Best Motherboard For AMD Ryzen 7 2700x


If you’re out in the market looking for an excellent motherboard for your brand new AMD Ryzen 7 2700x processor, you’re in the right place

No matter what AMD processor you have, the majority of the most current AMD processors will fit perfectly with any AM4 motherboards.

In the following guide, you’ll be able to see some of the top AM4 boards, so that way you’ll be able to choose the most suitable boards for your processor.

The question is, what is the best motherboard for gaming when it comes down to AMD processors?

In the following list, you’ll see one of the best AM4 motherboard currently in the market.

Also a reliable and robust motherboard does make a difference when you’re gaming or using other various multimedia. In the following, you’ll see some brief reviews of some of the top-rated AMD board.

Furthermore, the board that you’ll need will need to be compatible with the 2700x (and this goes for any AMD processor out there) and should give you all the performance that you’ll need to game entirely with max settings on and use other multimedia fully. These motherboards also give you versions that will be able to fit in mini or micro ITX cases as well.

In the following list, you’ll find the top AM4 motherboards that are compatible for your Ryzen 7 2700x and including any current AMD processor. The following AM4 motherboards reviewed will be from the X470, X370 to the B350 boards.

Remember, that you don’t have to go with the latest motherboard to reap insane benefits. The mid boards such as the 300 series can do you just fine.

All the AM4 boards work and are compatible with all the second and first generation Ryzen processors. Including the 3rd generation, AMD processors will be compatible and work just fine with an AM4 board.

So let’s jump right into the best AM4 motherboards.

High End Performing AM4 Boards

GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3

  • SocketAM4
  • ChipsetB350
  • Form factorATX
  • Multi GPU2-way CrossFire

The Gigabyte Gaming 3 is one of the best AM4 motherboards out there and is compatible with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, as well as for all the Ryzen processors out there.

And you’ll get all sorts of great features. It comes with a dual-channel DDR4, uses high-speed USB 3.1 port as well.

So, if you’re looking for aesthetics, you’ll get it as well. Thanks to its LED lighting, with 16.8 RGB colors, you can enjoy your gaming experience while your motherboard lights up your PC rig with beautiful colors.

Furthermore, the board does have Smart Fan 5 which lets you control the speed of your fans and monitors your temperatures.

Thanks to its efficient energy, you’ll be protected from voltage drops. And this is all due to USB DAV-UP 2 feature which gives clean energy throughout your board.

With the GA-AB350 on your side, you’ll be able to perform at lightning speeds. Also, you’ll be able to boot up your computer quickly, as low as 15 seconds.

Overall, if you’re on a budget and looking for the best AM4 board that’s compatible for your Ryzen, this board is it. It’s one of the top rated gaming motherboards currently.


  • Performance is great
  • Low cost
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Network adapters may malfunction


  • ChipsetX470
  • SocketAM4
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Multi GPU2-way SLI, 3-way CrossFire

The Asus Rog is on one of the top lists of great AM4 boards. You’ll have the great aesthetic designs and should serve you.

Not only that, the Asus ROG X470-F easily makes it to the top 10 motherboards that you can invest in.

Along with its great design and structure, the material is of high quality. The heat sink also provides you with high-quality metal which gives you positive heat transference.

The Asus motherboard drivers are easy to install and has a user-friendly setup.

So if you’re looking for aesthetics, the ASUS ROG mono also provides that for you.

From its beautiful LED lighting, you’ll run this mobo with cool lighting while performing at its best.

Also with these awesome features, the X470-F motherboard at an affordable price,  easily makes it one of the top caliber motherboards in the market.

So if you’re looking for some good overclocking, the ASUS ROG is it.

Above all, this board is one of the high-end AM4 mobos in the market out there.


  • Has a lot of features
  • Aesthetically nice
  • You can overclock with ease


  • Doesn’t run DDR4 at 3200MHz

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

  • ChipsetX370
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • Multi GPU2-way CrossFire/SLI

Are you looking for the best motherboard for Rzyen, then the MSI x370 is it. And easily makes it to the top 10 motherboards that you can get as well.

And the MSI x370 does deliver on performance. With its excellent performance and an affordable price, the eX370 gives you the performance you need to enjoy your gaming needs and multimedia usages.

With its great aesthetic design, you’ll be gaming in style as well. Thanks to its RGB lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy gaming while lighting up your gaming rig.

Moreover, the design is excellent thanks to its materials. The material also puts extra protection on all the GPU, PCIe and SSD slots. So that way it’ll be easily be protected from damages.

