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Best Home Wireless Speaker System For 2020

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So what is the best home wireless speaker system that you can buy in 2019?

With a lot of great speakers in the market today, you may be wondering what the best home wireless speaker system is currently is.

Having amazing speakers can change your environment because of the sound quality it can produce and give you. It’ll enlighten and enhance your multimedia experiences as well.

If you’re looking for some powerful speakers that you can enjoy, you’re in the right place. In the following list, you’ll find the top speakers that you can invest in.

Having a fantastic home speaker system is excellent, whether if you’re planning on unwinding from days of work to enjoying your evenings, or just unwinding down with a glass of champaign. 

A good sound system can change and even enlighten the mood of your living space. Having powerful speakers can be the foundation of having a tremendous multi-theater system.

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa voice control

Bose Home Speaker 500


The Bose Home Speaker 500 is one of the best wireless speakers in the market currently. You’ll be able to have a room filled with beautiful, amazing sounds that can enhance your multimedia experiences to the max.

It’s also voice controlled, thanks to Alexa. And you’ll be able to have millions of songs right within your fingertips.

You’ll be able to play your favorite stations, such as Spotify thanks to its built-in wifi. And you’ll be able to connect to your cellphone and any devices as well.

It’s also very portable and compact, weighing around 6 lbs. You’ll be able to travel, move and be mobile as possible with the Bose Home Speaker.

if you’re looking for top-notch, high-quality, amazing sounds, then the Bose Home Speaker will be the right one for you.

Sonos Original Play


The Sonos Original Play speakers are easily the most popular ones and the high performing ones out there currently in the market.

If you want to change your living space into your choosing if you wish to party, set the mood, or pop open a champaign and relax, then the Sonos would be the one.

Right up with the Bose Home Speaker, the Sonos is a significant investment and a bit cheaper than the Bose.

The Sonos is a voice activated as well, thanks to Alexa. You’ll also be able to diversify through Spotify, Amazon, or even Pandora, 

It’s easy to set up and should take you less than a few minutes to get everything working. If you’re looking for sound quality and performance, then the Sonos original Play is it.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 


The Harman Kardon is another great quality speaker. It’s mobile and portable, allowing you to move your speakers easily. This is good if you’re always moving or traveling around. 

The Harman can be used for home or as a portable Bluetooth speaker, which is fantastic if you’re always on the go. Thanks to its weight as well, this makes it easily mobile.

And speaking of traveling, the speaker gets you around 10 hours worth of battery life, which is super convenient if you’re on the road.

The Harman Kardon speaker lets you have different features that you can use. Access Siri and Google Now are integrated within the stereo and is activated through the touch of a button.

You’ll be able to connect two devices at the same time, and it’ll be able to alternate music and take turns playing each song.

However, it goes just right up with there with the Bose and Sonos. The Bose and Sonos have better bass quality and sound clarity.

But with its great aesthetics, you’ll be able to listen and have an aesthetically pleasing looking speaker in your room.

With a fair price, you’ll get high-quality performance for your investment.

Wireless Speaker Buyers Guide

So if you’re a bit overwhelmed about choosing which wireless speaker is most suitable for you, no worries, this list will have you covered.

Whether if you’re at a party, coming home from work, relaxing in the weekends, or even setting the mood in your home, a Bluetooth speaker will do that for you.

And if you’re also in a pool or hanging out in a relaxing beach, even better, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will do the trick as well.

With so many features, design and high-quality Bluetooth speakers to choose from, follow this guide and let’s cover what are some of the major points to look out for when you’re first purchasing your Bluetooth speaker.

You Can Wirelessly Connect and Disconnect To A Device

The majority, if not all of Bluetooth speakers can connect to most devices. You can plug your speaker into an MP3 player, smartphone, laptop, or even a portable console system.

And some Bluetooth wireless speakers may be able to connect providing you a richer, and higher quality sound system that you can combine.

There’s no need for installing software or no need for extra apps or specialized hardware. As long as your devices (mp3 players, laptop, smartphone, etc.) are all Bluetooth compatible, then everything is streamlined and automatic once you purchase your Bluetooth speakers out of the box.

Bluetooth speakers also come with wifi as well. And if you need any special assistance or control over your speaker, the speakers even do come with software for that, so that you’ll have the convenience.

Voice Control Features

Majority of the speakers do come with a voice-controlled feature within them, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistance, and even Microsoft Cortana.

With the use of your voice, you’ll be able to control your speaker, order items online, or even find the latest news. How cool is that?

You have your assistance, thanks to the voice control features.

Waterproof and Water Resistance

Be sure to look out for speakers that are waterproof or water resistant. Just in case if you spilled water or had submerged your speakers in the pool, having a speaker that’s waterproof takes off the unwanted worry. 

It’s also convenient if you’re always outdoors and maybe it starts raining out of nowhere, you’ll be thankful that the speakers are all waterproofed.

USB Charging

The current Bluetooth speakers now have USB charging within them, which is super convenient and great.

This is very convent if you’re on the road without any electrical outlets near you. Just plug into a USB or a USB port, and it’ll charge in no time.

Speaker Phone

Most, if not all of the latest Bluetooth speakers no have a speakerphone. You’ll be able to call your friends or family with a command of your voice and have your speaker switch to speakerphone for your convenience, which is excellent, if you’re cooking, or if you’re doing multiple things at the same time.

Combine Multiple Speakers

That amazing thing about the wireless speakers is that you can easily combine them if you need to maximize your sound system.

The combining feature is excellent if you ever want to add an extra speaker or two into your sound system arsenal.

Aesthetics and Design

Most speakers are aesthetically pleasing and have the lighting effect just to set the mood, whether if you want to party or set the evening in a relaxed environment, you can do that as well.

There are a lot of options to choose from; you’ll be able to have lightweight, portable speakers that can be mobile and you’ll be able to transport this anywhere easily.


Bluetooth speakers are great if you want to add these into your home theater arsenal or maybe if you’re throwing out a party, a wireless speaker will do the job.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this list has helped you choose which wireless Bluetooth speaker system is right for you and hopefully this article has helped you make an educated choice on which speaker to pick from.

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