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You may be thinking which is the best gaming mouse in 2022 that you can invest in?

If you’re looking for a great mouse for gaming, and a mouse that you can dominate your opponents in, you’re in the right place.

With so many mouses that you can choose from, you may be overwhelmed. You’re looking for mouses specifically for FPS.

The best mouses should have you dominating within your games with ease and be able to have easy feature for you to have access, for your convenience.

Are you a MOB player (Starcraft, RPG’s) or into the FPS (Counter-Strike, Battlefield)

You’ll need extra buttons on your mouse, and you may need a mouse that gives you that feeling of freedom, or you may just be looking for a stylish mouse, and dominate your opponents in style.

You may be thinking, what is the best gaming mouse that you can invest in?

There is a big list of mouses that you can choose from, so we’ve developed this list of the top best mouses for your gaming needs.


The Redragon M801 PC Gaming mouse has a stylish design, with a variety of features to it. It’s excellent concerning gaming, and you’ll feel comfortable gaming with the M801. 

If you’re thinking about what is the best gaming mouse is, then the M801 Redragon is it. Because of its reliability and comfortability, these features make the M801 one of the best gaming mouses.

The M801 is made explicitly for gamers. Thanks to its specialized sensors, the Avago sensor, and Omron micro, you’ll be able to game with precision.

You’ll also have the convenience to program nine buttons with ease, which also has 5 LED lights in them that you can choose from. You’ll see that having these extra features are very nice to have when you’re in the middle of gaming.

The mouse comes with a 6-foot cable with a gold USB plate for superior connectivity and precision. And you’ll also have a weight tuner that you can optionally install in your mouse, to provide you extra weight if you need it.

If you’re thinking, what is the best gaming mouse for FPS, in case if you’re an FPS player, then the Redragon M801 is it, because it’s the best PC gaming mouse that you can get.

Overall, the Redragon M801 wireless has a great design and feel to it, and indeed a bang for your buck. If you do decide to pick one up, you can do so right away. One of the top-rated gaming mice that you can invest in, and 


The Corsair Harpoon does let you have the option to be wireless. The wireless RGB mouse is finely built, the material feels smooth, along with its six programmable buttons for your convenience and has a state of the art look finish to it. 

The Corsair Harpoon easily makes it one of the best wireless gaming mouse that you can invest in.

You may be questioning, what is the best gaming mouse in 2019, well the Corsair Harpoon makes it on the top list.

With the wireless feature, you’ll be able to dominate your opponents with ease without the hassle of wires getting in the way. Thanks to its 10,000 DPI, you’ll be able to play with precision.

The wireless mouse feels fantastic, with its rubber grip on the side, in case you lose control of the mouse when gaming too intensely. This Corsair mouse is considered some of the top rated gaming mouse in the market.

You’ll be able to maneuver with the mouse with ease due to its light feature and weighing up to only 99 gram.

With its light feature, the Bluetooth wireless mouse does operate very long and has a battery life up to 60 hours. And if you decide to give the Harpoon a charge you can do so while in use. And because these features make the Corsair Harpoon the best PC gaming mouse that you can invest in.


The Corsair M65 mouse has an impressive finish to it. You’ll have the options to choose colors with its unique built and aluminum design to it.

The mouse lets you have super sensitivity and enables you to dominate with your games, thanks to its 18,000 DPI, the mouse has superior tracking capability.

You can dominate your opponents with ease thanks to its eight programmable button that you can choose from, including a button specifically made for sniping, which is all for there for your convenience.

You’ll also have the option to add weight or reduce its weigh down to 97 g’s for your preferences.

So, what is the best gaming mouse for FPS, then the M65 Elite is one of the top mouses for FPS gaming.

The cool about the mouse is that you can customize and choose your RGB lighting of the mouse.

If you want affordability with a mix of performance, the M65 Elite RGB is it.


The Corsair Dark Core SE is a superb gaming mouse with its high, quality design. The design feels smooth and has a great finish look to it.

Along with its state of the art look, you’ll be able to game with precision thanks to its 2.4 GHz wireless Bluetooth and a DPI of 16,000. With its superior signal and reliability, the Corsair Dark COre SE makes it one of the best wireless gaming mouse in the current market.

If you’re worried about any input lags due to the mouse being wireless, you don’t have to. The technology it has, the 1ms and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth prevent the input lag from happening while dominating your opponents.

With the wireless capabilities, you’ll also have the option to have interchangeable side grips suited for your needs. The grip and feel are very comfortable as well.

WIth the wireless feature, the Dark Core SE also makes this mouse one of the best mouse for laptop gaming as well.

The cool about the Dark Core SE is that you can wirelessly charge your mouse on their Qi pad, which is also provided.

If you’re looking for a great gaming experience with one of the best wireless mouse out there, the Dark Core SE is it.


The Ripjaw MX780 is another great gaming mouse with additional buttons that you can reprogram. Thanks to its interchangeable grips, you can either switch left or right for your gaming preference.

With its additional weight, you have the option to add or remove 4.5g of weight within the mouse, to provide you a better gaming experience.

