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Sonos Play 1 Speaker Review For 2019

Sonos Play 1

If you’re out in the market looking for a quality wireless speaker, then the Sonos Original Play is it. They make it quickly to the top 10 list to purchase and is one of the best performing speakers currently out now.

Thinking of changing your environment within your living space, the mood and the atmosphere, then the Sonos can do that for you.

It is operated through Wifi and does not have Bluetooth features. And the current Sono’s can all go wireless with no bridge nor router connection, which is excellent.

You’ll also be able to save your cash as well, and it’s a lot much cheaper compared to the other high-end speakers. So you don’t have to worry about the pricing. It’s affordable, and it’ll give you the quality performance that you’ll need.

Right next with the Bose Home Speaker, you’ll get the equivalent performance to the Bose and to the Apple HomePod, which both products are amazing with quality.

You’ll easily control your speaker through your smartphone or any computer or tablet devices.

The design is pretty small and makes it useful if you want to move your speaker from one room to another. However it’s not advisable to travel with it, and it’s not mobile compared to other wireless speakers.

If you decide to invest in Play 1, make sure you’ll like the wireless streaming.

So if you’re looking for a Sonos Play 1 Speaker review, well you’re in the right place.

Design Of The Play 1 Speaker

The Play 1 speaker is pretty compact and is small in size. However, it won’t be mobile compared to other speakers. The top portion is made up of a metal grille that wraps around the edges. And the bottom part is made up of a plastic material, which looks pretty aesthetic.

The small size is a pretty much advantage because you can place the Play 1 on any surface. And you won’t have to worry too much about room space due to its compact size.

It has a beautiful black and white finish to it and should look great when displaying it within your shelves.

The Play 1 also has a big play and pause button located on the top of the speaker, which makes it convenient to play or pause your jams.

The Play 1 has an ethernet socket located in the back and a power jack with a wall mounting socket.

It’s straightforward, elegant and has a minimalist looking style to it.

Sound Quality

The Play 1 can quickly fill your house or place with the crisp, quality sounds it delivers. For its size, the Sonos Play 1 is packed with crisp, vibrant and superb tones.

You’ll be able to rock out your favorite jams and party with powerful sounds. And thanks to its bass, even for its small built, the speaker produces quality bass that will leave your place jamming with your favorite tunes.

That’s what’s impressive about the Play 1, is that considered small in its stature, you’ll easily be able to get powerful bass. You’ll also get intense bass as well.

Thanks to its architectural design, the speaker is considered a mini-speaker and has a tweeter placed on top of the subwoofer. This design gives you sounds that are directional and atmospheric.

The treble has excellent quality compared to the most current Bluetooth and other wireless speakers out there in the market. However, compared to the Riva Arena speaker, the Sonos Play 1 may be slightly a bit under the Riva Arena.

However, if you do decide to turn up your speakers, then the Sonos Play 1 does have that scale and thanks to its excellent sound quality you can fill a med size room with quality sounds.


The earlier versions of the Sonos use to have a bridge to connect your speakers to your Wifi. However now, you’ll be connecting wirelessly, and you won’t need to purchase a bridge.

Once you first turn on your speaker, you’ll be able to launch your Android or iOS. Then it’ll continue to recognize your speakers immediately, afterward you’ll be able to connect your speakers to your WiFi network, and that’s how simple the setup is.

You’ll also have the options to connect two Play 1’s as well.

And one of the great things about having the Play 1 is that you can have two Play 1’s and you can connect them.

You’ll also be able to connect more Sonos’s around your place, and you’ll be able to control them with your app through your mobile or any computer that’s in sync with your app.


The Sonos Play 1 has a lot of apps that you can access. Such as Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster, and much more.

You can choose up to 30 stations of live streaming which gives the Sonos Play 1 the edge compared to the other high-quality speakers in the market.

And speaking of live streaming, you can also use your app to set up an alarm for your Sonos and have different options of programming your alarm.

Summary and Verdict

The Sonos Play 1 is an excellent speaker with excellent sound quality. Compared to the newer models such as the Play 5, the Play 1 is a lot cheaper. The size is right, and the features it comes with it are all great. The Sonos Play 1 is worth your investment if you are seeking on getting one in the future.

In Conclusion

With a lot of great speakers out there in the market, it may be hard to differentiate the high-quality ones from the normal ones.

The speaker, being wireless, frees you up space and the clutter compared to traditional stereo speaker systems.

The Sonos Play 1 is a quality speaker. It’s small is in stature, aesthetically pleasing and however, it packs a lot of power.

So if you’re planning on upgrading or swapping out your current speakers, and are looking for a small, elegant yet powerful quality sounds, then the Sonos Play 1 is it.

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22 thoughts on “Sonos Play 1 Speaker Review For 2019

  1. Wow…. I believe Sonos must have done a great job in improving the overall performance and the design of their speaker. 14 months ago when I wanted to purchase a sound system for my house. Sonos was not on the top of the list of the best speakers online. So I opted for the best I could get as at then. 

    From this review and from other reviews I’ve seen online, I think Sonos will be my most preferred wireless speaker if I’m to get another set of wireless speakers for home use. 

  2. Nice article there , I find it so full of information on sonos play. And I must commend you for writing this review on it, it shows you have went extreme to bring best of the best of wireless speaker in the market 

    looking at sonos speaker I must say it really look awesome, am the type that like torches of fashion on things I use especially things my friends will see me with like speaker and so other things.looking at all the features sonos has am sure it is of high quality among the rest in the market 

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ajibola. The Sonos is an impressive speaker, and you’ll be able to throw out a party with this excellent speaker.

