Best Antivirus For My Computer – 2019

What Are The Best Anti-Virus Programs Of 2019?

Whether if you’re a PC or a Mac user, you may be thinking to yourself “what’s the best antivirus for my computer.”

No worries, you’re in the right place.

Now than ever, there are a lot of malicious files, viruses, and malware around the internet, and hackers that want to get into your computer or profiles.

You’ll need that extra protection when it comes to surfing the net, checking your emails, downloading files, online banking and shopping, and even gaming on specific networks.

If you notice your computer slowing down, it may be a form of a virus within your computers system or a type of malware.

Having a strong antivirus’s necessary if you want your computer to run smoothly and still be operating correctly.

A good antivirus program can eliminate both the virus or malware that’s preventing your computer to operate normally.

Antivirus such as Norton, McAfee, and AVG are all reputable brands. And you may be thinking about installing one.

In the following list, you’ll see some of the top antivirus software in the market for 2019.

1. Norton AntiVirus Basic


Best Antivirus For Computer - Norton Antivirus

The Norton AntiVirus is a very reputable company and should let you have long term protection. You’ll get excellent features, and you’ll quickly have the best protection for your computer.

It’ll protect you from lots of virus and malware attacks automatically. For only 14 USD per year, you’ll have top of the line protection.

Norton will give you plenty of features and automatic features. You’ll be able to change your settings, and it’ll also allow you to block malicious websites automatically.

You’ll also be able to run scheduled scans, daily scans or do manual scans, which is very useful if you want everything to run automated.

You’ll also get a password manager as well. However, if you’re using Chrome as your web browser, Norton’s password manager won’t work correctly. And other users have experienced the same as well.

Having a Norton AntiVirus is always reliable and should provide you with coverage for your computer in all areas without having performance issues.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019


One of the best antivirus there is Bitdefender, it has excellent features.

Best Antivirus For Computer - Bitdefender Total Security

It operates only for Windows. You’ll be able to use this reliable software with ease.

Bitfender allows you to have protection from viruses, ransomware protection, remediation; you’ll have access to privacy tools, VPN and have access to Safepay.

The software allows you to have a virus detector which is very reliable, thanks to its accuracy. You’ll be able to block out malicious websites automatically as well, thanks to its filtering system.

If you’re viewing your online banking, Bitdefender also allows you to have automatically secured browsing; this will keep your banking and online shopping safe and secured.

Bitdefender also allows itself to adapt to new virus threats and malware. 

And this is all thanks to its multi-layer ransomware protection. This allows Bitdefender to keep track and study behavioral threats.

With Bitdefender’s excellent performance, reliability and lots of protection, you’ll have a well-protected computer.

For Mac users, Android and iOS users, you’ll be able to download the Total Security 2019 version. It’ll be compatible for all those three mentioned.

3. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus


Being compatible with both Mac and Windows, you’ll be able to have always-on security, identity protection, anti-phishing, and a firewall monitor.

Best Antivirus For Computer - Webroot Antivirus Protection

The Webroot antivirus is awesome software that covers your computer on all areas. Webroot only occupies 2 MB of space and is easy on your computer’s resources.

With its features, you’ll be able to get behavior monitoring, a firewall protector, anti ransomware, real-time antiphishing and a lot more of other features as well.

For only 19 USD per year, and only 2 MB worth of space, you’ll be able to have full coverage and be able to have maximum coverage.

4. ESET NOD32 Antivirus


The NOD32 by ESET, running only on Windows OS, will give you a variety of features. However, there’s no firewall protection, file shredder, scanner or a password manager.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

But it’ll still give you the primary security that you’ll need.

You’ll get malware protection, anti-ransomware, filtering of malicious sites and a blocker to stop viruses. Thanks to its PowerShell which prevents these unpleasant events from happening.

The NOD32 is not very beginners friendly; however, if you’re a tech-savvy, you’ll have access to great advanced features.

With its low demand for storage space, you’ll be able to install this with ease easily. Running the NOD32 won’t interfere with your computer’s performances as well.

If you don’t mind NOD32 not being user-friendly, and if you’re familiar with this platform already, then investing in the NOD32 will be the right one for you

5. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE


The F-Secure Antivirus is excellent if you’re a beginner and not as tech-savvy. This is thanks to its user-friendly features; you’ll have an easier time navigating and operating this antivirus.

