Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 – Budget Monitors 2021

Players who want their PC games to look and play better will need an excellent game monitor. It is not necessary to make a large hole in your pocket to get a decent monitor. Because the best game monitor of less than 300 is at the optimum point of the game specifications and offers some excellent features. In addition, it will immerse you in the charming world of games. Admitting that cheap game monitors are less versatile, with smaller screen size, however, most of them will give you a remarkable gaming experience above your expectations.

Like other game fans, you should be looking for the best economic game monitor. Therefore, you must have realized that there are hundreds of options to choose from, which makes the selection of the best product a bit confusing. But do not worry after reading this article, it will be clear which product will serve you in the best possible way. In addition, our buying guide will let you know what factors to consider when looking for a new game monitor.

Although $ 300 game monitors offer excellent gaming performance if you want to enjoy the 4K gaming experience, then check out our list of the best 4K game monitors. On the other hand, users looking for even cheaper monitors, we have also compiled a list of the best game monitors of less than 200.

How We Choose The Best Gaming Monitors Under $300

Before we had one of the monitors in the office to test them, we wanted to ask some serious players about the type of things they are looking for before buying a game monitor.

We wanted to discover (from people who spend 10 hours of play each week) the things they thought were important and those that bothered them less.

Our reasoning here was that these people spend a lot of time playing. Then they will know what they are talking about, and they will be quite demanding in regards to their peripherals.

They could tell us what was important and what was not. And if there was a particular model or brand to avoid too.

After surveying these players, we obtained this list of the 5 things that interest them most when buying a monitor.

• How well does the monitor play?

• Image quality

• Size

• Durability

• Esthetic

We determined this final list by taking all the monitors that scored well in the previous categories.

There is a wide range of game monitors to choose from in the market. But they could be strong enough for your pocket.

Dell S2719DGF-A Decent 144 Hz Monitor Great For Gaming

The Dell S2719DGF is a decent 144Hz monitor with excellent gaming performance. It has the typical Dell design, with a TN panel that offers mediocre image quality. It is not HDR compatible, and if you feel too close to the screen, the sides will look darker due to poor viewing angles. Its 27-inch size and 1440p resolution can show every little detail and improve your gaming experience. The movement is very smooth and the monitor feels very receptive due to the 144Hz refresh rate and the very low input delay. Finally, it has some additional features that can be useful depending on the games you play, such as a Dark Stabilizer that can help highlight dark details in FPS games.


+ Excellent low entry delay with excellent gaming features

+ Extremely fast response time


– Bad performance in the dark scene

– Image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle


-Size: 27 “

-Resolution: 2560×1440

-Update frequency: 144Hz

L-CD Type: TN

The Dell S2719DGF is a solid monitor with typical Dell design features. It is dark gray with a light blue tint and a good build quality. Its base is flat and gives great support to the monitor. Like most Dell monitors, the ergonomics of the S27191DGF is excellent and allows you to adjust the monitor to perfectly suit your work or gaming preferences. Its back is simple with an opening that houses all the input ports. Cable management is done through a hole in the bracket, and the monitor has thin edges, which is good news if you plan a multi-monitor configuration. Finally, the monitor has an average thickness and will not stand out much if you decide to mount it on VESA.

Picture quality

The Dell S2719DGF has mediocre image quality. It has a low native contrast ratio of only 890: 1, does not support local attenuation and terrible black uniformity. Therefore, blacks in a dark room tend to look more like gray, and this decreases the image quality. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are inadequate, so if you sit near the screen the sides look darker since the image loses accuracy due to the greater viewing angle.

On the positive side, the Dell S2719DGF has a good gray uniformity, which is important when showing large areas of uniform color, such as when browsing the web. It has an excellent maximum SDR brightness of 386 cd / m², so you can easily place it in a bright room with no worries. In the same line, the monitor has a very good reflection management, a high precision color ready to use and a wide range of SDR colors, since it covers approximately 95% of the s.RGB color space. You should not notice any image retention, which is good, and our gradient test showed that the transition from lighter to darker color tones is done very smoothly, which means you should not see many bands. Unfortunately, there is no HDR support.


The Dell S2719DGF has no internal speakers or HDR10 support. However, there are some additional game overlays that can improve the gaming experience, which some players will find useful. These include a frame rate counter that can show you how much your system is pushing to its limits, a dark stabilizer that can help highlight dark details in FPS games, a timer that can display a stopwatch on the screen to help you time. of your game session, and a Screen Alignment feature that is useful if you want multiple monitor settings and wants to align your monitors.

Who should buy it?

The Dell S2719DGF is a decent monitor for most applications; However, it is a great monitor for games. It is best enjoyed if you are sitting directly in front of him and not in a dark room. Serious players will appreciate the fast update speed and very low entry delay that make it very responsive, giving them an advantage in their game. The movement is fluid, and if your games have fast-moving content, the image will be sharp without an annoying final blur. The monitor will work decently in an office environment, but viewing angles can disturb you if you want to share your work with the person sitting next to you. Those who plan to use it for multimedia consumption or media creation will appreciate the high resolution but may find narrow viewing angles limiting.

The ViewSonic XG2402 Game Monitor

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions products, introduces the XG2402 to its line of game monitors to provide players with a highly customizable experience with competitive level performance. The customizable viewing options in the ViewSonic game give players a competitive edge by allowing them to create their own personalized gaming experience.

