Asus VG259Q Review – 25-Inch, IPS Panel. 144Hz, 4ms Response Time Gaming Monitor


If you’re looking for a monitor to upgrade, then you may want to check out this Asus VG259Q review.

The Asus VG259Q is an IPS panel with an aesthetic built to the overall design of the monitor.

With top-notch color accuracy, both creatives and serious gamers alike can benefit from the quality build.

And considering that this is an IPS panel, with its quick refresh rates and its state of the art quality, you will get the best of both worlds of performance and picture quality.

But before you invest in the Asus VG259Q display, let’s check out its display design, performance, and features.


  • Display: 25-Inch
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FHD
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Static
  • Brightness: 400cd/m^2
  • VESA Mount Compatible: Yes 100×100
  • Stand Adjustable Positions: Height, Swivel, Pivot, Tilt
  • Built-In Speakers: Yes, 2x 2-watts
  • I/O Connectivity: 2x HDMI 1.4, 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Weight: 12-lbs

Display Design

The design of the Asus VG259Q monitor is simple and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

And with its high quality, durability built, and a beautiful matte-black finish to the frames, the Asus VG259Q will have you admiring the display from across the room as well.

Also, the Asus VG259Q has a thin bezel design, which lets users will be able to immerse themselves into their multimedia and gaming environments fully. And you’re likely not able to notice the bezel frames due to its slim built.

The wide 178-degree viewing angle makes the display genuinely immersive and also provides greater screen real-estate space for you to have multiple windows and projects open simultaneously.

Additionally, the stand is reliable and durable. Thanks to the stands square-based shaped built, the Asus VG259Q sits onto a solid foundation and doesn’t wobble in the case when slightly nudged.

The stand is also ergonomically well designed. You’ll have the option of adjusting the display in terms of height adjustability, tilt, swivel, pivot, and the options to rotate.

In case if you’re not satisfied with the stock stand, you’ll have the option of opting in for a 100x100mm VESA mount, which grants you more choices of display maneuverability.

The OSD panels are located in the rear of the panel. The panels consist of four buttons and a joystick that you can easily navigate with.

The joystick makes navigating through the OSD menu very convenient and will provide users an easier time maneuvering on screen. The additional OSD buttons act like a pre-set for different configurations and also works as a hotkey as well.

Unfortunately, the Asus VG259Q doesn’t come with an OSD remote, which would also be super convenient for those users that are remote frenzy.

Located in the rear of the monitor, you’ll find the connectivity, which consists of two HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2, and one 3.5mm Audio Jack.

Unfortunately, the display doesn’t have a USB port, which would be nice to use as a charging station for other mobile and other electronic devices, but having no USB ports shouldn’t pose an issue.

The Asus VG259Q also has two built-in 2-watt speakers, which sound quite decent. However, we always recommend that you go with a set of dedicated speakers or a pair of headphones for better immersion.

Overall the design has a simple look to it, which makes it aesthetically pleasing, and connectivity is straightforward and user-friendly as well.

Performance and Features

The Asus VG259Q is a 25-inch IPS display, with a resolution of 1920×1080 FHD, running with a refresh rate of 144Hz and a 4ms response time.

Also, the contrast has a 1000:1 ratio with a brightness level of 400cd/m^2, which gives users a plethora of contrast and brightness spectrum.

With these specs, both producers and serious gamers can benefit from the speed, performance, and image quality that the Asus VG259Q provides.

The Asus VG259Q also has a 96% sRGB coverage. It provides a plethora of impressive color coverage, which is great if you’re ever doing detailed work in projects or happen to be a graphics designer. Making this one of the best monitor for photographers as well.

The color accuracy provided from the Asus VG259Q also gives gamers better graphical immersion as well.

Considering that the Asus VG259Q is an IPS panel, the display provides both creatives and gamers alike with the 144Hz refresh rate speed and the color accuracy to get the job done, making this a good monitor for gaming as well.

The Asus VG259Q also supports FreeSync and is also certified as well for Nvidia users. If you do have an Nvidia graphics card, you’ll be able to update its driver through Nvidia’s website as well with ease.

And when FreeSync was on, the games ran buttery-smooth and had no ghosting, nor lag involved during high-speed action scenes. With a 4ms input lag, there was no presence of ghosting nor screen tearing involved, which is an added plus to our book of awesomeness.

Depending on your graphics card, the Asus VG259Q uses the full 144Hz refresh rate with ease, using higher resolutions of 1900 to 2700, and didn’t show any signs of slowing down when tested.

The viewing angles are spectacular and showed consistency in terms of color and imaging. When viewing the screen from different angles, there were no signs of image disappearance nor color fading, which are all great.

Overall, there were no dead pixels, no lag, and nor ghosting present. And this is all thanks to its outstanding specs that the Asus VG259Q provides users with.


  • Fast 144Hz refresh rate with a 3ms response time
  • IPS panel, which provides users the color accuracy and image quality
  • FreeSync ready, with it being G-Sync certified


  • May be a bit expensive compared to other high-end monitors
  • Built-in speakers sounded reasonably decent, but having a set of dedicated speakers are recommended


Overall the Asus VG259Q has the speed, performance, and quality for the bang of the buck.

The display performed well, and calibration may be needed when opening the Asus VG259Q from the box.

The FreeSync capabilities are fantastic as well and give you the smooth-buttery like gameplays, especially during high fast-paced action scenes. And G-Sync is also certified as well for Nvidia users.

You can also check out some of the best 144Hz monitors and also the faster 240Hz displays as well.

The Asus VG259Q is quite costly, however with a high price, you’ll also get the quality performance and speed.

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