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Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview For 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview For 2019

The Final Fantasy VII remake has been long awaiting. The remake is a highly anticipated one this 2019 and are leaving the hardcore Final Fantasy enthusiast, such as myself.

The release date is rumored to be around December 2019, which is a bit closer than we think because December will be right around the corner when you think about it. The game will be for the PS4

It’s been 20 years since Final Fantasy Vii came out and the remake was always on every enthusiast’s minds. Especially with awesome graphics, it’ll look great on a 144Hz monitor as well.

Square Enix is now finally developing the remake, and the progress is going solid. According to the game director, Tetsuya Nomura, the development is going well. And there have been talks about that Final Fantasy VII will be going deeper into the Avalanche’s background story, “While preserving the atmosphere of the original, the scenario will dig deeper into the characters, including members of Avalanche.

With all the characters coming back, Cloud, Barret, Aries, Tifa, Sephiroth, and much more, the game is highly anticipated, and enthusiast is excited to get their hands on it.

So what can you expect for the new Final Fantasy VII remake and what’s the hype all about?

Well, you’re in the right place, in the following article, we’ll dive into some of the new elements for the series.

What Is Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy VII was developed by Square Soft back in the late ’90s, in the Super NES and PS era, and is part of the Final Fantasy series, which is all about a big, imaginative and interactive world.

FFVII, however, talks about a story about a young man who joined the army, Cloud Strife, and the storyline goes more in-depth into his life and past.

In general, the story talks about a group of mercenaries called Avalanche, to ave the world from an evil company called Shinra, right in the heart of the city, Midgar.

The game delves deep into each character’s history and how everything interconnects with each other to form an excellent storyline.

The Remake

The remake will be redeveloped through Square Enix, and they’ll remaster everything about Final Fantasy VII, so that’ll leave a lot of expectations for the hardcore fans.

However, there is no definite confirmation that the story will keep its original locations and character appearance. In my opinion, Square Enix will mix and probably add a twist to the remake.

The plot may change a bit, and hardcore enthusiast will see thee changes as well. It shouldn’t be a worrisome nor disappointing, adding a few twists to the plot shouldn’t hurt.

The Gameplay

According to video game footages, the combat system will be genuinely different. Much more opted for a Kingdom Hearts combat system, compared to the traditional Final Fantasy old school turn-based system.

This is different and should be exciting that we’ll be able to see a different side of combat to the remake. According to the video, the combat system is fast and intensive, and this is great for the modern casual gamers that haven’t been exposed to the old school Final Fantasy system.

However, we’re not sure if the remake will dive into an open world or a closed world setting. One sure thing is that you’ll differently have some exploration. It may be a combination of both open and closed world.

In Conclusion

The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII is now in development, and Square Enix has the control.

The highly anticipated game will be out around late of 2019, probably around the last week of December. This is great, and hardcore Final Fantasy enthusiast will be able to start an excellent 2020 year.

So, in summary, we’ll go through the list of the sneak peeks that we can get this December.

  • The combat system will be different than the traditional turn-based combat system.
  • Will have the same characters however may show up in different scenes.
  • Will go in depth in the Avalanche team story and each mercenaries backgrounds.
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8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview For 2019

  1. Super psyched for this Jose!
    I’m a huge FF7 fan and it’s actually the first ever Final Fantasy game I’ve tried back in the ’90s and I played the game on PC would you believe it. I remember when my computer back then had to use MDOS instead of today’s windows where we can just start the computer in a matter of seconds.

    There’s going to be some minor changes to the game but it is understandable since we’re remastering it to adapt to today’s advanced graphics and gameplay, I wouldn’t mind that one. Gonna mark this December and prepare enough money to buy the most expensive package they have for the remastered FF7, yippeee! 😀

  2. It has really being a while and this is definitely a game that a lot of final fantasy gamers have been waiting for. December is not that far anymore and I would really like to be among the first persons to get their hands on this. The problem might be that since it would be the first release it might be a little more expensive and it is going to sell out real fast at least for the first release.

    I am going to have to be ready to act fast if I am going to be among the first to get this.

  3. Hi! This is so exciting. 20 years have passed already since the original Final Fantasy VII was released. And as you have stated, we all were in great expectation concerning a remake.

    When the news spread for the first time, I couldn’t believe it! It sounded to good to be true, and I had to read about it in a couple of different sites to have assurance.

    It’s exciting to read this preview. And I know I’ll continue reading about updates concerning this launch while the time gets near. December is just around the corner. Thank you very much!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Henry. Twenty years is quite a long time, and the remake is finally in progress. It’s exciting.

  4. Final Fantasy 7, Coming out in December 2019?! If they can achieve that and deliver a perfect game, I would be blown away. But honestly, I think its too soon. Sure, we have been waiting for ages for this game but really bud, there’s going to be lots to do and so many to see. This is a great topic though, a very bold look into FFVII. I can’t wait. thanks for the info.  

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