Competitive Gaming Performance

The 24-inch XG2402 is the successor of the highly rated ViewSonic XG2401, which was extremely popular within the competitive gaming community. XG2402 features a 1080p resolution and comes equipped with essential competitive gaming features including a 144Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response. XG2402 utilizes AMD FreeSync Technology to align frame rates between your monitor and GPU to eliminate immersion breaking screen tearing and stuttering.

Newly Designed Ambient Lighting and Stand

Aesthetically speaking, ViewSonic’s RampageX lighting feature on the back of the monitor is the most prominent upgrade to the new model. XG2402 is the first ViewSonic monitor to feature RampageX, which radiates a red glow onto your gaming station and can be used to accent RGB peripherals. The gaming friendly low-profile base on XG2402 has been developed with feedback from professional CS:GO players in mind to allow for flexible keyboard placement.

Fully Customizable Viewing Options

In addition to competitive gaming grade specs, the XG2402 improves upon the success of previous competitive gaming models with the most customizable viewing options on the market. Customization options such as five levels of response, 22 levels of black stabilization, Custom 1, 2, 3 and more, give gamers the ultimate control over in-game visuals to maximize their competitive gaming performance. For changing gaming settings on the fly, XG2402 also features specialized preset modes tailored to different game types such as FPS, MOBA, etc., as well as ViewSonic’s ColorX, which is a fine-tuned color and performance preset for vastly improved in-game vision and reduced motion blur.


Size: 24-inch

Response Time: 1ms GTG

Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Tear-Free Technology: AMD FreeSync

Panel: TN panel

Color Gamut: 72% NTSC

Audio: Dual Speakers

Connectivity: HDMI 1.4 x 2,DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, Earphone out x 1 (3.5mm plug)

Best Budget: LG 24UD58-B

When it comes to monitors, you can never count LG. The South Korean company is one of the best in the business and offers a wide selection of monitors at different prices. For those in the market for an economical 4K monitor, LG offers the 24UD58-B, a 24-inch IPS monitor suitable for gaming and non-gaming tasks.

With only around $ 250, the 24UD58-B is easily the cheapest on this list, making it a very attractive monitor for those who are not willing to pay more than $ 400 for a good 4K monitor. LG offers other sizes for this particular model, two of which are also economical options, and the 31.5-inch model costs just a little over $ 350.

The 24UD58-B puts the function on aesthetics, presenting a slim and minimalist design with zero touches of fantasy. Although it definitely shows, the bezel is not thick enough to distract you while you work or play. The unit comes with a support with a curved base, which is intended for greater stability (more on this later). From top to bottom, the 24UD58-B sports a beautiful all-black finish, with a minimal mark around the frame.

With respect to the connection ports, LG’s economic 4K monitor offers good and bad news. The good news is that, compared to the Dell P2415Q, the ports are not placed upside down on the bottom of the monitor; They are easily accessible on the back of the unit. The bad news is that there are many fewer input and output options compared to our main selection in this guide of the best cheap 4K monitors, so don’t expect a monitor with full connectivity.

The 24UD58-B has a DisplayPort and a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports. That’s. There is not a single USB port in sight, which could disappoint some people, especially those who are not used to seeing a monitor without at least one USB port. But you really can’t blame LG for sacrificing some features, considering that this cheap monitor sells for less than $ 300.

Speaking of things that may disappoint some people, the support of 24UD58-B, which, as mentioned, comes with a curved base, is not as stable as LG announces. Users find it a bit wobbly because of how the stand is placed in the frame. In addition to that, the support has a very limited adjustment capacity, which means that playing with the monitor positioning for a more personalized or convenient configuration is out of the equation.

While sacrifices were made in certain areas, LG certainly made no cuts as to the overall quality of the image. For a 4K monitor of less than $ 300, the 24UD58-B can produce excellent images with precise colors and contrast, assuming other factors (read: the graphics card) are sharp. It can be broadcast on a split screen to perform multiple tasks and includes several game-centric functions, including support for FreeSync and a couple of game modes designed specifically for first-person shooting games. The response time is also good, at least for an IPS budget monitor.

With 24UD58-B, you get what you pay for. LG obviously cut corners in some areas to make the price below $ 300 possible, but the product is worth it. It has excellent image quality, includes on-screen controls for convenience and is easy to configure at the factory. For those who are not willing to spend more than $ 300 on a 4K monitor, the 24UD58-B is the best option on the market.

Tips on How To Keep Your Game Monitor

It may seem only your everyday device that is placed on a shelf or table and used quite frequently. Game monitors are something completely different, and this fact can be correlated with professional players who spend tens of thousands of dollars to set up a game platform.

So, if you are a professional player or someone who simply does it for fun, the fact that this monitor needs good maintenance is paramount.

In this guide, you will learn how you can maintain your monitor.

• Always keep your monitor away from magnets

• Never clean your monitor with water, rather invest in screen cleaners

• Keep the screen away from too much sunlight.

• Make sure the monitor or system is plugged into a surge protector to avoid frying the monitor’s output power.

• Always be sure to keep the air outlets clean and open


In conclusion, you have been able to review this list of the best game monitor with less than $300. Game monitors of all prices are on the rise and getting one that you can afford is the best option you can make.

The factors that have been given are a requirement that must at least be met if you plan to enjoy those video games. Be sure not to compromise the integrity of these monitors, unless you are a professional.

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