ASUS ROG Laptop Reviews – 2020

ASUS ROG Strix Laptops – Nvidia GeForce GTX

ASUS ROG Strix Hero II Gaming Laptop

You’re on the market for a new gaming laptop or are in the process of upgrading to a new one. And you may be eyeing the Strix laptops.

With the GeForce GTX graphics cards installed in them, you’ll have amazing graphics while running in 144 Hz.

Let’s review and look at the differences between the two models, the Hero and Scar,

The great thing about the  Strix models is that they’re a combination of desktop and laptop power. However with its 1800 to 2000 USD price range, are the models worth your investments?

If you’ve been excited to get your hands on one of these, and they’re here for you ready for use.

What Are The Differences Between The Two Models

So what is the difference between the two models?

The HERO is specially made for MOBA gamers, (gamers who play in real time strategy) with a cyberpunkish design look to them, while the Scar is explicitly made for FPS gamers with a military design look to it.

Both models have their features.

The Features

The Display and Graphics

Both the Hero and Scar models are a mixture of the power of a gaming desktop with a powerful slim lightweight laptop. And gaming with a 144 Hz of refresh rate, you won’t go wrong.

Both running with a 144 Hz display that means you’ll be able to game at 144 FPS, which is fantastic. Plus the added 3ms response time, which is great if you’re a competitive player.

The 3ms response time is also helpful because you won’t see ghosting and this will be helpful if you’re playing any fast-paced action games or E-sports.

You’ll have the options to choose from a 15.6 inch to a 17.3-inch screen, with 3 ms of response rate, all running at 1080p.

Both are equipped with the GeForce GTX 2060 graphics card, or for more power, you’ll have the option to choose a GeForce GTX 2070 as well, which is pretty awesome.

The Processors

Both the Hero and the Scar are equipped with the Intel Core i7-8750H processor, with a memory of 32 GB of RAM.

Not only that, you’ll have state of the art drives with the option for a more fast SSHD if you want to increase your loading time.

Fans and Cooling

The Strix has some upgraded fans that run on 12 volts. ASUS states that the Strix can deliver a 42.5 percent increase in airflow and a 92 percent increase in air pressure.

The impressive architecture of the device allows the heat to flow through the device much better.

So if your a long term user or gamer and you operate for hours, this feature will serve you and will prevent any heat built up within your machine.

The Design


The design of the Scar model is pretty impressive and aesthetically pleasing. The grey military camouflage design is incredible with the body being aluminum finished to it.


Thanks to its RGB LEDs, you’ll game with impressive lighting, and it’ll be useful if you’re gaming in a dark room or a dim environment.

The Scar’s a slim built and weighs only 2.4 kg and is easily portable if you’re always on the road.

With its sturdy cover, bezel, and design you won’t have to worry about the laptop getting scratched or damaged. However, you can always use extra cover if you need more protection if that’s your concern.



While the design for the Hero is designed for MOB players. With its impressive colors and design, it’s pretty legit.

The design itself has a punkish look theme to it, with its sharp looks, you’ll have a great time playing your real-time strategy games with its excellent RGB lighting in its keyboard.

The Keyboard


The Scar’s keyboard uses conventional chiclet design. You’ll be able to game with sensitive and quick snaps of the keys. You’ll be able to type and game away quietly and smoothly.

The AWSD keys stand out due to its transparent key and lighting. The Scar’s keyboard is specially made for FPS gamers and should be helpful when you’re gaming in dark environments.

Even though it’s a mechanical keyboard, however, it doesn’t have the travel or weight of one.

The trackpad will serve you well, however investing in an excellent mouse is essential if you’re gaming.


With the Hero’s keyboard and design being made specially made for MOB players, you’ll have the QWER keys highlighted thanks to its transparent keys and lighting.

Great if your gaming in dark environments as well.

Thanks to its modified F1 through F4 keys, you’ll be able to program these keys to check your CPU status and other settings within your computer.

You can control the fans speed has as well, thanks to its Fan Overboost feature. You‘ll be able to toggle this within the keyboard manually.

The typing is fantastic and should be easy. Thanks to its spacious room, you won’t accidentally fat finger any keyboards.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re an FPS player, then choose the Scar. If you’re a MOB player, then you’ll need the Hero.

Scar Final Verdict

If you want a well rounded and portable machine, then the Scar is it. However, a bit expensive than the other laptops, the Scar will deliver.

Thanks to its main features, which is the Core i7 and the GTX GPU, you’ll be able to game in quality performance.

Hero Final Verdict

The Hero is a great model; if you’re a MOB player, you’ll have the ease of executing certain features.

With its 144 Hz display, you’ll be able to run 144 FPS however you won’t be able to match 144 FPS on all games.

It may struggle on some triple AAA games such as the current Ghost Recon or current Tomb Raider. But the Hero still delivers and should serve you well.

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8 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Laptop Reviews – 2020

  1. Hi JOSE,

    This is a great product review with all important feature information about ASUS ROG Laptop.  GeForce GTX graphics cards feature is best built in feature in this. I believe many people will find their perfect choice in this product. I am going to share it with my friends. Thanks for giving us helpful product review.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Humayra, I’m glad you found this article helpful. Please do share with your friends; they may find this useful as well.

  2. I have known about the ASUS brand since 2012. One thing I love about ASUS laptop is that they provide amazing designs which are light weight and easy to carry about. At 1080p, I believe they offer some of the best resolution any laptop can offer. Not only am I impressed with the graphics but also the processor of Core i7-8750H. My current laptop runs on a Core i5 processors. Now I feel like upgrading. I am not a gamer, but I think the Scar model which greatly enhance my freelancing business.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phranell.
      Yes, the Core i7 is a fantastic processor to have, even though if you’re not a gamer. The Core i5 is excellent as well to and can get the job done.

  3. Awesome review. I always love ASUS, they have the best hardware and graphics, definitely for a gamer. Wow that 32 GB of Ram, will be super fast. The Hero model is my style. How is the battery life though? I hate it when I have to keep charging while I was in the middle of the game. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Nuttanee.
      Yes ASUS laptops are reliable and are great for anything.
      The battery life for both models ranges around 2 to 3 hours.

  4. Thanks for sharing this valuable information on ASUS gaming Laptops though I’m not really a gamer and it’s quite far from my interests yet I appreciate that you have helped me and lots of others out there learn new product knowledge (from usage, features, designs and price comparison). All these are essential information for one to consider before buying. Kudos on your well-researched work!

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