Top 6 Best Corner TV stands for Flat Screens in 2020

Setting your TV in the proper arrangement is important to make the most of the TV viewing experience. When you spend your free time watching movies, shows, series, sporting events, etc.

The importance of the position is extreme. The right TV position decides how well you enjoy your watching experience. Presently, there are countless options to consider perfectly positioning your TV unit.

One of them is the corner TV stand. Noticeable by name, corner TV mounts are meant to be placed in the corner.

It will allow a wide view and also ensures that the available space is used effectively.

These types of corner TV mounts are cabinet-shaped to securely organize your multimedia components.

These corner TV mounts are available in different designs and arrangements to suit your needs.

Remember those little box-type blackand-white televisions that once were the pride of every home decades ago?

Well, TVs have come a long way from those cute little boxes. You now have sleek, slim, wide-screen TVs that are accompanied by a host of smart devices to deliver healthy family entertainment.

Thus, the basic table that doubled as a television stand in the past has now become a complete entertainment unit that accommodates wide-screen television along with its set of accessories.

Like the TV, the unit that houses it has changed over time to stylish, fun, and stylish-looking furniture that defines the space in your living room.

With the current minimalist trend, corner TV mounts make perfect sense because they take up much less space in your living room and utilize the corner of your living room effectively creating a cozy corner that is both aesthetic and versatile.

Read here to see our selection of the best corner TV mounts, how TV mounts have evolved through history, and what to look for before selecting your corner TV mount.

Why a Corner TV Stand?

The first advantage of a corner TV stand is an effective use of space.

Especially in small living rooms, corner TV mounts effectively move the entire entertainment unit to one corner of the room and keep the center available for other decorating ideas.

This layout makes the living room look spacious and tidy too.

The design of corner TV stands with angular lines and sharp contrasts make them novel and a welcome change from the traditional-looking designs of central entertainment units.

Corner TV units can be designed to store more than just your TV and accessories – the clever design of the stand can help you accommodate everything you need for an entertainment center without looking bulky.

The corner is an easy corner where all the cables are hidden from the naked eye;

It is also difficult to reach and is, therefore, a safe option for children.

The Corner TV Stand effectively creates a corner just for watching TV and takes it away from glare from lights and windows.

1. WE Furniture White Oak TV Stand

This corner TV stand is not going to impress everyone who buys it but for those who find the assembly process straightforward and don’t cause any damage to it, it’s going to leave a smile on their face.

These corner TV stands are available in five colors – white oak, espresso, rustic oak, and traditional brown. Instead of wood, however, it features MDF with a laminate finish which is quite thin.

As a result, if you go to put anything on it, it will wear it out without too much time at all

However, if you leave this corner TV stand alone in your living room. You won’t have too many problems. It will hold up to 250 pounds of weight and fits a relatively big TV as well.

What’s more, it comes with an electric struck implant which adds lovely ambiance while you’re watching TV.

If you generally fight a battle against dusty electronics, then this corner TV stand confirms you don’t.

The glass doors hide everything out of light while stopping any dust fragment from getting in.

For all the good points, however, there are a few other things which you need to be aware of.

It’s expensive to buy, notably since it doesn’t feature solid wood. You also pay more for different colors such as rustic oak, considering its not real oak, there is a bit of confusion about why this could be.

However, when it comes to style and functionality. This corner TV stand will not disappoint.

So, if you’re in the market for a new TV stand. There’s every reason to consider this one.


● Five colors: white oak, traditional brown, black, espresso, and rustic oak.

● MDF construction

● Laminate finish

● 250-pound weight capacity

● Tempered safety


● It has a big TV

● You can hide your cutter

● Many color options


● It takes a long time to assemble

● Slim laminate finish

2. Monarch Specialties TV Stand With Glass Doors

In addition to the below instructions that can confuse even a DIY genius, this corner TV stand is a standout product on the market.

It fits into any corner of the home, doesn’t take up much space, and has a beautiful cappuccino color finish to accentuate and enhance any home decor.

Also, it is not missing in the storage department. There are two storage shelves hidden behind two glass doors with contemporary handles.

If you have a lot of clutter but don’t like it outdoors, this is the perfect corner TV mount for you.

You can organize your electronic devices with minimal effort, but a reasonably sized TV on top, and you know it will last thanks to its superior hardware and building materials, so even if you have a battle on your hands when you try to put it together.

You can also add your awesome gaming monitor as well and enjoy a few gaming sessions.

It won’t be long until you’re enjoying it in your living room watching TV.


● Glass doors

● Two store shelves

● Contemporary Handles

● Cappuccino finish

● 51 pounds


● Modern style

● Lots of storage space

● Dark color finish


● Bad instructions

3. Ore International Natural Color Corner TV Stand

When it comes to the best corner TV stand on the market, you’ll need it to be versatile with lots of slots to store in your electronic, gaming consoles, and stereo devices.

It has storage for 52 CDs when CDs are no longer common, no solid wood, and can only hold a TV up to 35 inches when many families choose wider options.

Fortunately, however, there is still a lot to love about this corner TV mount. Its natural color finish will look great on most homes and hotel units, while its three shelves in the center ensure plenty of room for everything.

Also, even though CDs are not used as much as before. It is good to be able to display your old collection.

Even though this corner TV stand features fiberboard and wood composite instead of solid wood, it mimics wood well.

