Astro A40 TR Review: Awesome Immersive Gaming Headset


The Astro A40 TR’s are some of the best gaming headsets for PC and console gaming, which gives you the upper-hand when it boils down to sound performance.

The Astro A40 TR gaming headset is one of the cool futuristic headphones, also giving you room for a fully customizable modification layout.

Compared to the other top brands such as the Sony W8’s and the Bose 700 headphones, the Astro A40 TR’s does hang with them up there in terms of audio quality.

So before you invest in the Astro A40 TR headphones, let’s dive deep into the headphones’ design, features, and performance.


  • Transducer Principle: Dynamic, Open 40mm Sound Driver tuned for Gaming
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Distortion: THD < 0.1%
  • Microphone: 6.0mm uni-directional with noise gate
  • Nominal Impedance: 48 ohms
  • Headband Pressure: 2.6N
  • Ear Coupling: Over-Ear
  • Weight without Cable: 360 grams
  • Connection: 3.5mm 5-pole Mini-stereo and PC Splitter

Headphone Design

The Astro A40 TR headphones are aesthetically nice with a futuristic look that you can admire from a distance.

And with the aluminum built located on the top of the headphone, it adds to the futurist look to the overall headphone as well.

Additionally, the Astro A40 TR’s can be fully customizable as well if you want to swap out different features.

You’ll be able to swap the mic, ear pads, headband, headset plates, and ear cups altogether.

Customizing the Astro A40 TR, in general, is very easy, convenient, and user-friendly as well because it’s a quick pull, swap, and clip for all of the headphone components.

In terms of wearability, the Astro A40 TR’s are very comfortable during prolong uses. You’ll be able to wear the headphones with extreme comfortability for long periods.

However, if you do overextend the arms, you may feel a bit of discomfort in the lower facial region due to the compressed weight.

And if the headphone headbands are not extended enough, you may also feel a bit of slight discomfort around the crown region of the head region.

But these are not significant issues, and comfortability is overall excellent with the Astro A40 TR headphones.

The headphones are light to medium-heavy; it weighs approximately 360 grams without the extra modification and customizability.

However, if you do plan on using the modifications, the weight will dive to 400 grams, which is slightly heavier compared to its top competing headphones.

When you do wear the Astro A40 TR’s, your ears will have more than enough room to breathe. And you won’t experience any heat built-up during long sessions.

This is all thanks to the Astro A40 TR’s spacious and roomy ear cups, which adds to the bonus in the book of awesomeness.

The headsets are none active noise canceling, so you’ll be able to hear your surroundings while wearing the Astro A40 TR.

Also, it’ll be hard to yank out the wire connected to the headset, and this is all thanks to its secured 2.5 mm audio jack.

MixAmp – Headphone AMP Controller

The Astro A40 TR Mixamp is an impressive headphone controller that you can use to control the volume and the microphones in-voice volume as well.

The controller looks aesthetically impressive, and you’ll be able to feel its build quality by just holding the amp controller.

With impressive aesthetics, you’ll be able to find the buttons on the middle, which you can toggle Dolby audio on or off, and you’ll be able to select four equalizer settings, and these are great features to use for more added immersion.

In case if you were streaming online, you can also provide output Dolby audio to your viewers through the amp as well, giving your listeners and audience the excellent Dolby experience.

Located on the upper-side of the amp, you’ll be able to locate the connectivity.

The connectivity consists of two daisy-chaining outputs, one optical output, one micro-USB port for your PC uses one aux-out port and one stream output.

Headphone Buttons

To begin with, there are no side buttons, and nor sensor motion features on the headphones.

In case if you want to pause or mute your music or media, you’ll be able to locate the mute button located in the middle of the cord, which is easy to spot.


For comfortable conveniences, you’ll be able to locate the microphone on the right side of the headphones.

Which you’ll be able to swivel the microphone up and down for easy use and access.

Also, the microphone is fully adjustable, so you’ll be able to mold the microphone into any position you prefer entirely.

In regards to microphone performance, the microphone doesn’t pick up any background noises in the room and is quite solid in terms of audio delivery as well.

Sound Performance

You’ll be able to use the Mix-Amp app, which lets you optimize for better high-quality sound performance, which is easy and user-friendly to use.

Thanks to its different sets of features, you’ll be able to fine-tune, and other advanced options for you to reconfigure as well if you need to crank up audio performance.

If you’re looking for total sound immersion, toggle the Dolby audio button on the AMP.

And the sound performance will have you immersed for hours.

Because you’ll be able to feel the extra bass, and the quality sound that the Astro A40 TR has to provide for you.


  • Great sound immersion
  • Extra bass for a more quality experience
  • Amp controller has a lot of great features and is user-friendly
  • Overall great build and design


  • A bit heavy after inserting modifications (400 grams)


The Astro A40 TR is an impressive headphone with a balance type of sound profile. And if you’re looking for a future proof headset, then the Astro A40 TR is it.

During in-game and media sessions, you’ll be able to hear higher resolution type of sounds which are clean and crisp to listen to.

And the extra bass is another plus, which also gives you an added bump to your games and media. And you can also add even more bass through the mix-amp app for even more bass bump immersion.

The Astro A40 TR is a well built engineered headphone that also gives you comfortability and wears stability for prolonged uses. If you’re looking for one of the best gaming headphones, then the Astro A40 TR will be the one for you.

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