F-secure Safe 3 Devices

The F-Secure works for all Windows, Max, and Android systems.

With its abundance of features, you’ll get the standard virus and malware protection, online banking and shopping protection, and a family rules feature.

In case if you were to lose your android phone, it’ll give you the ability to track it down. This is an excellent feature.

Thanks to its great interface, you’ll be able to use and navigate with ease.

You’ll be able to leave F-Secure running in the background without any performance issues at all. With its low demand for storage, you’ll be able to install this antivirus with ease.

It’s excellent by design, has great features and protection, doesn’t demand much disk space, and very user-friendly if you aren’t tech savvy at all. If these are the features sound appealing to you, then the F-Secure by all means, grab this today.

6. Kaspersky AntiVirus 2018


The AntiVirus by Kaspersky, which runs only for Windows OS, is easily one of the best security software out there. Thanks to its easy to use interfaces, you’ll be able to run this no time.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017

The Kaspersky Antivirus lets you have auto scans, protects you from viruses and malware, security management, blocks malicious websites, great scanning technology, and focuses on primarily covering your computers foundation.

If you aren’t as tech-savvy, you’ll be glad to have this antivirus. Thanks to the software being user-friendly, you’ll have an ease operating this.

The Kaspersky antivirus is excellent at detecting malware and removing it from your system. If you’re looking for an excellent anti-virus software and being it user-friendly, then Kaspersky’s Antivirus is the right one for you.

7. Panda Antivirus Pro


The Panda antivirus is very user-friendly and will provide you with an abundance of features. However, it doesn’t work for Windows OS.

Panda Antivirus PRO 2012

This antivirus has a lot of different features such as malware detection, virus protector, a filtration system from malicious websites, cloud scanning, and much more.

You’ll also have a two-way firewall as well to keep your computer secured.

The Panda can also give you a virtual keyboard in case if you ever wanted to enter confidential data. And there are more features such as a creating your own bootable USB rescue disc.

If you’re not tech savvy, you’ll be thankful because its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate with ease.

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18 thoughts on “Best Antivirus For My Computer – 2019

  1. This is pretty informative and educating write up. Before, I don’t even care about having antivirus on my computer because is just mere decoration on my computer to me. But when my computer got attacked by virus and crashed my computer, that’s when i realised how antivirus is essential on computer after i had lost valuable files and document on my computer. 

    Having reading this write up to know the best antivirus for this year is a pleasant information to hear

    Thank you writer.

    1. You’re welcome Kehinde; I’m glad you found the article useful. Antivirus is a must nowadays, especially if you’re a PC user.

  2. Thank you for the informative post, personally I don’t know more about differenciated antivirus I always use some free antivirus that are relatively weak and keep on issuing messages of breakdown, nevertheless I am not really concerned more as I did not know of how the antivirus work out, but now having gone through this post I have come to learn it’s even risky to leave your computer without a strong antivirus, personally I think I would be looking to get the Bitdefender I believe it’s the best for my windows pc, I really appreciate for this post, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about such posts , thank you.

    From Joy.

  3. Currently, I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security. I am subscribed to them for one year, and quite satisfied. My only problem is, I used to believe the software doesn’t eat a lot of memory but my recent experience with it, it’s a memory hog. Everything slows down, PC hangs the moment the update starts. This sucks when you’re doing something important. The problem worsens when you’re using Google Chrome as your Internet browser. But when it comes to real-time protection, I like Kaspersky.

    Thanks for coming up with this list. I have tried Norton before, it worked well too. It’s just that there was a problem before that everytime it detects a malware, it creates a duplicate out of it thereby filling your hard drive fast. That was 2009 and I guess they have improved a lot since then. 

    Maybe after my Kaspersky subscription expire, I will try Web Root as I like it’s being “not a memory hog”. I like what is written in this article that it only eats 2MB of space.

    1. Thanks for the feed, Gomer. Yes, WebRoot isn’t as demanding as the other antiviruses. Yes you’re right it only uses two MB, but with some powerful features. Try testing it out and see if you like it.

  4. Although, Bitdefender is ranked below Norton in this review, but I’d rank it about it. In last 7 years, I have tried both antivirus softwares, the protect of Bitdefender was awesome, I love its simple user interface and how easy it is to update without stalking me with unwarranted notification.Bitdefender is not very popular antivirus in my country, but it offers great protection at reasonable cost.Don’t you think that Karspersky is fast losing market?

