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Best White PC Case For 2020

The minimalist style is a big trend nowadays and if you’re looking for a PC case that can be aesthetically pleasing, yet have a minimalist looking built, then the following cases will be right for you.

If the budget is not in your main concern, then why not purchase a brand new aesthetic white case.

Whether if you’re looking for an upgrade or looking for something new to house your components from traditional black cases, then you’re in the right place.

These cases will have all the support you’ll need to have an aesthetically looking PC build. You’ll be able to have the unique design and features, such as great airflow, RGB lighting, different storage options, and various USB 3.0 ports for your needs.

The white cases will entirely depend on your preference, some may want something different from standard builds, or maybe you’re seeking something altogether new.

In the following list assembled, you’ll find some of the cool looking white PC cases that you can invest in.


The EVGA DG-77 is a beautiful looking aesthetic case. The case provides you great room and other great features that you can utilize.

Features such as the three-sided tempered glasses are great if you want to look at how your components are running from within your build.

And thanks to its RGB lighting, you’ll be able to light up your case while gaming in the dark.

You’ll have plenty of space for upgrades. The GPU measurements are 15.4 inches tall in length and 5.9 inches for any available CPU cooler.

Thanks to its spacious interior, you’ll also have the option to put water cooling in it because of its 360mm long radiator housing.

The EVGA DG-77 is an aesthetically pleasing design and has an elegant finish to it. If you do decide to purchase and money is not a problem for you, then you should go with the EVGA DG-77.

If you’re looking to upgrade in the future and don’t mind dropping a few extra dollars, then by all means, this case is worthy of your investment.


If you’re looking for a minimalist style, however, has that aesthetically design to it, then the NZXT H500 case is the one for you.

It’s an awesome design and yet a very affordable price tag, you’ll be able to invest in one of these with ease.

With the exterior being an all-white design, you’ll have a black interior as a mix. So if you don’t mind that mixed color schematics, then that mixture shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.

This case offers you few different tempered glass panels that you can quickly open and close. You’ll be able to see your hard work and your components working within your PC case.

Thanks to its new cable management feature, you’ll be able to change our, swap, or manage your wiring and cables with ease.

All the cable routing will be located behind the motherboard tray, and the design helps you better manage your cables altogether. This is extremely convenient.

You’ll also have the option to choose between the H500 or the H500i. The main difference between the two is that the H500i comes with RGB lighting and a fan speed control whereas the H500 case doesn’t come with those.

In my opinion, if you need the RGB or the fan speed controls and don’t mind dropping another $100, then go with the H500i.


The CORSAIR Crystal 280X case is an aesthetic looking one. You’ll be able to house six 120 mm fans.

If you’re a big fan of using the micro ATX, then you’ll want to get one of these to house your components in.

You also have the option of storing 240mm radiator in the front or the rear. With that, you can also store two 3.5” drives and 2.5” drives to keep your system clean, without having you to sacrifice storage.

For the GPU’s, you’ll be able to fit in GPU’s that are 5.9” in length.

You’ll be able to see your gears working together in harmony, thanks to its three awesome looking tempered glass.

Thanks to its dual chambers, you’ll be able to better maintain your cables, without any mess.

The CORSAIR Crystal 280X is excellent if you’re on a budget, thanks to its affordable price tag, you’ll be able to save money yet have a nice aesthetically looking case.


The Thermaltake Core V1 is genuinely a budgeted case, and you can get one for $48.00. With a blend of aesthetics, and with an affordable price, this mini-ATX will serve you well.

The case is well designed and adds to your convenience when putting in your components together.

However, you won’t be able to store in the standard ATX nor the micro ATX motherboards in the Thermaltake Core V1 case.

You’ll be to put in the power supply in the bottom of the case, and the upper portion is designed so that air can flow efficiently throughout the case.


If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing case, then the Cooler Master MasterCase H500P would be the one for you.

This is perfect if you want to have a large build, thanks to its roomy interior and design. You’ll have an easy time installing your components in and managing the messy cables as well.

