Samsung C49RG90 Preview – For 2019

Samsung C49RG90

If you’ve been trying to get updates on the new Samsung C49RG90, also known as the CRG9, well you’re in the right place.

Furthermore, Samsung announced that their CRG9 will be ready for release pretty soon. Its excellent 49-inch with a 120Hz refresh rate will be a phenom.

Also, the Samsung C49RG90 is like having two 27-inch monitors into one, which is pretty awesome and should immerse yourself into the gaming or your multimedia experience.

So if you have the budget for the CRG9, then it’s well worth the wait and investment. However, there may be features such as a lower refresh rate compared to its other previous version.

Aside from its refresh rates, the CRG9 is pretty aesthetic VA panel by design. This monitor will give you the image and picture quality, however, with a sacrifice of the monitor’s response time.

However, if you’re not a competitive gamer, and are an artist or a graphics designer, then the response time shouldn’t be a big deal.

So let’s dive into what the specs and features are for the highly anticipated monitor.

Screen And Image Performance

Compared to its other counterpart, the Samsung CHG90, the previous version, which has lower resolutions, running at 3840×1080, but a higher refresh rate of 144Hz.

But the only issues that gamers had with the CHG90 was its low vertical resolution, which is about 1080 pixels.

However, the new CRG9 has an increased resolution of 5120×1440 pixels per inch ratio of 108 (Dual QHD). This increase in pixel ratio means that you’ll have more large screen space without having you to scale.

With an increase in resolution for the CCRG9, you’ll have two 27-inch monitors into one without a bezel dividing up the monitor into two.

Also, this monitor also runs in FreeSync 2 and is compatible with the AMD GPU series.

Refresh Rate Info

The CRG9 has a refresh rate of 120Hz, a bit lower than the CRG9, which has 144Hz. But that’s very fine because, with a resolution of 5120×1440, you’ll have a beautiful display and also decidedly less demanding when you’re using 4K.

And you’ll also get an excellent motion clarity compared to the traditional displays running around 60Hz.

Along with great motion clarity, the image and visuals are fantastic, however with a sacrifice of response time. This monitor won’t be great for competitive gamers due to its response time, which is 4ms (GtG).

The Design

With its aesthetic design, you’ll also get a full curvature type of display build.

In addition, the C49RG90 is a curved VA panel and uses a quantum-dot technology, which helps with color accuracy and clarity. And the HDR support is certified by VESA as well.

The build of the monitor is extensive and also ergonomic by design. This lets you adjust accordingly, you’ll be able to tilt 15 degrees, swivel 15, and pivot.

Also, it has a 120mm height adjustment which is pretty convenient.

Along with the height adjustment, the monitor also has an HDMI 2.0 port, one headphone jack, a quad USB 3.0 hub, and two DisplayPort 1.4 ports.

So if you’re going to use resolutions up to 5120×1440, then you’ll most likely need to utilize both the DisplayPort 1.4 ports. Because with its massive power consumption, a single display port won’t suffice.

The only drawback to running 5120×1440 resolution is that; you won’t be able to use FreeSync; however, there are still answers that need answering.

Pricing And Release Date

The Samsung C49RG90 will be a price at around $1500, which is affordable if you have the budget. Samsung announced the release date would be around next month of May 2019.

In Conclusion

Overall if you’re anticipating the wait for the Samsung C49RG90, then its definitely worth the wait. With its great features and image quality, the C49RG90 is highly worth the wait.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung C49RG90 Preview – For 2019

  1. Hi. I’m just wondering if you can only use freesync with one display port anymore… Because if the only way to get the full resolution is by using an option that can’t support freesync, why not just use the HDMI port.

    1. Hi Jhayden, sometimes FreeSync with HDMI doesn’t always work. So it may or may not work for this particular monitor.

  2. Wow! This is the whole iceberg and not just a tip of an iceberg. I’ve read countless rumours about the Samsung C49RG90 and I’m already excited about it. As much as I love to be a blogger, I enjoy being a gamer more. The qualities of this is very massive and I can’t wait to get it to power my games. The price is a little high though but its still very well within my budget.


  3. Why would you need to use both Display Ports for the max resolution and what does it have to do with power consumption please? You are simply sending data down the cable so the only thing that would limit this would be bandwidth and NOT power. All the other screen of this size run quite happily off a single Type-C / DP cable at full res and even charge your laptop at the same time. Just curious why this one is different or were you just guessing this the way they work 😉 Thanks!

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