Samsung U28E590D Review 2020


The Samsung U28E590D monitor is an elegant and high performing display. If you’re looking for a fast monitor, then the U28E590D is it.

And with the 28-inch monitor, the Samsung U28E590D is one of the top displays that you can invest in. And you’ll be able to add a nice aesthetic monitor to your room or office.

If you’re a console gamer that plays the PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get the best of both worlds of quality and affordability.

Furthermore, the U28E590D gives you a sleek looking design to it. The model has a beautiful matte black finish to the body frame.

Overall the Samsung U28E590D will give you the color depth and quality that you’ll need. And the monitors’ features and performance will provide you with the necessary experience that you’ll require for gaming and other multimedia.

Before making any conclusion, let’s dive into the U28E590D’s performance, features, and design that the monitor has to offer you.


  • Display: 28-inch
  • Resolution: 3840 X 2160, 4K UHD
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • AMD FreeSync Ready
  • Response Time:1ms (GTG)
  • 1 Billion Color Support
  • I/O Ports: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, 3.5mm Audio Out1
Side view of the Samsung U28E590D monitor

The Design

The monitor has a sleek look finish to the monitor. Also, with the nice matte black finish to it, you have an excellent aesthetic monitor that you can adore in your room.

Furthermore, you have a viewing angle of 160 to 170 degrees. With the monitors’ T-shaped stand, the design is pretty much stable and has a strong foundation to support your monitor from making it wobbly when moving the display.

VESA Mount

Also, the stand only lets you tilt the monitor -2 to 20 degrees. Also, the monitor also allows you to upgrade to a VESA mount, which measures at 3×3 inches. However, the position of the VESA mount is located on the top edge of the monitor, which may give you issues when fully adjusting for vertical ranges.

But, thanks to its VESA mount you’ll be able to mount the U28E590D onto the wall or on a custom stand if you do decide the stock stand isn’t for you.

Besides the monitor mounting, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into your gaming environment thanks to its thin bezel design; the frames won’t get in the way whenever you’re gaming or working on an intensive project.

I/O Ports

With the I/O ports, you’ll have your traditional HDMI 2.0 port, with 1 Display Port, and an audio jack if you ever need to use your headphones.

Overall, the monitor weighs at 10 lbs, which is light to medium weight, and shouldn’t give you any problems when moving or transporting the monitor.

Back View Of The Samsung U28E590D

Performance And Design

For the Samsung U28E590D’s performance, you’ll get a 1ms response time (GTG) and a refresh rate of 60Hz.


Also, the monitor is FreeSync ready, so if you do have an AMD card, you’ll be able to use the FreeSync feature fully. And once the FreeSync is on, you won’t have any screen tearing or image lag at all. So you’ll get super smooth fluid-like gaming.

With FreeSync, your AMD GPU will synch in with the Samsung U28E590D monitor and will harmoniously synchronize the refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rates. And this equals to no screen tearing and super smooth gaming experience.

No G-Sync

However, if you do have an Nvidia graphics card, you won’t be able to use the G-Sync since this monitor doesn’t support G-Sync.


With the 28-inch display, the monitor also provides you with 4K UHD (Ultra HD). With 4K, you’ll be able to have image clarity, more screen real estate, great for working on multiple projects and having other windows open at the same time.

And you’ll have a more immersive environment whether if you’re gaming, working on projects, designing graphic arts, photography or if you’re reading. With its crisp 8 million pixels, you’ll get a sense that you’re there in the display.

1 Billion Color Support

Furthermore, thanks to its 1 billion color support, the monitor gives you impressive color depth and a plethora of colors that the monitor can take. However, the monitor may lack in color vibrancy. But if you’re looking for true color depth, vibrancy, and quality altogether, then you’ll need to invest in an IPS panel for that.

TN Panel

Besides being a TN panel, the TN panel is one of the fastest out of the IPS and VA panels. However, the only drawback from the TN panel is its image quality. So if you were to invest in the U28E590D monitor, which is a TN panel, then you’ll get the speed however in sacrifice for image quality.

In regarding speed and in the sacrifice of image quality, when viewing the TN panel from different angles, you’ll start to see the image and colors to disappear. But that shouldn’t let that stop you from getting the Samsung U28E590D. Furthermore, the monitor also offers you a 9ms of input lag, which is excellent.

Eye Care Technology

Aside with its impressive pixels and a wide range of colors, the monitor lets you game for hours without having your eyes strained from prolong use.

Thanks to its Eye Care technology, your eyes won’t get strained because of the monitors blue-light filter and Eye Saver Mode feature.

However, the only con to the Eye Care technology is that, if you do decide to turn this feature on, you won’t get the same high-quality display as if it were turned off.

Fast Response Time

Regarding the monitors’ fast 1ms response time, which is the main trait of TN panels, you won’t see any ghosting effects, trails, nor blur when viewing anything in high fast-paced action scenes.

And with the fast response time, you’ll be able to game with smooth fluid-like graphics for uninterrupted gaming and lag-free experience.


Overall, the Samsung U28E590D is a great monitor that you can game with especially for console gamers that have the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Furthermore, the Samsung U28E590D is a TN panel and will provide you fast response time and a quick responsive monitor if you’re a competitive player. Also, you can check out the other TN monitors such as Asus VP28UQG or the Acer KG281K

However, the only drawback to the monitor is its color vibrancy and crisp and detailed images. So if you’re a designer, photographer, or a graphic designer, then I would suggest getting an IPS panel because the IPS panels put more emphasis on image quality, color vibrancy, and crisp pixels.

In conclusion, the Samsung U28E590D is a pretty good 4K UHD gaming monitor; you’ll get the best of both worlds of affordability and speed.

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