New MacBook Pro 2019; What You Can Expect

New Macbook Pro 2019; What You Can Expect

If you’re out in the market looking for a new MacBook Pro, well you’re in the right place. The MacBook Pro’s are all performance intensive and can give you the right machine to perform your everyday duties.

The 2019 MacBook Pros will be equipped with the new Coffee lake processors; you’ll be able to speed through your processes lightning fast.

The MacBook series is well known for its superb features and simplistic design. From the screen to the elements it contains.

The MacBook Pro’s are designed to do one thing, and that is to get the job done. Whether if you’re a blogger, a video creator, musician, graphic designer, an artist or an engineer, no matter what profession that you’re in, the MacBook Pro will get the work done for you.

What I love about the MacBook’s are its simplicity and design. It’s sleek and smooth, and it loads lightning fast once you boot up the system. The MacBooks are fast in general when running any high intensive programs.

From the design to its state of the art hardware and its aesthetic features, you’ll be able to perform everyday functions on the new MacBook Pro.

In my opinion, I like the MacBook series; I own the early 2014 set. From its performance and capabilities to Its simple design, it has served well for projects and other multimedia use.

Alright, enough about my opinions and let’s jump into this post. In this following article, we’ll dive deep into the features of the new 2019 MacBook Pro and what you can expect.


According to Apple, we’ll see that the MacBooks will be equipped with super fast processors and you’ll also get the True Tone display technology. The display will also be upgraded to the new 16-inch screen.

The True Tone display feature is also featured on the new iPhones and iPads; it helps with color and light accuracy.

Thanks to the True Tone display, you’ll be able to see correct lighting and picture while under the sun or any light that you’re in. Meaning your viewing experience won’t be altered or skewed when under different lighting, which is an excellent feature to have especially if you’re a graphic designer.

Apple also has announced that it’ll be using the 10nm Ice Lake chips as well.

The 10nm Ice Lake Chips

Intel has announced and also showcased the chip and its design. They also mentioned that it’d be twice as fast as the previous chips.

Also, the Ice Lake chips also have the Thunderbolt 3, Wifi 6 and Gen11 graphics, which is the first time that those features will be integrated into one chip.

The Thunderbolt integration means the motherboard cost and complexity of design will be significantly reduced. However, in user experience, you won’t notice any differences.

With the new Ice Lake chips, you’ll be able to get better performances, fewer watts per use, faster-integrated graphics and a fast Wifi. And with the chip using sufficient energy, you’ll be able to have better battery life.

Keyboard Fixture

Alongside those great features, the keyboards will be a lot quieter compared to previous versions. With that is the battery life is around seven to eight hours.

The keyboard has also been improved, and Apple has fixed problems with the Butterfly keyboard, where when pressing the space bar, it’ll enter two spaces.

Apple may also be phasing out the Touch Bar because due to high rates of complaints from users. Apple may be in the direction of phasing out the Touch Bars completely for the upcoming MacBooks. No possible confirmation yet.

The Touch Bar, in my opinion, is excellent if you’re doing some graphics editing, or film or any sound editing, due to its sliding feature.

Price Range

It looks like the MacBook Pro will be phasing out the Touch Bar so that it may drop in price as well.

The price range will be around $1,799 to $2,699. And you’ll be paying $300 more than the Touch bar feature as well.

You’ll see the same price range compared to previous versions. Aside from that, you’ll have the primary 13 inches or the 16-inch display, with the Touch Bar feature, with 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD. The price range is reasonable and affordable.

Improvements That Users Might Want To See

There are some improvements that we may want to see for the new upcoming MacBook Pros. Such as the space bar issue on the Butterfly keyboard. Apple has got awareness of this and is now fixing this problem.

Users are also talking about the Touch Bar feature, that it needs more application and functionality to be more useful.  

The Touch Bar feature is excellent. However, users need more functionality and applied use to that feature before dropping an extra $300 for it.

The Thunderbolt 3 is pretty powerful in terms of data transfer and speed. However, having more port variety will help.

And bringing back the MagSafe chargers are what users also want as well.

Aside from those, having a reduced, thinner or no bezel will be excellent for the display because users can fully immerse in their multimedia experiences, without having you noticed the bezel. And it’ll look aesthetically pleasing for sure.

Release Date

The expectancy release date is around summer time. Well, that’s the word that has been going around. The last release date for the previous versions was July 2018. So it may be around and close to that time frame before we see it.

In Conclusion

The new MacBook Pros seems to be promising and looks like they have incorporated better features into the laptops. With a high rate of anticipation, I’m excited as well to see how the new MacBooks perform.

