New Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date

New Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date

The PlayStation series has proven itself to be one of the best gaming consoles throughout history.

From the original PlayStation to the PS 2, to the PS 4. Sony is now developing on a new PlayStation 5 and is on its way. The new Sony PlayStation 5 release date will be around the corner, you can actually keep reading further.

It looks like the PS4 has peaked and is going to build up a better PlayStation with a lot of powerful features integrated into its system.

Sony is now working on a new PlayStation console. The president, Kenichiro Yoshida stated that it’s necessary to have a new PlayStation console after the PlayStation 4.

The Anticipation

For gamer enthusiast such as myself, can’t wait what the PS5 is capable of and what it has in store for us.

However, it’s too early in the stage to know what the PS5’s new features it may have.

If you’re wondering what the PS5’s release date is, and hoping for a 2019 release, that’s incorrect.

The PS5 will release around spring or fall of 2020. Sony usually releases its new consoles around the fall season though.

The Hardware

The architecture of the person involved behind the PS4, Mark Cerny, is also the designer for the next PS5 as well and here’s what he’s spilled for the new hardware for the PS5.

Processor and GPU

  • The PS5 will be powered by an eight-core AMD Ryzen processor running at 3.2Ghz with a Zen2 architecture, paired with the advanced AMD Radeon graphics card, and with a built-in SSD card.

    The hardware and components needed to run games on 4K with 60 FPS are there and is confirmed.

    However, the design of the PS5 is still not yet known, and no talk or details have been discussed or shared with.

    But the hardware is much likely confirmed and will be integrated with the console.

Ray Tracing

  • With the combined AMD processor and the AMD GPU, the PS5 will be capable of ray tracing which enables games to have advance lighting and rendering technology.

PS5 Controller

  • The controllers will be quite advanced compared to the PS4 and will have a lot of different features.

    And allowing gamers to use it for VR as well.

    You can also do a live stream by just a click of a button which lets you stream your game, live, on the various social media platforms.

    The PS5 controller will be highly integrated to other smart devices.

    And you’ll have the option to link out to your smartphone or other smart devices.

    So in case if you get a text message or a notification, you’ll have the convenience of taking care of that through the PS5 controller.

    The controllers will let you stream live comments and will be all highly integrated from your social media feeds to the PS5, which is pretty awesome.

SSD Card

  • With the SSD cards involved, the PS5 will have a more robust and faster SSD compared to other traditional SSD cards out there.

    Sony has also stated that the new SSD card for the PS5 will be at most 18 times faster than other SSD’s. The new SSD drive for the PS5 will have 128 terabytes.


With the gaming being more advance each year, the PS5 will also be adapting to the new advanced features as well.

With streaming widely available for many consoles and PC games, the PS5 will have gamers stream through their system as well.

You’ll be able to download the games right after the company releases them.

You may be asking if the PS5 will be backward compatible with the PS4 games, and the answer to that is yes. Mark Cerny stated that the PS5 would and should be backward capable.

Because the PS4 has a plethora of awesome games to choose from, which is excellent news for gamers who want to play the PS4 games.

The PS4 couldn’t play the PS3 and PS2 games, and this time Sony has gotten it right.

Aside from that, gamers will have the ability to play their games in 4K Blu-rays.

With the 4K Blu-rays coming along, VR is becoming more popular, the PS5 will also be VR capable and will have advanced technology backing this up.

The VR feature in the PS5 will have PS5’s new VR feature replaces the traditional PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

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  1. Reading this post is a huge delight to me. I have been following playstation since the original playstation release. I have gone through playstation 1,2 and 3. Although I have not yet gone through 4, I really intend to for the time being, I am really glad that playstation 5 is coming out really soon and I am glad the console is able to accommodate playstation 4 games. This would be really huge for me because I have seen some ps4 games that I would really like to play so instead of purchasing a ps4 and also a ps5 console I would just wait till the ps5 console is released. This is really awesome news and I cannot wait until its release date.

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