It has all the marks of a genuine unit, as well as the stability and quality that go with it. This is not a corner television station of the future, but it will still tick all the boxes for some people.


● Natural color finish

● Central Shelves

● Three shelves

● Wood Composite Finish


● Lots of storage areas

● Affordable to buy


● Not real wood

● Poor instructions

4. Generic Fireplace Wood Corner TV Stand

MDF is not the most robust material when it comes to a corner TV mount, but in this case, it is all you need. Also, since it is not solid wood, it does not cost the land to buy it. Along with MDF, this corner TV stand has a laminate lining with a textured floating wood finish.

In any classic or contemporary home, it will look good.

Although I would buy this corner TV mount for a TV up to 60 inches in size, I would also buy it for its healing capabilities.

Alongside six shelving areas, there is a large plug-in electric fire insert that will be a welcome addition to any living room.

Watch TV while enjoying the atmosphere of a crackling imitation fire.

Then, enjoy filling the adjustable shelves with items and storing all cables out of sight thanks to the cable management system. This corner TV mount may not be the best on the market, but it is unique and can help seal the deal.


● MDF construction

● Laminate cladding

● Textured Finish

● 60-inch TV compatible

● Cable management system


● Elegant finish

● It has a big TV


● It staggers

5. Pemberly Row Oiled Oak corner TV Stand

If a composite corner TV stand doesn’t sound like your cup of tea due to durability issues, then it might be time to spend a little more and get a solid wood one.

These oiled oak corner TV stands could tick all the boxes.

Even though you have to put it together yourself, which can be a hassle for some people, it is still a small price to pay.

Once you put all the pieces together to create the 63-pound stand, it will look amazing.

It stands out proudly in any living room, has four legs so you can vacuum underneath, and has open and hidden storage to meet the needs of most people.

Additionally, it will hold a television that weighs up to 95 pounds, which equals at least 50 inches, if not more.

This corner TV stand is also not too big, adding more space to your living room.

It has two separate shelves for books, DVDs, and other items, and then two handles for opening a cabinet-like constitution.

Here, you can store anything you prefer not to be dusty. Sealing the deal is the inclusion of a generous five-year warranty, which covers any manufacturer’s failure.


● Oiled Oak Finish

● 95-pound weight capacity

● Five-year warranty

● Hidden storage

● Divided shelf


● Look elegant in any home

● You have a large TV of about 50 inches


● You have to put it together

6. Furinoo Turn-N-Tube TV Stand

It is quite rare to find a corner TV mount that is affordable and of high quality, but that is what you get from Furinno with its black corner TV mount.

Although it is not the best quality support on the market, it features robust composite wood, four levels, and recycled PVC pipes.

All of these components are well-made and require no tools for installation.

What will surprise you first is how sturdy this corner TV mount is.

Unlike many in a similar price range, it doesn’t have any of the quality control issues that they do.

Of course, it’s more prone to scratches and blemishes than a higher-quality brand, but that’s as far as possible.

You’ll enjoy that it doesn’t wobble, that it has multiple display shelves for your electronics, and that it uses recycled materials for less impact on the environment.

Finally, you will be pleased to know that you are safely in the corner of your home, holding your television and electronic devices.

This corner TV stand is clearly worth watching.


● Black finish

● Display shelves included

● Composite Wood Construction

● Four levels

● Recycled PVC pipes


● Affordable to buy

● Solid and strong


● Even without tools, it is difficult to assemble

Buying Guide Corner TV Stands

TV stands come in many shapes and designs. However, if you are looking for a durable option that will last, an oak stand is highly recommended.

The rules of buying a corner TV stand apply even when you buy oak.

The most important thing is to make sure you get a support that is simple enough that you can play your role effectively and, at the same time, give your TV room the much-needed face-lift.

How To Determine a Comfortable Viewing Height?

Watching television is supposed to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t have to turn your neck from left to right or top to bottom to get the perfect view.

On average, the perfect height for a TV stand should be approximately 42 inches.

However, be sure to consider the height of your sofas and chairs. If they are relatively high or low, you should also adjust the height of the TV stand accordingly.

There are some oak corner TV mounts for flat screens that have adjustable mounts.

This gives height a little more flexibility to meet the needs of different people.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting Corner TV Mounts For Flat Screens?

TV Width If you are bringing a 40- or 50-inch TV home, it’s best to make sure you have space and the stand to hold it.

It is always very important to go for TV stands that can hold your TV securely no matter how big it is.

However, the bigger the support, the more you will have to pay for it.

Also, don’t forget the size of the room. You don’t want to put a monster TV in a small room. It will just look weird!

Design of the room- When you buy a corner TV mount, your TV room is supposed to have at least one corner.

However, some rooms don’t always take the conventional rectangular shape that we’re all used to.

If you are dealing with this type of room, you will need to analyze your design very carefully to find the perfect angle where the corner bracket will go.

There are two rules in this. First, choose a location that offers a comfortable viewing experience for everyone in the room.

Second, the bracket should go to a corner where the chances of bumping into it are low.

Style- Various oak corner TV stands for flat screens come with some additional styles and decorative elements that can renovate your room.

Glass is a very common accent on mounts, but some designs also have brass or metal accents or accents.


In general, acquiring a television booth space is a great way to enhance your viewing experience with your family members.

Hopefully, this list of the 6 best corner TV stands for flat screens mentioned above will help you in your buying process.

After reading this guide carefully, you will decide on the most suitable product to take home.

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