If you do decide to purchase the MacBook, it will be worth your investments because it’ll get the job done in whichever platform you’re working on. Especially for creatives because it’s easy to use features and its operating system alone is designed for the specialists.

Please stop by here often to get the latest 2019 MacBook story.

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20 thoughts on “New MacBook Pro 2019; What You Can Expect

  1. I am addicted to Apple products and have been wondering if I should purchase a Macbook pro for a while now. Thing is do I really need it?  I already have an iMac on my desktop, an Apple Ipad, Apple phone and Apple watch, so I wonder if I would put the mac to enough use as I work in my office most days and if I go away my Ipad does a brilliant job, although not as comfortable at the iMac.

  2. For $1799- $2699 and this wealth of features, I will not mind to break the bank for this wonderful piece of tech. I am a creative person involved in coding and mobile application building. I just wish the release date can be brought closer. Am in full anticipation. Thanks for the review I will always check back for the latest review on the MacBook pro.

  3. Hello. I am absolutely excited for the Macbook Pro 2019 and I have been saving up for it. I currently own an older version of the macbook pro which I would be sad to part with but I am excited by the features of this coming version particularly its lightning fast speed. 

  4. Tons of value to be found on this post on the new macbook pro. This is a simple to follow guide on what to expect.You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points.This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on the new macbook pro 2019. I am a great fan of this product and I can attest to the fact that it is not too expensive and highly durable. I can wait to see it being released this year. I have heard of the creators and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the social media

  5. Thanks for writing this review on new macbook pro.i must say there so many things to do that just a laptop can handle,i have use the older version of this system before and I have the experience on how it work with so many operations I carry out of it at once on a daily basis. So to me  new macbook pro is going to be much more faster and better than the previous version by almost all aspects with all am reading from this article 

  6. Interesting tips! Am among the greater population that really love MacBook series for it well known for its superb features and simplistic design. From the screen to the elements it contains. While the latest MacBook Pro is an improvement over the 2017 model, there are plenty of MacBook users that have started to feel like Apple has lost its touch. With all this feature reviewrd in the post, I already know it’s going to be great. But my fear is that it may be more expensive than the predicted price. The new MacBook Pros seems to be promising and looks like they have incorporated better features into the laptops. With a high rate of anticipation, I’m excited as well to see how the new MacBooks perform. Any rumor about the release date at the moment ?

    1. The Macbooks are a great series. It should be around 1500 to 2500 for the new models. They say the new MacBooks will be out around July 2019.

  7. I have not been a fan of the MacBook because I have always preferred other PC brand to it. I see the MacBook as something that is complicated because of its operating system. Your review about the MacBook Pro made me have a second thought about it. I will go get it and see how it is to know if I would like to use it. Thanks

  8. I have just bought a new MacBook Pro, and although it obviously does not have all the new features which you describe here, I am more than happy with it.

    I really love MacBook Pros. I bought my previous one at the beginning of 2013, and it has been great, but I obviously worked it too hard, and at the last made its protests very strongly by taking forever to get anywhere! So I had to replace it.

    I love the way that the Macbook Pro interacts with my iPhone – I was really amazed by the fact that although I have always kept a backup external hard drive, when I got my new model I just had to connect it to my phone and everything that I wanted to transfer to my new MacBook arrived on it from my phone – no need to use the backup hard drive at all!

    There is no doubt that I will be an Apple user for life!! And I would recommend MacBook Pros to everyone!

    Thank you so much for your really interesting post.

    Chrissie 🙂

  9. Okay thanks for the review on New MacBook Pro 2019. But I hope Apple works on the shitty keyboard and the touch bar and hopefully the MacBook pro 2019 comes better. And I also wish Apple could introduce a 14 inch Macbook in the ultra-thin ultra-light Macbook line. Not everyone who wants a large screen is a power user. Lot’s of Windows laptop has 14inch and it’s a good size for ultrabooks. Thanks alot for the review. 

    1. I hear ya. The keyboard and touch bar needs to be fixed because it’s been causing issues for many users.

  10. Macbooks have become the King of Laptops and I wouldn’t be surprised with the awesomes new features that are coming with the new Macbook pro 2019. Apple knows how to keep its fans glued to them and be willing to pay any price to have it. I have a friend who bought one in 2017. I would have asked why he had to spend that much on a laptop if he wasn’t working as a software developer and actually,most of the software developers I know actually wouldn’t use any other brank but the Macbook pro. I’m looking forward to see what the 2019 model would look like.

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