How To Use Headphones On PS4: Quick and Easy, User-Friendly Guide

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You’re currently gaming, and you would really like to talk and communicate to your teammates your tactics and strategies and also immerse yourself in your gaming environment with a pair of headphones.

If you’re planning on using your excellent headphones or a gaming headset that’s also microphone capable, you may be wanting to hook it up to your PS4.

First Step

To begin with, if you look at the bottom of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller, you’ll be able to see a 3.5mm headphone jack, which you can connect your headphones and headsets to.

Once the headphone is connected to your PS4 controller, then you can power on your PS4 console and go into the main menu in your display.

Change Settings in Menu

After you’re in the main menu, go to “settings,” then “devices, and then “Audio Devices.”

Once you’re in the “Audio Device” screen, be sure to check the status of the input and outputs. The status will say “Headset Connected to Controller.” Make sure they both say they are connected. If not, something may be missing, or the headphones aren’t inserted correctly. So make sure they are correctly plugged all the way in.

Double Check Headphone Status

After both the output and input status says “Headset Connected to Controller,” then you can go over to the microphone settings and see if it’s truly connected. At this point, you can test out your microphone and see if it’s working.

During the microphone settings, you’ll be able to see the voice bar, and the voice bar will move as you talk.

Also, you’ll be able to decrease and increase your microphone sound levels to adjust your in-game voice settings. By reducing in, your voice won’t sound as loud, and expanding the voice bar will increase your in-game voice output.

Process Completed

And once you’re got your headphones connected and the settings configured, then that’s it. You should be good to go and ready for your headphone or gaming headset.

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