The MSI X370 also has the AMD CrossFire and the Nvidia SLI for multi graphics card support. Not only that, you’ll VR as well, thanks to its added VR ready USB port which is included.

In my opinion, this is easily worth your investment and this is all due thanks to its great features and superb design.


  • Affordable in price
  • Awesome aesthetic design
  • RGB lighting
  • Has CrossFire and SLI


  • Not many cons to point out


  • ChipsetX370
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • Multi GPU2-way CrossFire/SLI

The ASROCK X370 is another excellent motherboard if you want to upgrade to an AM4 because it’s also one of the top rated gaming motherboards as well.

Just a few dollars off from the MSI X370, you’ll be able to get high performance for your investment. Plus you’ll have the two-way CrossFire and SLI capabilities.

With its great built and great color design, you’ll be able to game with style.

Although it does run a bit hot when this board is pushed to the limits, you’ll do fine with regular fans placed around your rig.

However compare this to the Gigabyte motherboard, the Gigabyte’s run way hotter than the ASROCK. The ASROCK with an overclocked chipset may have stability issues due to hot temperatures.

In terms of its benchmark and performance, the ASROCK X370 is right with the MSI Pro Carbon. It’s easily one of the top rated AMD motherboards currently.

In general, this board is easily worth your investment, although it runs right up there with the PSI Pro, you’ll still be able to have great features and performance for an enjoyable gaming experience.


  • Design is great
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great features
  • Has SLI and Crossfire


  • May run hot and cause gaming stability issues.


  • ChipsetX370
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • Multi GPU2-way CrossFire/SLI

The GIGABYTE AORUS is a high range performance board with a high range price tag. It may be too pricey for my taste. If you’re looking for a multi GPU feature, this comes with it as well. With the two way CrossFire and SLI capabilities.

With its superb design and great RGB lighting, you’ll be able to game with performance and with cool RGB lighting.

Along side of that, the AORUS is an excellent motherboard with cooling capabilities. It has a unique design, the material is quite durable and has incredible network support.

Overall, the AORUS is a great motherboard with the high-end performance qualities. However, you’ll also find similar attributes in the lower priced boards.


  • Great design
  • RGB Lighting for those of you that like the lights


  • A bit expensive compared to other high-performance boards

  • ChipsetX470
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • CrossFire/SLI Ready

The Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero is another behemoth of a motherboard. With this AM4 motherboard, you’ll have full connectivity and speed.

Also, the board has full Wi-Fi capability, with a Wi-Fi version of 802.11, you’ll have around 2.4 to5 GHz of Wi-Fi connection and signal.

You’ll be able to install up to four memory with its four memory DIMM slots. In total, you can install up to a 64GB worth of DDR4 RAM.

And the board also supports CrossFire and SLI if you’re looking to have two video cards to deliver you awesome gaming goodness.

If you’re into the RGB scene, the Crosshair Vii has this as well. Install this into your gaming rig, and you’ll have an impressive light show, with an endless amount of color spectrum to choose from. With its cool synchronicity feature, the RGB lighting will sync up to whatever activity is on them, which is an excellent feature to have.

Furthermore, the I/O shield also ensures that you’re protected from the metal ports and will shield against any minor damages.

If you’re big on overclocking, you can overclock with the Crosshair VII.

Alongside with overclocking, you’ll also have a different port that you can connect from, from the 8x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 2x USB 2.0, and 2x USB 3.1 Gen A and Gen B. You’ll be sure to have powerful connections and customizability.

In addition, the Asus motherboard at an expensive price will give you both reliability and a future proof upgrade.

Overall, this Asus motherboard is worth the investment if you’re looking for speed, reliability, and an aesthetic motherboard with awesome features then the Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero is it.


  • Great aesthetics with lots of ports
  • RGB Lighting
  • Great for overclocking
  • CrossFire and SLI capable


  • Pricey for a high-end motherboard
    BIOS menu may be a bit complicated

  • ChipsetX470
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • CrossFire/SLI Ready

If you’re looking for top performance and do have a serious budget, then the ASRock X470 Taichi is another top caliber ATX motherboard in the market.

In addition, with its aesthetic design, you have a simple yet powerful board on your side. With its easy to use BIOS menu and setup, you’ll be able to overclock your CPU with ease and without any issues quickly.

So if you’re planning on upgrading for more memory, you can. Thanks to its eight DIMM memory slots, you’ll be able to fit in eight memory sticks of DDR RAM.

