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Best CPU Coolers for 2020

If you’re out in the market looking to upgrade to a new stock CPU cooler, then you’re in the right place. Whether if you’re looking to overclock your current processor and unlock it to its fullest, then investing in an excellent cooler can be a wise choice.

If you’re a PC or a gamer enthusiast, and you’re big on the overclocking side, then an efficient cooler would be the right one for you.

In the following guide, you’ll find some of the top CPU coolers that are sufficient enough for giving you cool temperatures.

The pros of investing in an air cooler are they’re not expensive compared to the other coolers in the market.

Here are some of the top coolers in the market that you can invest in.

Best CPU Coolers For 2019

In the following list, you’ll see some of the best CPU coolers for 2019. The menu will have a mixture of your standard air coolers and liquid coolers.

Noctua NH-D15


Dual Fans

140mm Fans

6.5” In Length

Noctua NH-D15​

The Noctua NH-D15  is an award-winning cooling fan. With 350 awards and recommendations, it’s one of the highly sought out cooling fans in the market.

With an excellent cooling fan on your side, you’ll also be able to operate in silence. Thanks to its quiet fans, you won’t hear any loud noises. It has two 140mm fans which you can have full automatic control with its speed.

You’ll also be able to use this on yourmemory, thanks to its RAM compatibility mode.

The fan is easy to install, thanks to its SecuFirm2 mounting feature, you’ll be able to latch this onto your CPU and connect the sockets quickly, and it’ll be able to run with no problem.

This is a great fan to have, if you’re looking for affordability and air flow performance, then the Noctua NH-D15 will be ideal to invest in.



Dual Fans

280mm Fans With Radiator

7” In Length

RGB Lighting


If you’re a big fan of liquid coolers, then the EVGA CLC 280 is it. With its copper made water block, it’ll be able to pull in heat from the CPU straight to the block where it gets cooled down by liquid and by two fans.

Thanks to its RGB lighting, you’ll be able to have fans that will glow. It’ll be great if you’re into the RGB lighting scene. You’ll also be able to control the lighting as well as the fan speed, thanks to its excellent software, the EVGA Flow Control.

The EVGA Flow Control software lets you control your fan speed, the RGB lighting, you’ll be able to monitor your pump and fan speed, and as well glance at the temperature once in a while.

You’ll be able to run the liquid cooler very quietly, thanks to its silent fans. And it’ll also provide you with excellent cooling.

With the CLC 280’s friendly interface and aesthetic design, if you’re big on liquid cooling, an overclock enthusiast or want to upgrade to something new, then the EVGA CLC 280 is it.

Arctic 33 eSports One


Dual Fans

120mm Fans

5.9” In Length

Arctic 33 eSports One​

The Arctic 33 eSports One, is an excellent air cooler for both Intel and AMD sockets.

You’ll be able to operate quietly and also have an aesthetic fan with that. Thanks to its BioniX fan. The heat will get pulled from the CPU block to the heat pipes which dissipates the heat and leads to better cooling.

Thanks to its thermal coating design, you’ll be able to overclock and game for hours without facing any heating issues. The heat pipes allow for the heat to dissipate and be able to cool the CPU efficiently.

You’ll be able to get around 200 to 1800 RPM, which is sufficient enough to cool down your CPU’s temperature. With the fan speed, you’ll also be able to control that with its software which comes with the cooler.

If you’re an overclocker enthusiast and looking for a high performing air cooler, be sure to pick up The Arctic 33 eSport, it’ll be worth it.

Deepcool 120EX


Single Fans

120mm Fans

6.1” In Length

Deepcool 120EX​

This is one of the great liquid CPU coolers on the list. With its great aesthetics, comes with great performances.

With the Deepcool 120EX, you’ll be able to overclock your CPU to its full potential without any overheating issues.

With its excellent design, water gets efficiently channeled through the self-governed circulatory system, which is 10% more efficient when it comes to heat dissipation.

With the radiator, it has a single 120mm silent fan, which you’ll be able to work without hearing any noise from the fan. 

Being a liquid cooler, you expect this to be expensive; however, you can pick one up for only $72. If you’re looking for performance, aesthetics and an excellent price all at once, then the Deepcool 120EX will be the ideal for you.

