allows you to have a cup of coffee even if the machine has not finished brewing. BCO430 has user-friendly buttons that allow you to access all the machine components easily. It works extremely fast, so you will not have to waste time while you make your drinks. Additionally, the machine can be programmed so you can have your coffee ready and served hot the moment you need one.

Features & Functions

  • Compact combination machine: Has a 15-bar pump for producing espresso and a drip-coffee system for the normal office.
  • Brew Pause technology: Allows you to pause the machine to have a cup of coffee even if the machine has not finished brewing.
  • Advanced carbon filter: reduces many chemicals like minerals and chlorine that can make your coffee taste bad. 
  • Passive cup warmer: Heats your cups before it fills them with coffee. This is essential for milk-based drinks due to the lower temperature at which milk should be steamed.
  • Removable water tank for making espresso
  • Auto shut-off: You can program the BCO430 to shut-off automatically when you are not using it.
  • A glass coffee carafe: Keeps your coffee fresh and hot
  • Manual milk frother: Allows you to enjoy your favorite milk-based drinks. Your milk foam will always have an excellent taste and a decent consistency.


  • Programmed to make coffee at any time you want.
  • Auto shut-off programming
  • Budget-friendly, easy to use and clean
  • An easily accessible front-loading system
  • Makes both drip coffee and espresso


  • No built-in coffee grinder. You will need to buy your grinder or use ground coffee.
  • One boiler. This implies that the machine cannot steam and brew simultaneously.
  • Small water reservoir: If you need a coffee maker with a bigger capacity tank, the BCO430 may not be the right choice for you.
  • Milk frothing may require some learning for effective use.

6. Technivorm Moccamaster KBG

The Moccamaster coffee maker has everything you would need to consistently and quietly brew excellent tasting coffee. With a specific skill set, it can brew a coffee carafe amazingly well just in 6 minutes using freshly ground coffee and the included paper filter. One of the many amazing things about the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG is that you can brew any quantity of coffee by merely adjusting the coffee grounds and the amount of water to use. This machine also has many removable parts that can be cleaned to avoid residue and oil build-up and to ensure you get a fabulous tasting coffee every time. To use this device, you simply need to fill the reservoir with water up to the indicated level, add the paper filter, and a suitable quantity of freshly ground, high-quality coffee to the brew basket. It has a deep flavor, feels smooth to drink and not overpowering.

Features & Functionality

  • Auto shut-off: It turns off the machine after 2 hours.
  • Separate heating elements that allow the best possible temperature both for the hotplate and for brewing.
  • A copper heating element that keeps the water temperature between 195° and 205°F all through the brewing cycle.
  • An illuminated power button can be seen in the dark.
  • Manually operated drip-stop technology that allows you to adjust brewing for a quick cup before the brewing cycle is completed.
  • An energy-efficient, independently-powered hot plate that keeps your coffee fresh and at the best serving temperature.
  • Uses a pulse-pouring system that allows the coffee to bloom.


  • Automatic drip-stop and switch-off functions
  • It is simple and easy to fill the reservoir
  • Can brew up to 1.25L at once
  • Durable metal casing
  • Easy positioning
  • No need for a dedicated coffee grinder
  • Adjustable temperature based on your preference
  • Built with BPA-Free plastic, high-grade aluminum, and glass
  • Very fast brewing time
  • A considerably long power cord


  • The water reservoir is not removable, making it a bit challenging to clean and fill with water.
  • You would need to pour the coffee carefully, so it does not spill over the sides.
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • The glass carafe is weak and must be handled with care
  • Not totally free of dangerous substances as some of its component parts contain BPA.

Buyers Guide Conclusion

Each one of these coffee makers has some unique features that are sure to give an optimum benefit. Before you choose the best coffee maker, you must make sure it suits your needs and can withstand regular use. Likewise, you need to understand that these coffee makers differ per culture, lifestyle, and location. No matter your budget, you will surely find a coffee maker on the list above that will perfectly fit your coffee needs and ultimately be the best coffee maker for you. Trust us; we can assure you that you will never have to drink coffee from pods again.

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