And with its spacious room, you’ll be able to conveniently place and be able to install any new devices onto the motherboard easily.

In conclusion if you do happen to have the AMD Threadripper, then the ASRock X470 Taichi motherboard will go very well with the Threadripper.


  • Easy and user-friendly BIOS menu
  • You’ll be able to overclock with ease


  • A bit pricey
    RGB controller can be better

  • ChipsetX470
  • SocketAM4
  • Form factorATX
  • CrossFire/SLI Ready

If you’re into the whole RGB scene, then the MSI B350 PC Mate lets you customize your color setup, and you’ll be able to select different types of colors from the color palette.

With the B350’s red and dark color theme, you’ll have an aesthetic motherboard that you can admire while watching it operate within your case.

Thanks to its robust material and built-in fans, you’ll be able to achieve efficient heat flow within the board and have cooler temperatures if you do plan on gaming for hours.

So if you do plan on overclocking, you’ll be able to with ease.

Thanks to its user-friendly BIOS setup and user-friendly menu, you’ll be able to overclock with convenience and without any hassles.

Furthermore, you won’t have to invest in an extra sound card, thanks to its excellent built-in sound port; you can plug and enjoy the high-quality music and noise.

In addition the motherboard is CrossFire capable; however, if you’re aiming for SLI, then you’ll have to invest in an expensive X370 motherboard.

Overall if you’re all for the CrossFire and awesome features and performances, then the MSI B350 PC Mate is it.


  • Very elegant design
  • Great features and performance


  • You may run into issues when installing the OS

If you don’t know which motherboard goes with specific AMD processors, or if you have confusions about the board, no worries.

So you have an AMD processor, and you’re looking for what is the best motherboard for gaming.

Furthermore, most of your significant investments will be going towards investing in a processor and the graphics card.

However, don’t neglect the motherboard.

Because the mother is crucial and speaks with your components at the same time, making them work harmoniously together.

In addition, with this buyers guide in handy, this will guide you through how to buy an AMD motherboard.

Furthermore, the guide will show you what characteristics to look for when purchasing an AM4 motherboard.

Below here are three essential traits you’ll have to pay attention to when deciding to purchase a motherboard in general:

  • CPU Sockets
  • Form Factor (The Size of the Motherboard)
  • Connectors and ports

When Looking At The CPU Socket

For the CPU sockets, since we are focusing on the motherboard for the AMD processors, you’ll have to purchase an AM4 board.

AM4 motherboards are compatible for all current AMD processors, such as the Ryzen series.

And AMD has made it less confusing for AMD users. The AM4 motherboards are compatible for all the AMD processor series, such as the Athlon series and all Ryzen series.

Furthermore, AMD states it will stick with the AM4 motherboards until 2021.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Motherboard

Before purchasing some of the top gaming motherboards that are out in the market, you’ll have to look out for the design and features.

Form Factor

The form factor is considered your motherboard size.

Motherboards, in general, come in three sizes, they are the ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini -ATX.

Furthermore, you can determine what motherboard size is depending on the case you have.

Besides, the majority and most computer users go with the traditional ATX motherboard size, which fits perfectly into a conventional ATX computer case.

So if you have a micro-ATX computer case, then choose a micro-ATX motherboard.

And the same goes for the micro-ATX as well.

Similarly, if you have a micro-ATX case, then go with the micro-ATX motherboard.

Also, the high-end motherboards can go up to eight memory slots, for the HEDT boards.

Available Slots and Upgradability

If you’re looking to upgrade a lot in the future, I’d suggest going with the regular ATX motherboards because they hold more slots and have ports if you do decide to improve in the future.

So if you don’t mind upgrading very little to any in the future, then you’ll be okay with the mini and micro ATX motherboards because the reason for this is of their size.

Also, you’ll have a few to one slot of PCIe’s, slots and ports on the mini and micro ATX motherboards. So you’ll be limited.

Also for memory slots, you’ll have the traditional four slots for traditional ATX motherboards.

So the bottom line is, if you want to expand more and add more hardware components, and add two or more graphics card for SLI and Crossfire in the future, go with the ATX.

If you don’t mind upgrading in the future and are content with what you already have, then the mini and micro ATX boards will suit you.

Price Ranges

You’ll do great with motherboards that cost around 80 to 100 dollars. However, if you seek high-end gaming and extreme performance, then you’ll find the 100 dollars and above price range motherboards your investment.