  3. I like the Sonos Play 1 speaker that you review first of all because it is small in size. I have an old model of speakers, not Sonos, but they are big, heavy and they take a lot of space, so it’s time for a change. I was thinking to Bose Home Speakers as well, but most probably the price will decide my choice.Do you have any information related to price and best places to buy?Thank you for your article.

    1. Thanks, Dany, I have to agree the Sonos is excellent for portability. The Bose Home Speaker is another great sound system as well. The best place to buy is from Newegg or through Amazon. Have a good day.

  4. Hi there.

    This is really cool. This post about Sonos speaker is really simple and comprehensive. Something that really caught my eyes about this sonos speaker is the feature that I can usually control with my smartphone. That is pretty lovely because I haven’t been able to use or see any speaker like that. Its design is super cool because of the portability that really makes it sound unique

    1. Thanks, Kehinde. The smartphone feature is awesome to have if you’re out of range, just due to its convenience.

  5. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.Sonos play 1 speaker review has a beautiful design and also review most features about it .I so much love it’s mobility and the price is pocket friendly. Am really interested about the Wi-Fi features. How is the battery life? 

    best regards

  6. Dear Jose,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post and I got helpful insights from your review post.

    I am in need of a speaker actually want to upgrade for a better one and your post timing is wonderful. 

    The features and benefits of Sonos play 1 speaker sounds good. My only concern is it does not have Bluetooth features (Thanks for sharing). I loved how easy the review makes it for readers & no additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works which is very helpful in making my purchase decision. For sure this is on my list.May I ask…

    Does it have the “Start and control your music with your voice Amazon Alexa built right in” feature? Please advice.

    Much Success!


    1. Thank you for the feedback Paul, yes it does have a voice control feature which you can definitely control. It’s really great for convenience, which I like.

      You can throw a small party or just set the mood with this to relax.

  7. Hi José! There are a couple of things I really like about this wireless speaker. And one of them is that it can be accessed through many different apps and Google Play Music is included. I really like Google Play Music and was excited to hear this. It makes Sinos Play 1 very convenient for me.

    The other thing I like is it’s compact size. I have been looking for a good small wireless speaker and I have found it here. And as the cherry on top, I like it’s cool design.

    I really regret it’s not as mobile as other wireless speakers. But I believe this will do.

    Thank you very much for this review.

    1. Thanks for the feed, Henry. I agree, I love wireless speakers because there are no wires involved. It’s small in size, but it isn’t as portable as other wireless speakers though.

  8. Hi Jose, 

    I like the sleek looking design of the Sonos Play 1 speaker. It matches all my other electronic equipment. The wireless feature is a definite must-have. I have enough wiring and cords as it is. 

    You did a good job describing the features. It was easy to read and to understand. You didn’t make it too technical.  The “set up” looks easy. That’s pretty cool you can access applications like Amazon music or Google Play. Also, setting up the alarm through the speaker is a nice touch. 

    I might have missed it. But did you show the price of the speaker anywhere?

    Where is the best place to get the best deal?

    Will you be making a comparison between Play 1 with different speakers like Bose? I know sometimes, Bose can be a little too expensive for me. 

    When I am in the market for new speakers, I will remember your post about this speaker. You did a very good job. 

    You said you are a gamer. What games are you currently playing?

    Don’t stop growing my friend, Jose. 

    johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jonny. I agree that wireless speakers are very easy to set up, and there are no hassles involved when it comes to setting up because there are no wires required. Which I like.

      You can purchase one from Amazon or Newegg. I plan to set up the price, later on, this is the early phase haha.
      Yes, please be sure to stop by in the future for a side by side comparison of other wireless speakers.

  9. Thank you for sharing this interesting review on Sonos Play 1 Speaker for 2019, I have a brother has this Sonos Play 1 system and he really like it, he said he bought this device, install the system on a newer LED TV that has a 5.1 pass through on the optical port and he likes the SOUND he gets from it, and said the playbar is a great anchor for the TV when it comes to dialogue. Its good to have this device.Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the feed, Mary. Wow, that’s awesome how your brother loves the Sonos Play 1. I agree the Sonos does shave a great sound to it. It’s fantastic if you want to throw a get-together or unwind.

  10. Hey Jose,

    Thanks for your review.  You mention that it pretty compact and small in size…however you say it won’t be mobile compared to other speakers – so what are the height, width and weight dimensions?I only have a little bluetooth rapoo speaker so might be looking to upgrade to something with more of a surround sound to it.  Your description of crisp, vibrant and superb tones art fill the house has me interested.Also I couldn’t see a link to buy form your site – how can I easily get one of these?Thank you, John

    1. Thanks for the feed, John. Yes, the Sonos Play 1 is compact. Ahhh, I’m going to add the link pretty soon, this is just the early stage right now. You can get one from Amazon or Newegg.

  11. I need sonos speakers. I bought speakers two months ago but it doesn’t give me the kind of sound I want. The sounds are just normal but it’s not a sonos speakers. A friend of mine told me that sinos speakers are good. I am going to give it a try very soon and I am hopeful I will be satisfied with Sonos speakers when I purchase. 

    1. Thanks for the feed Kenechi. If you need an upgrade, try out the Sonos Play 1. Or you can always go for a Bose as well. Both are great.

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