The design is unique, with a state of the art finish to it. Thanks to its anti-fingerprint-based material, you won’t have fingerprints all over the mouse.

What’s unique about this mouse is that you can also adjust its height for your gaming convenience. And you can also customize the mouse’s settings and lighting, straight from its software provided.

So what is the best mouse for fps games, your answer is the RipJaws MX780. Because of its extra buttons and features, they are usually useful when it comes down to FPS.

If you want a great mouse to invest in, the Ri[Jaws MX780 is one of the best mouses that you can put your money in.


The Mamba Elite 5G by Razer is one of the most accurate gaming mice in the market.

Thanks to its 16,000 DPI range, the mouse has incredible sensitivity.

You’re thinking, what is the best gaming mouse in 2019, the Mamba Elite is one of the top mouses in the market.

The look and feel to the 5G is excellent, and with the additional side grips, you can game comfortably for hours.

With the 5G’s great design, comes with nine buttons that you can reprogram. And because of its awesome features, the Mamba Elite also makes it one of the best mouse for laptop gaming as well.

Buyers Guide

Looking for a reliable gaming mouse may be overwhelming because of a lot of choices of awesome mouses that you can choose from in the market.

If you may not what type of mouse you’re looking for, then this buyers guide will help you out.

Furthermore, it will all depend on what type of games you play because some mouses suit different gamers differently.

So, if you’re an RPG and an MMORPG gamer, then you’ll need mouses with a lot of buttons that you can configure and add custom actions to your buttons.

If you’re an FPS gamer, then having mouse sensitivity and accuracy may be your priority when looking for a mouse to game with.

Should You Choose Laser Or An Optical Mouse?

Most gamers nowadays will say to use an optical mouse over the laser mouse, and this is because the laser mouse has some lag issues and other problems.

Aside from that, an optical mouse has higher sensitivity, and mouse response that is crucial if you’re a competitive gamer.

Furthermore, optical mouses work great on soft surfaces and will give you much mouse response when on soft surfaces.

However, laser mouse technology has, and gamers report they’re not having any mouse issues at all.

With laser mouse improving, the mousepad may be another factor when gaming with a laser or an optical mouse. Laser mouses are great when you operate them on a stable mousepad. Also, laser mouses work great on hard surfaces. Therefore investing in a hard mousepad is a must if you’re going for a laser mouse.

So having a good mousepad as well will determine how your mouse will operate.

Overall, professional and competitive gamers alike have reported that using optical mouses gives them a better advantage and gives them the mouse performance that they need.

What Is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. And most gaming mouses have high DPI and will give you a fast-tracking mouse.

So the higher the DPI, the less work you’ll have to do when moving the mouse on the trackpad.

However, a higher DPI isn’t required for high-level competition gaming. And you don’t need a DPI that ranges from 15,000 DPI.

You can quickly go with a DPI that ranges from 800 to 1000 DPI and do great with that even in competitions.

Gamers who are in the FPS genre will typically go for a DPI around 500 to 800, and this is because it gives them better accuracy and aim.

Also, having a DPI that you can change to your preference is a must.

Wired Or Wireless?

if you’re a serious gamer and don’t want any performance issues, then you’ll have to go with the wired mouse.

And this is because the wired mouse will always have a secured connection to your gaming desktop and won’t have any signal interference.

Although having a wireless mouse may seem convenient and will have a wire-free environment, wireless mouse within gaming may have issues, such as the signal, or if the battery is low. And the wireless mouse can suddenly stop operating while you’re in the middle of a winning battle.

However, if you’re going for aesthetics, with a wired free environment, then wireless will be great as well.

Overall, if you’re a serious competitive gamer, then go for the wired mouse, you’ll be thankful.

Left Handed Or Right Handed?

Most gaming mouses are for right-handed users. However, there are mouses and variants of types of mouses that are for left-handers as well.

If you’re both left and right handed you may prefer the ambidextrous mouses because they’ll be able to suit for either hand.

What Are Mouse Weights?

You can add weights into your mouse to make the mouse heavier. However, this is all of a matter of preference.

You may need a heavy mouse if you’re doing some sniping in an FPS game.

You can also detach the weights if you prefer your gaming mouse lighter, so you can have more mobility and an easier time moving the mouse.

What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse

  • Try going for the lighter mouses because they’ll be able to provide you the necessary lightness needed and you’ll also be able to move them conveniently.

  • Get a wired mouse instead of a wireless mouse. This is because wireless mice tend to have signal interferences, and they may run out of battery, and this is not good if you’re in the middle of a winning battle. Wired mouses are very much reliable and will give you solid performance.

  • Go for an ergonomic mouse or an ambidextrous mouse if you’re a left-hander. And go for mouses designed for right-handed users if you’re a right-handed gamer.

  • Go for mouses that offer you fewer buttons rather than a lot of buttons in general. However, if you’re an RPG gamer and like having a lot of buttons to choose from, then go for mouses that provide you with a lot of buttons.

In Conclusion

There are many great gaming mouses to choose from. Being overwhelmed of which gaming mouse to choose form shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Hopefully, the list has helped you in making a better decision on which mouse that you can choose from.

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