LCD vs LED Monitor – What’s the Best Monitor?

LCD vs LED Monitor - Comparison

You may be wondering what the difference is between an LCD vs. an LED. Both LCD and LED contain liquid crystals which make up the images in your display.

The only difference is the backlights that both LCD and LED use. LCD monitors use fluorescent backlights, and all LED displays use light-emitting diodes.

LCDs use CCFL’s, which hogs a lot of power compared to LEDs. The power consumption of the LCDs will heat the monitor if you happen to use the LCD monitor very long.

However, LEDs will provide you a lot of benefits, along with image and display performance. And LEDs are also price-friendly if you’re ever on a budget, thanks to each affordable price tag.

Monitor Lifespan

Also, the lifespan between the two is a huge difference. LED will provide you 100,000 hours of operation time versus an LCD of 75,000 hours. The LEDs will have a better lifespan compared to LCDs.

During the past years, a lot of consumers have switched from LCD to LED screens and displays. This is due because LEDs provide a lot of benefits and is also energy saving.

LCD vs LED Monitor - Education

What are the Differences in Image Quality for LED and LCDs?

To begin with, LEDs will provide you outstanding image and picture quality. The contrasts and brightness spectrums are better on the LEDs compared to LCDs.

LEDs take advantage of the contrasts and boost up image quality on all levels.

Along with its fast response time, LEDs will give you better multimedia experiences overall.

Which Monitor is Better for Eyes?

Well, LCD monitors use fluorescent backlights LEDs are a lot better for your eyes. This is because LEDs will provide you better image quality and prioritizes your eye’s health. LEDs give you efficient power consumption as well.

In general, the monitor’s backlights will affect your own eyes. LEDs use light-emitting diodes that contain non-mercury, are much smaller than LCD’s backlights, and are also environmentally friendly.

Pros and Cons

LCD Pros

  • You may find a few cheap LCD’s

LCD Cons

  • Big power consumption
  • It has mercury and is bad for the environment
  • Lifespan is shorter compared to LEDs

LED Pros

  • Clean and consumes less power, environmentally friendly
  • Excellent in performance and image quality
  • Great for eyes
  • Colors are more vivid and life-like

LED Cons

  • No cons when comparing against LCD’s

Thoughts and Conclusion

During the past years, many users have been upgrading to LEDs from their old LCD monitors. LED displays are the future which gives you lots of features and benefits.

LCD screens contain mercury and are bad for the environment as well. In comparison to LED monitors, LED displays are environmentally friendly in general.

Additionally, LEDs are great in energy consumption because they consume less energy compared to old LCDs.

So if you’re on the market to find a new display, then you’ll have to go with the LEDs.

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