Samsung IT lC24F390FHNXZA Review

You may be searching for a new monitor that you can upgrade to. And maybe the Samsung IT has caught your eye. 

Maybe you don’t know if Samsung may be right for you. Well, no worries you’re in the right place.

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing the Samsung IT C24F390.

If you’re looking in enhance your gaming spree or your multimedia experience, the Samsung IT is it. 

With its aesthetic design and curve look to it, you’ll be able to enjoy your monitor to the fullest. And thanks to its curved shape you’ll be able to game with a cool experience.

I think the design is way great and with its low budget, this would be perfect for gamers that are looking for great visuals while saving money.

The back does have a standard joystick control to it; however, if you used a Samsung LED TV before, you’ll be able to know how to configure the joystick.

Not only you’ll be able to have a unique experience thanks to its curvature shape, but you’ll also have a lot more great features that will come along with the Samsung IT.

The Curved Screen Design

The curvature design has a unique look to it. It’s great if you’re gaming and watching movies a bit close.

Thanks to its 1800R curve design, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into your multimedia fully. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfortability of viewing the screen.

It’s Pretty Lightweight

The Samsung IT is excellent if you’re moving from place to place or if you’re always traveling. Thanks to its lightweight structure, you’ll be able to handle this monitor with ease.

Its thickness is only 0.5 inch which is pretty slim in my opinion. And this would be great if you’re in tight spaces within your room.

The AMD FreeSync Technology

You’ll be able to enjoy the fast-moving action scenes, and you’ll also have smoother images to go with that.

Thanks to its AMD FreeSync technology, the screen syncs into your current frame rates and this enables you to have smoother images even when it’s fast paced.

With its 4ms response time, you won’t get those motion blur effects and ghosting or judder. And this would be great if you’re playing any fast action paced game or watching sports.

Eye Comfortability

If you’re worried about your eyes getting too uncomfortable during long hours of gameplay, no worries.

Thanks to its Eye Saver Mode, you’ll be able to game long and use your monitor for more extended periods of hours.

And this is all due to the mechanics of shutting down the blue lights and flickers which helps protect your eyes from discomfort. 

You’ll be able to game, read or do your video editing without discomfort from long hours of usage.

Great Picture Quality

You’ll receive stunning, excellent picture quality, thanks to its  3000:1 contrast ratio; this will give you clear deep blacks and bright whites when viewing settings from extreme lighting scenes.

The excellent contrast ratio is excellent if you’re in a dark environment, you’ll be able to see the pictures with clarity and bright colors.

It’s bright, clear, sharp and crisp, and I think with its low price range and excellent qualities, it’s a great deal.

You’ll get a beautiful screen quality.

Dual Monitors

If you want to ramp up your viewing experience, then you can. Thanks to its dual monitor settings, you’ll be able to connect another monitor and have a more excellent experience.

I think having dual monitors is a great way to fully immerse yourself into the game and any multimedia use.


The Samsung IT doe not have internal speakers in them. However, you do get an output speaker, located in the back of the TV and should measure 1/8 inch in size.

The Samsung has HDI only, and one thing that you can do to solve that is to purchase a display port to an HDMI to have access to the 


  • Screen Size 24” with 1800R curvature
  • Panel Type VA
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • Response Time 4ms
  • Aspect Ratio 1:78:1
  • Brightness 250cd/m2
  • Viewing Angle 178/178
  • Contrast Ratio 3000:1
  • Speakers Built-in Speakers
  • Adaptive-Sync AMD FreeSync
  • Dimensions 3.44 x 21.56 x 12.84 inches
  • Display Type LED
  • Weight 7.3 lbs

Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Price is very affordable for the performance you’ll be getting.
  • Thin by design and bezel-less border
  • Lightweight and easy to move around

The Cons

  • Pixel response time
  • Instructions manual not as clear
Overall Rating:

In Conclusion

Samsung’s IT C24F390 is an excellent investment for your money. You’ll be able to get great features with an aesthetically pleasing looking design.

It’s lightweight, slim in design, with its curvature stance, you’ll have an awesome time gaming and experiencing other kinds of multimedia.

In my opinion, the Samsung IT is worth the money, and if you’re currently looking to upgrade and if you’re now are on a budget, then I highly recommend the Samsung IT C24F390.

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