Beats Solo PRO Review: Awesome Performance, Improved Noise Cancelling Headphone

If you’re looking for an excellent headphone to upgrade to, then the Beats Solo PRO would be something that you can look into.

The Beats Solo PRO is an excellent design, and the quality build shows through its aesthetic frames.

The material feels well built, and the Beats Solo PRO’s were overall durable.

Before investing in the Beats Solo PRO’s, let’s dive into the headphone design, performance, and features.

Headphone Design

The Beats Solo PRO has a solid build with a durable frame to the headphones.

The adjustable arms feel very easy to adjust when wearing them, and convenient due to the impressive engineering that Beats implemented into the sliding arms.

During the stress test, the Beats Solo PRO remained consistently reliable and didn’t break under pressure.


In terms of comfortability, the Beats Solo PRO’s remained comfortable during prolonged uses and thanks to its weight (260 g), which adds to the lightness of the design.

While wearing the Beats Solo PRO for a few hours, there was a bit of slight discomfort around the side facial regions, and mild discomfort on the upper head area. But this was a few hours of wear time.

Ear Pad Design

The earpads felt comfortably elegant, thanks to its soft material used in designing the ear pads. Due to the thickness of the ear pads, you may experience a little bit of sweat after prolonged use while in hot environments.

Features and Performance

Physical Buttons

The Beats Solo PRO uses the entire right ear cup as buttons, which you won’t see because they are integrated within the ear cup.

You’ll be able to click up or down, which controls volume, and click left and right, which controls your music tracks.

And the buttons seem very convenient to use and are very responsive when adjusting the settings.

On the right ear cup, you’ll find the active noise cancelation button, which you can toggle through.


The Beats Solo PRO also uses a USB-C port, which also has an impressive quick charging feature.

And in terms of quick charging, the Beats Solo PRO’s can receive three hours of headphone use from a ten-minute charge from a zero percent battery.

Battery Life

The overall battery life on the Beats Solo PRO’s was impressive. With active noise canceling off, you’ll be able to achieve an awesome forty-hours of battery life.

With active noise canceling on, the Beats Solo PRO’s will last you to around twenty-hours.

Compared to the Sony M3 headphones, both the M3’s and the Beats PRO’s were on the same level in terms of battery time, which is excellent considering that the M3’s are one of the top-notch headphones.

Whenever battery percentages were low, the Beats Solo PRO showed a red LED light on the side of the ear cup, indicating that the power was getting a bit low.

Pairing Mode

Paring worked perfectly fine with the Beats Solo PRO. The headphones paired up quickly with the mobile phone with ease.

What’s also cool is that you can have the Beats Solo PRO’s paired to two mobile or electronic devices at the same time.

Which is very convenient if you’re ever working on multiple projects at the same time from two different devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connection for the Beats Solo PRO’s was super awesome and uses the BlueTooth 5.0 feature, with additional boost coverage, which was another bonus that the headphones came with.

Which most other headphone devices only have Bluetooth 5.0 but not the additional features that come along with it.

Also, there were no signs of lag, nor syncing issues, which were also great as well.

The Bluetooth coverage is very useful if say you were ever away from your mobile or electronic device.

When testing for greater range coverage, the Beats Solo PRO’s remained consistently connected to the mobile phone even at far greater distances.

Microphone Performance

The Beats Solo PRO’s performed well while during on-calls, during in busy streets and loud surrounding areas.

It didn’t pick up any outside noises during phone calls.

The Beats Solo PRO’s also has the transparency mode, which adds to your immediate awareness and safety purposes, which is very reliable when transparency mode is turned on.

Active Noise Canceling

The Beats Solo PRO’s did an excellent job in terms of active noise canceling during busy streets or in crowded areas. It was a significant improvement compared to Beats Studio 3 headphones’ previous version, which was a big plus.

And there was a significant reduction in noise, winds, vehicles running, and other types of sounds.

Compared to some of the best Sony M3’s and Bose QC 35 ii’s, the Beats Solo PRO’s did reasonably well and stood its ground in this arena.

Overall, the Beats SOLO PRO wireless noise cancelling headphones are excellent and will give you quality ANC while listening to your favorite tunes.

Sound Performance

In terms of sounds, the Beats Solo PRO provided excellent quality music, and the sounds were crystal clear.

The bass also has improved for the Beats Solo PRO compared to its previous version.

The sound frequency had excellent quality, and one thing was missing was the immersive-like sounds that the Sony M3’s and Bose QC 35 ii’s provided.

But overall, the Beats Solo PRO’s did an excellent job providing sound quality, making the Beats Solo PRO’s some of the best headphones for gaming and just casual music listening.


  • Active noise canceling was on point and was a big improvement from previous Beats headphones
  • Extra bass, quality is excellent.
  • Design is aesthetic


  • Missing that immersive-like atmosphere that other top headphones had


Overall the Beats Solo PRO headphones are some of the great headphones that you can use if you’re a casual listener or just looking for a bang for your buck.

You can also check out some of the best headphones that are currently in the market, such as the Bose 700 headphonesSennheiser PXC 550’s, or the one of the top headphones in the market, the Sony WH 1000XM3’s.

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