Are Refurbished Laptops Worth Buying? The Truth

They are worth the price because the components are tested and filtered within its company’s system. And you’ll be able to save money if provided that the seller/merchant does have a discount deal.

Are Refurbished Laptops Worth Buying? The Truth copy

Having bought a refurbished product is ideal if you’re willing to test the product and not have to pay for a whole price. Let’s say, for example, instead of paying $500 on a brand new TV; you’ll be able to save and spend half of that price by buying a refurbished TV.

That is an awesome deal, and you’re saving a ton of money at the same time. 

Let’s say you purchased a Dell laptop from one of their second-hand stores, which initially would cost you $1,000 if you were to buy it new, but then you’ll be able to get one for $400.

So, if you’re currently on a budget, buying a refurbished laptop would be ideal for you because you’ll be able to feel for the design and performance by paying half of the price, compared to buying the full amount.

However, if you do have the budget and the money, and you’re looking for directly purchasing a new laptop, then I would suggest buying a new laptop because you’ll be able to get the latest performance and brand new tech, components and everything on the spot.

There are advantage and disadvantages when purchasing a refurbished laptop because they’re used and you may not know entirely what the defects are or if a component may malfunction because of faulty hardware.

The advantages of buying a refurbished laptop are many, and you’ll get some disadvantages as well.

So let’s jump right into it.

Are Used Laptops Considered Refurbished?

No, used laptops aren’t considered refurbished. This is because the company pieces the components together in detail and they’ll thoroughly check in-depth for any defects.

However, versus used laptops, used laptops are not filtered and checked in detailed. So you’ll have to go by word of mouth through the seller.

So if you’re looking to buy a used laptop, then it is a bit riskier because it doesn’t go through its company’s filtration system. You’ll be able to purchase used laptops from merchants such as eBay or Craigslist, but those merchants won’t do a check for that laptop.

Who Are Refurbished Laptops For?

Who is the ideal customer for a refurbished laptop, you may ask? And they’re great for anyone that enjoys to casually surf the net, watch movies, listen to music, write emails, blog, and do basic functions.

But I wouldn’t recommend getting a refurbished laptop if you’re a gamer, hardcore PC enthusiast, and a heavy graphic, music or video editor. Because ideally, you want the latest and brand new hardware for that. 

Where To Buy Refurbished Laptops And Tips?

You can go to Amazon because they offer both used and refurbished laptops.

But here are a few tips on when purchasing refurbished laptops.

    1. Be sure to check for warranties and returns

    2. Check the return policies

    3. Check the laptop for any defects once you receive the item.

    4. Use a credit card when purchasing a used laptop

It’s ideal to purchase used or refurbished laptops through Amazon or Newegg because of their 30-day warranty. So if it doesn’t work or if there’s a defect to it, you can mail it back to them right away.

You can also use eBay, however, it may be a few sketches out there, but eBay has gotten better protecting customers from scams. You’ll be able to choose refurbished through manufacturer filter if you do decide to buy from eBay.

In my opinion, you should purchase through Amazon or Newegg because of their 30-day warranty and their trustability.

In Conclusion

So are refurbished laptops for everyone? Yes and no. If you’re a gamer and a laptop enthusiast, then I would get a new laptop, if money is not a problem for you.

However, you’re on a budget and want to save massive money and get the same performances as if you were to buy a new one; then a refurbished laptop would be ideal for you.

Refurbished laptops would be great for users that like to do the everyday basic things such as checking email, playing music, watching movies or just blogging.

So if you’re deciding to save a bit of money, then I would get a refurbished laptop.

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