AOC CU32V3 Review: Awesome 32-Inch, 60Hz Professional Monitor

The AOC CU32V3 is a 32-inch super curved gaming monitor, which will provide you 4K resolution, giving you a more immersive gaming experience.

AOC has done a great job in developing this excellent monitor, and thanks to its aesthetic design, you’ll be able to admire the AOC CU32V3 when walking into your room.

The price range is pretty affordable, and you’ll be able to receive the performance and quality that your money can buy.

This VA-panel will provide you the color quality and the performance, and quick refresh rate.

So before hooking yourself up with the AOC CU32V3 gaming monitor, let’s dive deep into its specifications, performance, and its features.


  • Screen Size: 32-Inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms GtG
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Built-In Speakers: No
  • Stand Height, Swivel, Pivot: No
  • Stand Tilt: Yes
  • VESA Mount: Yes, 100x100mm
  • Connectivity: 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x HDMI 1.4,, 1x 5mm Audio Jack
  • Weight: 23.3-lbs

Display Design

The 32-inch screen will provide you enough screen real estate to give you many windows while simultaneously playing your games.

The monitor’s design is aesthetically pleasing; thanks to its gloss-black finish, the entire monitor looks pretty elegant. Additionally, the monitor measures at 32-inches, so be prepared to have more room for the display.

In addition, the monitor has a 1500R curvature design, making it better for you to be more immersed in your gaming experience.

What’s great about the display is its bezel-free design, which means it’s a frameless monitor, which is excellent for total screen immersion and connecting two or other multiple monitors simultaneously.

The stand isn’t ergonomically designed because it can only tilt. However, if you decide to switch to a visa mount in the future, you can equip it with a 100x100mm VESA mount.

You can find the connectivity on the back of the display, which consists of one DisplayPort 1.2, one HDMI 2.0, one HDMI 1.4, and one audio jack.

The display has HDMI ports and a DisplayPort, which will allow you to connect to your laptop as well; as long as your laptop, such as a MacBook Pro, has these types of connections, you can better utilize your laptop greatly.

Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers; however, it’s always recommended that you have a dedicated sound system or a pair of excellent headphones for better sound immersion.

Overall the entire design has a simple yet elegant feel to it, which you can admire when walking into your room.

Performance and Features

The AOC CU32V3 measures at 32-inches, with a 60 Hz refresh rate, along with a quick 4ms response time, running at a 3840×2160 resolution. This is great for working on different creative projects and gaming simultaneously; thanks to each screen real estate space, you’ll have much more room to have multiple windows open on your desktop.

Additionally, the monitor also has a brightness level of 250 cd/m², along with a contrast ratio of 2500:1.

Also, there’s a little bit of back-light bleeding around the edges of the monitor’s corners; however, this is not to a significant amount, so this shouldn’t be a significant issue.

However, the monitor only has 60Hz refresh rates, which is not suitable for competitive gaming if you’re seeking a competitive gaming display. But the 60 Hz refresh rate is excellent if you were a casual gamer wanting to play casually or if you’re going to game with your gaming console.

The monitor also has a 121% SRGB coverage, along with a 90% DCI-P3, which is excellent for both creatives and professionals. Thanks to its color vibrancy and color accuracy, you’ll be able to work with creative programs with ease, such as photo editing, color grading, and CAD.

And thanks to the monitor’s 182 PPI (pixels per inch), the monitor will provide you very vivid clear, and fantastic visuals.

Along with the monitor’s 4K feature, you’ll be able to have a better experience due to its crisp details and clean pixels; the display is an overall great monitor for creatives, professionals, and gamers alike thanks to each color accuracy and 4K feature.

In addition, the monitor is a VA panel, which means you’ll have a better viewing angle. As well as excellent color consistency when viewing the monitor from different angles and sides.

Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t have FreeSync, nor is it G-sync certified, because the AOC CU32V3 monitor is geared for business and creative professionals and is less targeted for competitive gamers.

The monitor is also eye-friendly, thanks to its low blue-light mode, which allows you to work with the monitor to prolong use without getting your eyes strained or tired.


  • Cost-effective
  • Decent performances and excellent color accuracy
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • The stand is not ergonomically built.
  • Only has 60 Hz refresh rates.

Conclusion and Thoughts

Overall the AOC CU32V3 Monitor is a great VA panel that will provide you a wide range of contrast and colors altogether for the bang of your buck.

The monitor is an overall great display for creative and professionals alike; however, the monitor’s not geared towards hard-core gamers, so if you’re a competitive gamer, you’ll have to look for higher refresh rates 144Hz or 240Hz.

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