CM Hyper 212 EVO


Single Fans

120mm Fans

6.1” In Length

CM Hyper 212 EVO​

The Hyper 212 Evo provides you four heat pipes for efficiency. This allows the heat to transfer to the aluminum heat pipes faster.

You’ll have a 120mm fan attach to it, not as really silent compared to the other air coolers, but it still works great. You can also connect a second 120mm fan as well for more efficient cooling, which I think is a great feature to have.

In results, you’ll have a cold system without any heating issues, and you’ll be averaging around 25 degrees or lower when it’s attached with your CPU, and this is all thanks to the airflow.

Buyers Guide

What Are The Best CPU Air Coolers?

The CPU air coolers are less expensive than liquid coolers. It’s affordable if you’re looking for a decent regular cooler.

However, the air CPU have a lot bigger and larger heatsinks. However, this shouldn’t drop down the aesthetics for that reason.

If you’re on a budget and are looking to upgrade to an efficient cooler, and you don’t mind it’s a large size, then the air coolers would be ideal for you.

Which CPU Cooler Is Right For You?

There are great air coolers and liquid coolers that you can invest in. Choosing the right shouldn’t be a tough decision.

If you’re an, overclock enthusiast, then having a liquid cooler would be the ideal for you. However, an air cooler can do the same as well, but a liquid cooler would be a lot more efficient when it comes to maintaining your temperatures to very low degrees.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a great cooling system, whether an air cooler or a liquid cooler, you’ll have an easy time overclocking your way to performance.

Having an essential cooler is a must if you’re an overclocker enthusiast or just a gamer looking to push your hardware performance and speed.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you make an educated choice on which cooler is best suitable for you.

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14 thoughts on “Best CPU Coolers for 2020

  1. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.getting a good air cooler will help protect our CPU. Noctua NH-D15 features is an eye catching and am really impressed with the review of Noctua NH-D15.it can also gave a protection to some other CPU parts. Thanks for the review, it’s really helpful 

  2. There are a lot of gamers out there that would really like this information you have your less expensive to expensive ones if you can do it yourself that would be even better . You would save money if you purchase a CPU fan and install it yourself. I think people would rather install their own rather then taking it to a computer store to have it done.

    1. I really appreciate your feedback, Janie. I agree, installing a CPU fan is the way to go and to save up on money.

  3. This is a great article; informative and educative! I am actually in need of a new CPU cooler, the one I have got spoilt days back. I loved it, though it was not a liquid CPU cooler but it has served.  I love the EVGA CLC 280, you have made it easier to love it. I will go with it considering the features; friendly interface, aesthetic design, silent dual fans

    what more could you want from a CPU cooler.Thanks for sharing, what a timely information!

  4. The EVGA  CLC 280 is pretty cool, with its fan that glows! But I am looking at something that is more affordable. Easy installation and the noise level are important to me. Looks like I have found it in Noctua NHD15. Thanks for your recommendation. I will do a little more read on this cooler. 

  5. Hi,
    What does it mean to overclock your CPU? I know the cooler you run your system, the better it is for getting a long life out of the gaming system. But what does overcalling the system do for the gamer, how does it affect the computer? What are the benefits?

    1. Thanks for the feed, Lenard. To overclock your CPU is to push your CPU’s current memory and clock speed. To speed everything up, which requires a need to lower temperatures. This is done effectively through liquid cooling or traditional air fans.

  6. Hey There

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and details explanation on best CPU coolers. I’m currently looking for a liquid cooler for my PC since I hardly shut it down.

    I’m a blogger and also play game a lots so most of the time I will be in front of my PC doing works or play games. I read your review, and I’m very interested with Deepcool 120EX since it is very silent and can maintain the performance as well.

    Thanks for taking your time to put all these together. Cheers


  7. Hi Jose,

    Thank you for introducing the best CPU cooler a for 2019. I bought the Dell Alienware Aurora R8 gaming PC for my son during his birthday. He is very happy with the performance of PC but occasionally there is a loud fans which distracted his enjoyment of the game. Do you think l should change the CPU cooler to liquid cooler fan (EVGA CLC 280 ) which is more quiet and cooling the CPU quickly.

    Your advice, please.

    1. Hi Shui, thanks for the feedback. The Alienware series is a great gaming desktop to have. If the noise is a distraction for him, then yes, switching to a liquid cooler is the way to go.

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