You can also go up to 200 dollars such as the AMD Threadripper for those of you that want even more performance for your investments.

Are You Going to Overclock?

So for AM4 boards, you’ll do great with any range of boards from the lowest to the highest performance AM4 boards will do and should give you the flexibility to overclock your AMD processors.

Furthermore, if you do have plans on overclocking, I would suggest buying a cooling fan. And if you plan on overclocking to the extremes, then you’ll have to go with water cooling.

Audio Ports

All the AM4 comes with an audio I/O port, regardless of your motherboards performance, you’ll still receive superb, high-quality sound.

Furthermore, you won’t be needing any extra sound card components; you’ll be great with the default integrated onboard audio.

However, if audio is a must for you, or are a musician as well, then you can invest in a high-quality sound card to go with it.

RGB Lighting

If aesthetics are important to you, then well, most of the current AM4 boards do have RGB lighting within them. If you don’t mind dropping a few dollars more for the sake of aesthetics, then go for it.

However, added RGB lighting wouldn’t affect performance. But you can game in style though. And you’ll see your components glow in dark environments. How awesome is that?

But overall, you don’t need them for performances. But if it is a must that you need the RGB lightings, then, by all means, you can invest on boards with RGB lighting.

How To Choose The Best Motherboard For PC Gaming

A motherboard is a foundation that lets your components talk and communicate with one another

Depending on which features you’re looking for, most high-end motherboards have full capabilities such as overclocking features, SSD, GPU, and DDR capabilities.

Are You Planning On Having More Components To Upgrade In The Future?

With a high-end motherboard, you’ll be able to have more slots for further upgrades.

And you’ll have an additional four more DDR slots, equating to eight total memory slots altogether, which is more than enough.

Having four slots of memory is more than enough already. In my opinion, having four slots of memory would provide you enough and sufficient high gaming performance.

But a mid-range motherboard will be great as well because the motherboards, in general, won’t determine the majority of your gaming performance.

Also, the majority of the workload will come from the CPU and GPU when gaming and using heavy multimedia.

Look Out For The Form Factors

Remember, to look for the form factors as well. If you’re planning on upgrading more components in the future, then I highly suggest sticking with the regular ATX size.

Or if you don’t have plans on upgrading at all and are content with your set up, then a Mini and a micro ATX will be useful as well.

In Conclusion

Having to choose the right motherboard for your Ryzen 7 2700X or any of the AMD processors shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience.

AMD has made it very easy and user-friendly to choose any AM4 boards, and that should be compatible for all AMD processor series such as the Athlon and Ryzen series.

And depending which computer case you’ll get, whether if it’s the traditional ATX or the mini / micro ATX, you’ll now be able to choose which AM4 boards can suit best for any cases.

Hopefully, this guide and review have helped you make an educated decision.

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  1. GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 can be a great addition to my workplace. As my old one is been worn out and been giving me lot of work I think it is the time for me to make the change to GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3. It has a lot of pros and the cons doesn’t really affect me.

    Thank you so much for this insightful review.

    1. Yea, the Gihabyte Gaming 3 will give you a good quality build. With its affordable price and great performance, you’ll do great with it.

  2. You have compiled a very good list of motherboards for gaming. Along with the different options you laid out the pros and cons beautifully. One of the main things besides price that I look for is wether or not they stay cool. For that reason I believe MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon is the best choice.

    1. You’re right. Some motherboards run a bit hot when pushed to its limits. But having a good cooling system works wonders.

  3. Finally I found what I’ve being looking for. I needed a very good motherboard for my AMD ryzen., hence the reason I  landed here. Thanks for the honest review. Looks like I will be going for Gigabyte aorus ax370. The last motherboard I got gave me an awful experience, Partly my fault though, for not making a good research before buying it.

    1. I hear you. It’s great once you’ve upgraded to a new motherboard or component. Everything seems to work out fine.

  4. Nice article. My hubby just mentioned buying a motherboard for his AMD Ryzen7 2700. I would send a link to him so he can see someone’s perspecton which are the best ones out there. In case he has a boss too, he can refer to this to with confirm his bias or just go with a better option. It’s amazing though the way these things can be in bits and pieces and one  can purchase and couple as they fit. 

  5. Thanks for this review on motherboards. It have been researching for a great motherboard for my and that is suitable for gaming and I couldn’t find the information anywhere except in your post. I have a ryzen 5 2600 processor. Your review was helpful and I can select the motherboard that will be compatible for my usage.

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