Alienware AW2721D Review: Fast, IPS 240Hz Gaming Monitor


The 27-inch Dell Alienware AW2721D looks like a legit gaming monitor because of its promising performances and features.

In addition, the display design looks aesthetically pleasing and has a nice overall futuristic touch to the general design.

The gaming monitor is equipped with a rapid 240Hz refresh rate making it solid if you’re a competitive gamer, giving you a slight edge over your competition.

And with an ultra-wide and high-quality resolution, you’ll have more than enough screen real estate space to maneuver around your creative projects and other windows of projects as well.

So before you go out on a shopping spree, let’s take a look at the AW2721D’s specifications, display design, and performances.


  • Screen Size: 27-Inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 WQHD
  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
  • Brightness: 450 cd/m²
  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Built-In Speakers: No
  • Stand Height (130mm), pivot (-90° to 90°), Swivel (-20° to 20°), Tilt(-5° to 21°): Yes.
  • VESA Mount Compatible, 100x100mm
  • Connectivity: 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 2 HDMI 2.0, 5x USB 3.2, 2x 3.5mm audio jacks.
  • Weight: 13.89-lbs

Display Design

The Dell Alienware AW2721D gaming monitor measures at 27-inches, including very thin bezels from all three sides, making it great for your gaming sessions and multimedia immersion.

With thin bezels, you’ll be able to add another AW2721D display and have awesome dual screens.

Along with a nice matte-white finish to the entire rear of the display, the front portion has a matte-black texture, making the whole display look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Besides, the monitor has a great ergonomic stand along with a solid V-shaped foundation that the AW2721D sits on. The stand can adjust 130mm in Height, pivot -90° to 90°, Swivel -20° to 20°, and tilt -5° to 21°, making the display great for working from different angles and screen positions.

However, suppose you’re not fully on board with the default stand. In that case, you can easily detach the stand and attach a 100x100mm VESA mount, which supports and provides the AW2721D gaming monitor full movement freedom and flexibility.

If you flip the display, you can find the OSD panel, which consists of four physical buttons and a joystick, making it super convenient to navigate the configuration menus, which is user-friendly. Along with the main power button located on the bottom of the display.

Along with the connectivity, it’s covered with the display’s shell cover, which is magnetic, along with its convenient cable managing system, making cables look neat and cleaner.

The connectivities consist of one DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0, five USB 3.2, and 2 audio jacks. The AW2721D is excellent for connectivity because of its abundance of ports along with the five additional USB 3.0 ports, making it great if you have any extra electronic devices that you can easily plug into the monitor.

Unfortunately, the AW2721D doesn’t have built-in speakers; however, it’s always best to use dedicated speakers or a pair of fabulous headphones.

Overall the Dell Alienware AW2721D looks very impressive and aesthetically pleasing thanks to its futuristic style and sleek design. The magnetic panels are also a bonus; thanks to its cable managing system, cables will look a lot neater.

Performance and Features

The Dell Alienware AW2721D has a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution with a fast 240Hz refresh rate and a quick 1ms response time, which is ideal for serious gaming and will give you the upper advantage. Also, the 240Hz can be overclocked if you want to push the limits of the display.

Along with a 2500:1 contrast ratio and a brightness level of 450 cd/m², giving you a wide range of contrasts making deeper blacks look rich and brilliant lights.

And if you’re jumping from a 144Hz 1080p gaming monitor, you’ll notice a significant difference in the image and visual smoothness in 240Hz 1440p.

And being an IPS panel, the AW2721D display provides you a better viewing angle overall compared to other TN and VA panels. The viewing angles remained consistent throughout different angle views, images, and colors also remained consistent, which is a big plus.

The AW2721D will give you beautiful images and colors because it’s a nano IPS panel; however, there was a bit of ghosting, but this is quite normal for an IPS, and the high-quality images will compensate for this.

Thanks to its 98% DCI-P3 color coverage, 128% sRGB, the AW2721D gaming monitor will give you greater accuracy and colors, making the AW2721D great for professionals, photographers, and creatives alike.

Along with AW2721D’s HDR 600 feature, this feature will give your graphics an extra boost because of its wider color gamut spectrum. HDR 600 will provide you brighter images and visuals an enhanced, crispier look in general, which looks quite outstanding compared to standard HDR features.

In addition, the overdrive feature will provide you different modes from fast, super-fast, and extreme; however, you may experience a bit of overshoot in extreme mode. The best middle ground would be super fast because it’ll give you that middle ground of excellent response time as well.

Also, the AW2721D monitor will only provide you G-Sync and doesn’t have a dedicated FreeSync feature, so this AW2721D is geared towards users with an Nvidia graphics card. However, when enabling G-Sync, graphics turn out to be a lot smoother and eliminates ghosting and trailing in general.

There was a bit of backlight bleeding from the edges and corners of the screen; however, is this quite normal for nano IPS panels due to their typical IPS glows.


  • Fast 240Hz, will notice a big difference from a 144Hz monitor.
  • HDR 600 performs outstandingly well; lifelike colors and contrasts
  • Quality build, design, great aesthetics.
  • Very responsive
  • Dedicated G-Sync


  • Doesn’t support FreeSync
  • High price range

Conclusion and Thoughts

Overall the Dell Alienware AW2721D gaming monitor will provide you accurate and lifelike colors, thanks to its wide color coverage, making the AW2721D great for creatives and professionals alike.

HDR 600 performed pretty great, making the colors pop out and the image a lot crispier, which performs better than traditional HDR.

If you do have the budget, then the AW2721D will give you the performance and quality needed.

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