Asus MX279H Review

Being an older monitor, the Asus MX279H is excellent if you’re looking for a budgeted monitor with the performance.

Asus, being a reputable company, designs state of the art devices and electronics. And the MX279H is one of them.

Being an IPS panel, the display focuses on delivering image clarity and color depth. So you’ll be able to see 178 degrees of viewing angle, and color depth if you’re ever doing some detailed work.

Also, the MX279H is pretty budget friendly and being an older monitor; you’ll be able to get the aesthetic design and performance still.

So let’s dive into some of the MX279H’s specifications, design, and features that the monitor has to offer you.


Display: 27-Inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HD

Panel: IPS

Response Time: 5ms

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Contrast Ratio: 80000000:1

Nits: 250 Nits (Brightness)

Weight: 11 Lbs

Asus MX279H rear view

The Design

The display has an aesthetic design.

The monitor doesn’t have bezels within its design, which is great for immersive gaming and multimedia experience. And you’ll be able to connect two displays without the bezels getting in the way.

With an aesthetic design, the monitor’s body has a mix of metallic and plastic finish to it, which looks futuristic and adds to the style of the whole monitor.

In the back of the display, you’ll be able to find the I/O panels. The I/O’s consist of 2 HDMI ports, the VGA port, one line in input, one audio jack, and the power input. The ports should be enough if you’re a casual computer user. You can also invest in some HDMI switches if you want to connect multiple devices with the monitor.

With the I/O located in the back of the monitor, the monitor also has two built-in speakers that you can use if you don’t have any headphone jacks nor dedicated speakers.

As a result, the sound quality of the MX279H doesn’t sound as great. So you’ll have to invest in a set of speakers or a headphone for higher quality sounds.

Furthermore, the stand looks in style, with a circular foundation that supports the whole monitor. Unfortunately, the display stand isn’t ergonomic by design so you won’t be able to swivel, pivot, nor make any height adjustments to the monitor. But you can, however, tilt the monitor to your preference.

In the bottom right of the MX279H, you’ll be able to find the OSD panels, which are made up of seven different buttons. And the buttons are also touch-sensitive, so you won’t have to apply so much force when navigating through the buttons.

Also, you’ll be able to easily change the features and reconfigure the displays settings with ease.

Performance and Features

The MX279H is a 1080p display running a 1920 x 1080 resolution on a 27-inch IPS panel.

You’ll be able to start noticing the pixels when working in detailed projects and designs. But you’ll have to try super hard to notice the pixels because the pixels aren’t as noticeable when using the monitor casually.

Considering this is an IPS panel that runs a 60 Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time, you’ll start noticing a bit of ghosting and tracing when viewing anything in high fast-paced action scenes. But that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re gaming casually.

Being an older monitor, the MX279H doesn’t support FreeSync nor the G-Sync features, so you won’t be able to get the super buttery and liquid smooth graphics when gaming. If you’re interested in the investing

Also, the monitor is a 2-inch display and should give you enough screen real estate for you to work on any projects and have multiple windows open at the same time, which is great if you’re gaming and have various projects that you’re working simultaneously.

In Conclusion

The Acer MX279H is a great monitor budgeted monitor to have. Even though this monitor is around a few years old, you’ll still be able to get great pictures and color depth.

If you’re a competitive gamer, then you’ll need to invest in some of the fastest monitors out there in the market, such as a 144Hz refresh rate monitor. Or you can check out some of the best gaming monitors for 2019.

Also, if you’re into 4K, then I wouldn’t recommend the MX279H because of its 1080p max resolution. You’ll need to invest in some of the most current 4K monitors that you can get.

But if you’re looking for a budgeted monitor, then the Acer MX279H display is it.

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