VitaMix E310 Blender Review


  • Great for smoothies, drinks, baby foods, and cursing ice.
  • Includes 10-speeds of blending
  • Can also make hot soup.



  • The overall design is a bit heavy and bulky
  • Has limited features, compared to other VitaMix models.

First, the Vitamix Explorian E310 is a state of the art blender consisting of 10 speeds and the features are user-friendly, and the blender itself is easy to use.

Using this blender is very easy, and things to it stainless steel can cut through many fruits and vegetables.

The cool thing about this blender is that you can also make soup with it; thanks to its high-quality material, it can support hot liquid as well.

However, if you’re looking for portability, this blender is a bit bulky and will take up space within your cabinets.

Vitamix Explorian E310 Review - Usability

What’s Included In The Box?

The Vitamix Explorian E310 comes along with the blender itself, including the 48-ounce container pitcher, along with the sealable lid, a mini tamper, and the Vitamix manual book.

Nice Blender Design

The blender’s height is 17 inches, with a width of 8 inches, and the blender weighs around 10.5 pounds, which is quite heavy if you’re looking for portability.

Compared to the NutriBullet Blender combo, the Vitamix Explorian E310 blender will be a little bit heavier.

The power cord can reach up to 4 feet, which is more than enough to reach your kitchen outlet, and the cable is thick enough, so wearability is not a concern.

To begin with, the blender looks aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its excellent plastic black finish along with its high-quality metal and quality plastic covering. Overall the design feels very aesthetic and state of the art.

BPA Free – Blender Container

The blender container holds around 48 ounces, which is excellent if you have large family gatherings and if you have friends over, you could make a full-size smoothie for all of them.

Additionally, the plastic material is also BPA free which is excellent in health terms and environmentally safe. The container itself weighs around 1.5 pounds.

Unfortunately, the vita-mix doesn’t come with additional containers or mini containers than the Ninja brand blender. So if you’re looking for different sets of mini blenders, then you’ll have to check out the Ninja brand.

In addition, the lid design is very easy to use; just put the lid on top of the container, and it’ll seal shut so that you can enjoy your smoothie process without having any messes or spills.

Can Blend With Quality and Precision

The E310 can also make soup without using a stove, and you can make soup under 10 minutes; also, the blades will bring the temperatures right down to serving temperatures.

Additionally, the VitaMix E310 can also mix frozen treats that you may have, make coffee, grind nuts, make desserts, make smoothies and juices, and even make salad spreads and salad dips.

So if you’re thinking about blending coffee or making treats in the middle of the day, you can quickly make those in under a minute using the E310.

And the blender can also make baby food as well thanks to its precise performance, which is very convenient if you have a baby.

If you’re looking to crush ice, this blender will do the job because it’ll outstandingly crush the thick ice, and as a result, you have well-blended quality ice.

Vitamix Explorian E310 Review - Features

Blender Feature

The E310 comes with 10 speeds, which you can easily use; all you have to do is twist the knob to the desired number.

Also, the blender can run up to 1400 RPM with a max speed of 22000 RPMs, which is more than enough to cut your many fruits and veggies and cut through thick ice as well.

So if you’re planning on making smoothies, it’ll take you less than one minute, and that is a very excellent time if you’re trying to conserve time. Along with its high precision stainless steel blades, the smoothies, as a result, comes out to be smooth and silky.

However, there are no other features that the E310 comes with. However, the other VitaMix models will have certain features that you can use.

Self Cleaning

The super convenient feature the E310 has is its self-cleaning feature, in which you can easily add soap and warm water to the blender once you’re done blending your smoothies. It will clean the stuff out for you within 30 to 60 seconds, which is excellent if you don’t want to wash the container manually.

Blender Warranty

The VitaMix E310 blender comes with a five-year warranty instead of a seven or 10-year warranty, as most of the VitaMix blender’s do. However, having a five-year warranty is good enough and convenient if you’re ever looking to replace any broken parts or pieces for the blender.

Conclusion and Thoughts

Overall, the VitaMix E310 is a state of the art blender, which is ideal if you’re in the restaurant and food industry because it will give you quality smoothies and liquefy your foods.

However, the price range can be costly, but if you’re looking for state of the art, and a top of line blender, then the VitaMix E310 will give you the bank for your buck.

The E310 blender will do the job well to give you high-quality smoothies, veggies, blended ice, making hot soups, and many more. However, the blender doesn’t have any extra nor additional features which other VitaMix models have, but if you’re not looking for any additional features, then the E310 will be your ideal blender.

But if you’re still looking for the best blenders for 2021 then you’ll have to check that list out which will include one of the top blenders that are currently out in the market right now.

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