And thanks to its spacious design, you’ll also have room for future upgrades. If you’re thinking about upgrading your GPU, you’ll be able to house GPU’s that are 7.5” in length.

If you’re also big on water cooling, this case is excellent as well. You’ll be able to add a 360mm radiator on top of the panel if needed.

With this case, you can have sufficient airflow. Thanks to its compartments, you can house two 250mm RGB fans if you need.

The airflow issue from previous versions was solved by having a mesh front panel located in the front, so that way sufficient airflow goes flows into the bottom portion of the case.

Thanks to its grey tinted tempered glass; you’ll be able to see your components run inside your case running.

The only con to this is that the case will cost around $155, which is an alright deal in my opinion. If budget is not an issue, then I would say go for this case.


If you’re looking for a gray looking case, then the InWin 303 is it. It’s very affordable, and you’ll be rocking an aesthetically pleasing case to house your components in.

You’ll be able to see your components running, thanks to its tempered glass side panel which is also detachable as well.

Are you thinking about upgrading your graphics card? The InWin 303 is spacious; it’ll also support longer graphics cards if needed.

If you’re big on liquid cooling, the InWin 303 also supports that as well. You’ll be able to house a 360mm radiator in the top panel.

And you’ll also have the bottom portion of the case, which stores up to three 120mm fans.

The CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB is an excellent aesthetic case. If you have the extra dollars to drop an investment for this case, by all means, make that investment.

The case has two nice tempered glass display, so you’ll be able to see your CPU and GPU work.

Thanks to its design, a lot of sufficient airflows will go through the case, resulting in a direct airflow to specific components.

And if you’re a liquid cooling enthusiast, then the CORSAIR Crystal 460X will support that as well. You’ll be able to house radiators from the top, rear or front of the case.

If you do have the few extra bucks for this, then, by all means, drop your investment on the 460X.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new case to upgrade to, and you’re stepping away from traditional black PC cases, then I would go for the white PC cases.

They’re aesthetically pleasing; they have that minimalistic style of design if that’s what you’re looking for.

They range from affordable prices to prices ranging around a few hundred bucks. So if you’re looking for a different style, get an all-white PC case.

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17 thoughts on “Best White PC Case For 2020

  1. It’s just like the brain behind this article knew what what I have been searching for. I have been wanting to get  a PC case for my PC but do not know how to go about it because I do not want to buy something that is not durable but reading this article I have seen what I have been searching for. I love the features of NZXT 5000H case. Please where can I get it.

    1. I really appreciate the feed, Lok. The NZXT 5000H is an awesome case to have. You can go to Newegg or Amazon, they should a lot in stock.

  2. Hello JD, Can these model of white PC cases be made completely from tempered glass? How do I increase the air flow and cooling effect of  CORSAIR Crystal 280X as I use  a lot of high RAM , which essentially generate a lot of heat. With the beauty of this model and the low price tag I will like to go for it. Thanks for the fantastic post

    1. Thanks, Olalekan, I really appreciate the feed. You can always use a stock fan to increase airflow. The Corsair is an affordable case, go for it.

  3. This PC cases are really awesome. I like the cases from corsair air series, they are really extra stylish with their design. I’m not necessarily looking to change the case of my PC, but this cases are really tempting to have. I will give the corsair air crystal some thoughts, I’m sure it would be an asset to my PC

  4. Hi Jose, I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intresting to me.CORSAIR Crystal 280X is best for me because of it’s design and the features attached to it.its three tempered glass makes it to look amazing. I will love to order for this soon. Thanks for the wonderful review. Best regards 

  5. Hi Jose, appreciate this informative post. All the PC white cases on your post look good. I am actually looking for the Corsair Obsidian 500D SE PC case. A friend uses the same though it is more expensive, however, its great features would compensate for such. The closest you have to it in your post is the Corsair Crystal 280X. Both have great features and are from the same company. I might settle for this in the long run