    1. Hi Autofreak, thank you for the feed. Hmm, you do have a point, a lot of people like Bitdefender. Yes, Kaspersky isn’t as popular as the others and not as known.

  5. Thanks for making an interesting review on the best antivirus softwares,  the norton antivirus is my best brand I’ve used it repeatedly and consistently without having issues with virus or malware attacks, and to think that it comes with an affordable price of 14$ a year, it’s the best for me if I must say. 

  6. Thanks for laying out all the options for the best anti-virus software tools for my computer in 2019. I am a user of BitDefender now for the last couple of years and can highly recommend it. I always like to keep up with the latest and the greatest though, and my subscription is due to be renewed this month.

    That is how I found your site. My favorite friend Google search came up with your link, and here I am! It appears that I will likely be able to stay with BitDefender for another year as they are still one of the top-ranked tools in the market. This does not surprise me, they have evolved considerably over the past couple of years to stay relevant and competitive.

    The other options you mention and rate seem to be also pretty good, so I will do some checking on price too, as there is no reason to pay more than I have to. For this reason, your post was helpful in another way for me. Now I know which ones to compare against BitDefender! 

    1. Thanks for the feed, Dave. I couldn’t agree with you more, Bitdefender is a great antivirus software to have and popular as well, just right with Norton.

  7. The  bitdefender antivirus claims to give  ransomware protection, remediation. Pls can you make me understand what remediation and ransomware protection is actually all about. When antivirus expires in phones or computers  what’s the resultant effects on phones and computers? Secondly,  Can antivirus protect my device from hackers? If so can I know the best antivirus that can protect my device and softwares from hackers.

    1. Thanks for the feed Kenechi, Anti ransomware protects you from a form of malware that steals your identity and exploit it, this can be from your profile, social media, etc. Then you’ll have to pay a ransom, to get it back.
      Remediation, on the other hand, is when your antivirus can make scans in your computer and any security breach that hackers that may try to get into. A good antivirus should have a good remediation system.

      As for blocking hackers, a good antivirus and a firewall can prevent most hackers and their tools from gaining entry into your computer. However, even the best antiviruses won’t protect you from other forms of hackings.

  8. Hi Jose! Thank you for outlining these recommended anti-viruses. I agree with you, nowadays we can’t navigate the Internet without protection. There are so many types and forms of malwares and viruses that it’s scary to think in the consequences.

    I have personally been researching and I have felt attracted to Bitdefender. I see you have listed Norton (which I also respect) as number 1 and Bitfinder as number 2. Do you have any personal preference for Norton above Bitfinder? I would like to hear your opinion if you would have to choose between these two.

    1. Thanks, for the feedback Henry.
      Yes absolutely, certain places on the internet are filled with crazy things.
      Well, I used to use a Norton back in the days, and I loved it. However there re a lot of people out there that I see liking Bitdefender. I may have to bump this one up.

  9. Hi, Jose!

    This is an informative article. I learned more from it than I would have had I been researching antivirus programs on my own. Back in the day, when I owned only PCs, I found antivirus software to be clunky. It bogged down the system and in many cases, would not be able to identify a virus. I’d have to manually remove the virus from the system. It was time consuming and frustrating. Since then, I have been using a MAC. Less stress. However, it is good to know that the newer programs take up less space and therefore, will not interfere with the overall performance of the system.

    However, I was under the impression that MACs were not susceptible to viruses like PCs are. I have had a MAC for about 4 years and have never been infected. What DID happen is that my websites were infected via a weak cPanel password. Not one – but 10 of them. My hosting site said I needed to download the files via FTP and use an antivirus program to scan the MAC – then screenshot it to prove my MAC was clean. I used Antivirus Zap. It did not work! Again, I had to manually remove the infected files – but then they repopulated. Some of the websites, I had to completely delete.

    Perhaps you can recommend an antivirus program that would pick up on such trojans.

    1. Thanks for the feed, Rienzo.
      The best ones so far are Norton and Bitdefender. They’re both user-friendly as well.
      I couldn’t agree with you more; I love using Macs. They’re less susceptible to viruses and other kinds of attacks.

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