LG 27UL550 Review: High-Quality Affordable IPS Panel, 60Hz Refresh Rate Display


With an elegant look, the LG 27UL550 is an affordable IPS monitor. If you’re on a tight budget and if you’re looking to upgrade to a new monitor, then the LG 27UL550 is it.

You’ll be able to receive state of the art and high-quality pictures on display. The LG 27UL550 is another step up from the 27UL650, as well.

And with excellent quality and an affordable price, you get the best of both worlds if you do decide to go with this display.

So before investing in the LG 27UL550, let’s dive deep into its specifications, performance, and if this display is the right one for you.


  • Display Size: 27-Inches
  •  Resolution: 3840×2160 4K
  •  Panel Type: IPS
  •  Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  •  Response Time: 5ms
  •  Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  •  Brightness: 300 cd/m^2
  •  Stand Height, Tilt, Swivel, Pivot: Yes
  •  Built-In Speakers: No
  •  VESA Mount Compatible: 100×100
  •  I/O Panel: 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack
  •  Weight: 13 lbs
LG 27UL550 Rotated


The overall look of the design of the LG 27UL550 is elegant and has a beautiful looking white matte chassis. And with a nice silver stand that goes along with the monitor, you’ll get a fabulous and stylish looking display.

The display has a simple yet futuristic style to it, thus adding the beauty to the overall design.

Also, the stand is ergonomically designed well and is built by ArcLine, which is of high quality. The stand will provide you the flexibility of adjustments needed for the monitor. The stand can tilt, adjust in height, swivel, pivot, and rotate to fit your viewing conveniences. With the base being very stable, you won’t have to worry about the monitor going out of balance, and the monitor is wobble-free as well.

However, if you do decide to go for a VESA mount, you can install one. The VESA mount will need to measure at 100×100, though.

The display itself only weighs around 13-lbs and should be reasonably easy to transport around if you need to move from point A to point B.

Considering that the LG 27UL550 is reasonably cheap, the material quality, however, feels luxurious and is of high quality. So you’ll get the best of both worlds in terms of affordable price and high-quality material.

The versatility of the LG 27UL550 lets you connect a PC and other multiple devices such as console gaming or 4K devices. The I/O panel is located in the rear of the display and consists of one DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0, and a 3.5mm Audio Jack.

However, the monitor doesn’t come equipped with USB ports nor speakers, but you can always use the 3.5mm audio jack and plug in some of your dedicated headphones or speakers.

Performance and Features

The 27-inch, IPS, LG 27UL550 has a resolution of 3840×2160 and runs at a refresh rate of 60Hz with a 5ms response time.

The monitor has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness set up to 300 cd/m2. The display is also HDR0 compatible, as well.

With an excellent contrast ratio, the monitor also provides you with different “Gaming Modes.” So whether if you’re playing a first-person shooter or an RTS game, the monitor will automatically optimize the settings for you.

And thanks to its “On Screen Control 2.2” feature, you’ll be able to control and calibrate the monitors’ settings, and colors with a click of a mouse.

Also, the display presents crisp and sharp pictures thanks to its 163 PPI feature. With the LG 27UL550 providing detailed, sharp images and text, this is great if you’re a producer, gamer, or even a casual user because of how the level of details provided by this monitor will help you at all levels of use.

With sharp feature qualities, the display also provides and renders 98% of sRGB gamut. The screen is also well calibrated out of the box as well, so you won’t have to calibrate the monitor as much.

The monitor is decently fast, but won’t be the quickest monitor if you’re a serious gamer. Because the pixel response time may cause some motion blurs, and graphic trailing during high fast-paced action scenes. And with an input lag of 9.6ms, you won’t experience any lag nor any delays in the display.

You’ll be able to use the FreeSync feature that the LG 27UL550 provides, which will give smoother motions during high fast-paced action scenes and eliminates screen tearing and lagginess.

However, the monitor isn’t fully G-Sync compatible. But if you do decide to use the G-Sync feature, noting is set in stone and isn’t guaranteed to give you the full G-Sync experience.

The display also has the option “overdrive,” which lets the screen have faster refresh rates and as a result, eliminates ghosting and trailing overall. However, you may see a few motion artifacts from time to time.

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  • Very affordable
  •  Elegant overall look
  •  Performance is great in general
  •  Very responsive


  • Not the quickest monitor

 In Conclusion

The monitor will serve well whether if you’re a gamer, producer, or an everyday casual user. The LG 27UL550 is a 4K IPS panel that will provide the right performance.

With an excellent performing display, mix with an affordable price range, you’ll be able to receive the best of both worlds that the LG 27UL550 has to offer.

However, the LG 27UL550 is not the fastest display in the market, but will still do an outstanding job if you’re a casual gamer. This IPS monitor is great for producers and editors alike because of its crisp and sharp texture that the display provides.

If you’re looking for affordability and at the same time, a great performing IPS display, then the LG 27UL550 monitor is it.

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