ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27 Review


The ROG Swift PG279Q is one of the great older aesthetic monitors out there. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll be able to game with this monitor with a tremendous and quality experience. And have yourself be fully immersed in the monitors’ visuals.

The PG279Q is one of the best budget gaming monitors if you’re looking to save up.

With the monitor’s great features, you can build a great gaming system with it. The ROG Swift offers you 2560:1440 WQHD native resolution and G-Sync technology by Nvidia, which boosts visual, movie, and gaming experience and quality.

You’ll be able to game for hours upon hours without getting your eyes strained thanks to its feature, the ASUS Eye Care technology; you’ll be gaming for hours without your eyes getting strained.

With its 27 inch screen and up, you’ll get 144Hz. The monitor includes an IPS type of panel, with QHD resolution, and ULMB.

The QHD sets your monitor four times more quality than the 720 p high definition screens. QHD boosts the quality of your screen and higher pixel density.

With the ROG Swift, you’ll be able to game easily, proficiently, and without getting your eyes strained, thanks to its anti-flicker technology.

Performance and Features

Thanks to its 2K technology, you’ll be able to get crisp and sharp visuals without compromise. And with the WQHD, you’ll get four times greater quality than the average HD gives you.

Rich In Color

With its 16.7 million vibrant colors inside this screen, you’ll be able to watch movies and experience gaming on a whole different level.

Ergonomic Design

With its ergonomic features, you’ll quickly adjust the screen to your needs. You’ll be able to rotate, swivel, and tilt to suit your needs, thanks to its flexible stand as well.

The stand is, and this is due to its excellent range of motion.

Curvy Screen

Thanks to its curvy design, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the gaming, movie, and visual experience. You can also be able to have the option to combine another PG279Q and have a full multi-display set up.

No Bezels

With its bezeless design, you can better have a fuller experience, without seeing the monitors edges and the bezels being in the way.

G-Sync Tech

Thanks to G-Sync technology by Nvidia, you’ll be able to watch movies, sports, and games fast-paced without having speed compromised. You’ll be able to game without lag or stuttering.

With its 144 Hz and up refresh rates, you’ll be able to eliminate monitor lag and motion blur, and this is very advantageous when it comes to playing or watching sports and any fast-paced action game or movie.

IPS Panel

Thanks to its IPS panel, you’ll be able also to experience vibrant and smoother colors. IPS is perfect if you’re editing pictures or a hardcore photographer and need to do some image editing.

However, there are some cases that the IPS panels may experience light bleed, which is perfectly fine and shouldn’t hinder any performance issues. And you won’t notice these conditions while operating the monitor.

Higher Resolutions

The ROG Swift is a lot nicer than most 1080p displays out there, and this is all due to its higher technologies integrated into this monitor.

However the monitor doesn’t support 4K, for a higher, quality immersive experience, but that’s ok, the monitor performs perfectly awesome, and you’ll still receive aesthetically pleasing state of the art visuals.

In Conclusion

The Swift ROG, even old, is an excellent monitor to have for gaming, movie visuals. The display is one of the best budget gaming monitors out there if you’re tight on cash.

You’ll be glad that you’ve invested in the ROG Swift.

You can also check out some of the best gaming displays here as well, or some of the best 144Hz refresh rate monitors.

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4 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27 Review

  1. HI Jose,

    This is an excellent wit all necessary product review about ASUS ROG swift PG279Q 27 .i understand that it will be a most helpful for all pc users because all parts of this computer are very strong  and users are more benefited this product . i will share with my friends who use to computer. thanks for providing this product review. 

    1. Hi Arnaiem.

      Thank you for the feedback.
      I’m glad this post has helped you and thanks for sharing with your friends as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us ¨ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q27 Review¨. Let me start by saying the PG279Q27´s retail price is $800- extremely steep for a 1440p display. And about $130 more than Asus´ early 144Hz gaming display. In other words, you´re paying about six bucks per extra frame of refresh per second. Is that a good deal?The monitor isn´t perfect. The gamma curve is too dark, which can lead to problems with visible detail in very dark rooms. I suppose the response time of four milliseconds isn´t the lowest, but that likely only matters for ¨Counter Strike¨ players with professional aspirationsit remains true that $800 is a lot to spend on a 1440p monitor, but if you want G-Sync and  both image quality and refresh rate, there are  few alternatives. For example, I rather like the older Acer XB280HK which provides 4K resolution – but with a much narrower color gamut and 60 Hz refresh rate, it´s really no longer in the same league. Adding the plusses and minuses, the ROG Swift PG279Q24 lives up to its flagship expectations and sets a new standard for G-Sync gaming monitors.

    1. Thanks for the feed, Enrique.

      I’d say it all entirely depends on the user’s preference. If they don’t mind the extra increase in features from previous versions or looking for a wholly new monitor, then I’d so go for it. For only 600 USD, I’m sure the 165 Hz refresh rate would be a bang for the buck from users who previously had 60 Hz screens.

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